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Amethyst Class (Year 3)

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Monday September 25th

This week in literacy we will continue hearing the story of the King of Ireland's son, and we'll be writing stories trying to use careful description.

In maths we will now investigate 'triangle numbers' and explore various ways to write number problems. We'll look at how to halve numbers and begin a focus on number bonds.

Our geography lessons keep us in England, hearing english folk tales and collecting facts about the land and the people. 

This week children will receive their recorders and we will make a start on learning how to play them. Recorders will NOT be coming home until the end of the school year!

Of course this is only a brief look at what happens this week. There are many other activities and learning opportunities that I don't usually mention. For example, in this coming week we will also be learning some more new songs and another poem. We will have French on Monday morning as usual, and we will have a games lesson with regular short movement sessions every day. We have a guided reading session most days, and each day there is a quiet reading time after lunch when I usually hear individual children read. We paint most weeks-this week we'll be learning about mixing the colours blue and yellow. We also have PSHCE lessons  or 'Personal, social, health and citizenship ' lessons. I often don't see these as discrete lessons, but try to teach them as a part of our topics. For example in our geography work it is very easy to discuss 'citizenship'. Last week our theme was bullying-what it is, what to do if it happens, who to talk to  and so on.

A few children still need to bring in painting aprons as soon as possible.

One last thing. Please, please do come to me with any issues or concerns about your child. I do need to know if there are problems and I will do my best to help find a solution.

best wishes

Mr Pritchard

spellings for this week

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Monday 18th September

We have had an excellent first couple of works. The children have been enthusiastic in lessons and keen to learn! This week in maths we will continue to look at times tables, number patterns and  number squares. As Dex said last week to the class in one of our maths lessons.... " Oh I see! Maths is all about patterns!"

 In english we continue to use the story of 'The King of Ireland's Son' as a springboard for our work. We will be telling stories, writing descriptions, using adjectives and even similes, and finally writing our own version of part of the story.

Our geography work moves on to the whole United Kingdom, and we will learn where the four countries are. This week we will focus on England, hearing stories of Saint George and the dragon, the flag of Saint George and we'll hear some traditional english folk tales.

Some of you asked for electronic copies of our weekly spellings. See below for link.

best wishes

Mr Pritchard

spellings for this week

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Monday September 11th

We had a great first week! Children are settling into new routines and seem to be enjoying the new challenges!

This week in english we continue with the story of 'The King of Ireland's Son' , and we will look at nouns, adjectives and adverbs. In maths we look at number patterns and begin to examine the times tables in many different ways. Our geography topic leads us to looking at a plan of the whole school building, and then introduce 'Grandmother Britain' and maps of the whole United Kingdom.

Please can you make sure that your child brings a painting apron or old t shirt to school for art lessons. 

I look forward to seeing you at our coffee morning on Thursday at 9-15 am.

Best wishes

Mr. Pritchard

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Monday September 4th

Welcome back to school everyone! I hope you have had a great summer break. I'm looking forward to an exciting new term and to getting to know new parents and children of this year's Amethyst class. This year my Teaching assistants will be Mrs Wood and Mrs Seltzer, two very experienced teaching assistants who I'm very lucky to have.

We start the term looking at the basics of number-counting, place value, and number patterns. It is essential that the children are active in their maths learning, and there will be a lot of movement involved in these lessons. 

In english lessons we will use the story of 'The King of Ireland's Son' to stimulate our skills. I told the children the start of the story in July, and we will continue with it now for the next four weeks or so. This week we will focus on handwriting, basic punctuation and having a look at verbs and how to use them.

For much of this first half term we will also have a geographical topic exploring our local environment, drawing plans and maps, extending this to look at the whole United Kingdom. We will be visiting Ashdown Forest again this year-dates will follow soon.



Starting in the second week, children will receive spellings to learn on Monday. On Friday we will have a regular spelling test on these words.

All children at this age should read regularly at home. Please be as active as you can with this, and remember that reading to your child is just as powerful for their learning as them reading themselves! I would say around 15 minutes a day would be a target. Find below a link to  a homework grid  with suggested activities that children can do at home. These are not compulsory, but many children enjoy doing these tasks. 


Our children have a long day at school. Once school is over they need to play, and by play I mean active creative play, not passively looking at a screen. The most important things you can do to help me at school are;

Keep children away from screens.

Let your child play: run, climb trees, paint, help in the garden, cycle, etc....

Read to your child and keep it enjoyable.

See below the suggestion from the National Trust for '50 things your child could do out of school.'


Please, please do contact me if you have a question. You can e- mail me via this school website, or let the office know, or pop in most days after school. Just before school begins is NOT usually a good time, but I realise that sometimes this is unavoidable.


All children will need a school PE kit, a water bottle, and a bag to carry things to and from school. They will also need a painting apron. An old shirt or T shirt would be fine. 

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard


Suggested homework tasks for Amethyst class

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50 things your child could do list....

Topic overview for first half of term

Direct email to the Amethyst Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Mr Pritchard, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is two working days.