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wc 15th January 2018


The children have had a good start to the year and are stuck in to their learning with a great attitude. Last week in English, we started preparing ourselves to write some non-chronological reports linked to our topic of 'Rivers'. In Maths, we made a start on Fractions and looked at mixed numbers and improper fractions.

This week, we continue our reports and we are looking at the specific language features and advanced punctuation used in non-chronological writing. In Maths, we have challenged ourselves to use our fraction knowledge to solve problems and apply our learning. We will be moving on to adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions.


On Friday this week, we are headed to the Ashdown Forest for the first time this term. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately with warm and waterproof clothing...remember...the class is cursed with the weather!


Please find below this week's spellings and the homework sheet for this term, as well as a topic web showing what we will be covering.




Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a restful, enjoyable Christmas and a happy new year!


This term is a short one but with lots of exciting things happening! Below are a few dates to bear in mind and a few things to remember:


Friday 19th Jan - Ashdown Forest (please ensure children come prepared and dressed appropriately).

Friday 26th Jan - Talk from SES Water at 11:15am in class (this is to prepare us for our trip this term).

Monday 29th Jan - Trip to Bough Beech Reservoir (more details to follow).

Friday 2nd Feb - Ashdown Forest (please ensure children come prepared and dressed appropriately).


Last term, many children received their bronze homework certificates for completing at least 6 pieces of home learning. If that was you, this term you can earn your silver certificate by doing the same thing. A homework sheet will be given out shortly in paper format and will also be uploaded to this webpage. Please encourage your child to complete at least 6 pieces this term. They could choose something from the sheet, take a piece of work from the class displays or even choose their own piece to complete.


Lots of children in the class also received lots of house points last term for reading 5 times a week. Please encourage your child to read daily. This only needs to be for 10 minutes or so and must be written in their reading diaries. Their reading could be written in by you and signed or they could record it and you sign it afterwards.


PE will remain on Mondays and Fridays so please equip your child with full, appropriate PE kits.


Finally, please make sure your child has equipment to complete their learning in class e.g. pens, pencil, ruler, glue etc.


Below is a letter all about Spring term.



Ashdown Forest 10th November 2017

wc 6th November 2017


This week we have been working hard on our description in English and have really prepared ourselves to write our narratives next week linked to The Tin Forest' text. we have shared a lot of ideas and talked about our predictions, which has helped our understanding of the meaning behind the story.

In Maths, we have put our subtraction knowledge to the test and been completing lots of different problem solving tasks. This has involved us thinking, planning, trial and error and lots of thinking outside the box!

Tomorrow we head to Ashdown Forest. Please ensure your child has suitable warm and weather proof clothing. The temperature has dropped and it is definitely becoming 'big coat' weather!


Today the children came in some very creative 'Numberful' outfits and enjoyed showing me their costumes. Thank you to those of you who donated.


We have also been completing the semi-finals of the 'Spelling Bee' this week, and next week will be the final round where the finalists will spell in the assembly hall. The finalists from Year 5 will be decided on Monday morning in a final class show down and will compete in the assembly at 10:30am that day.


I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

Miss Newns

WC 30th October 2017


Welcome back everybody! I hope you have all had a safe, enjoyable and relaxing half term break.

As we now enter the run up to Christmas there are lots of exciting things to look forward to!

However, this week we will be easing ourselves back in to the swing of things by starting a new narrative project in English using a text called 'The Tin Forest' as inspiration.

We will also be refreshing our memory by doing some addition and building on this by looking at the inverse: subtraction.

We will be continuing our topic of 'The Rainforest' and we will also still be having our sessions in PE with Lingfield college.


To give you a bit of advance warning, we are at Ashdown Forest again on Friday 10th November, so please make sure your child is suited and booted in the appropriate attire...especially as we are now more likely to experience wet weather and particularly as the class are somewhat cursed in that area! 



WC 16th October 2017


Well, we have reached the half way point! 

It has been a jam packed, busy and exciting half term and I am so proud and impressed with the effort and learning from Diamond class! There has been a fantastic attitude to learning this half term and a real enjoyment. Well done to all you have achieved so far.


Over the half term break, please enjoy yourselves and stay safe! Have a rest and get ready for another exciting term leading up to Christmas! (Sorry...I know it's a little early to be saying that word!!!)


If there is any desire to do some maths over the break, I have set some mathletics challenges linked to place value and/or addition, which has been our focus for the last 6/7 weeks. Please also continue to fill in any reading completed over the holidays.


It was great to see so many parents over the last 2 evenings and following those discussions, I will be implementing any actions as we move in the the second half of the Autumn term. If at any point you wish to see me, please feel free as always to email via the website or arrange to pop in after school.


Finally, a HUGE well done to Diamond class for achieving the highest class attendance in today's certificate assembly! A class percentage of 99.1%...AMAZING!


Many thanks for your continued support and have a lovely week!


Miss Newns

Food Fitness and Fun Week!


We have had an amazing week filled with a range of new experiences! Below are some photos showing what Year 5 have been up to this week. It includes learning where different foods originate from, exploring traditional foods from different countries, taste testing foods from different parts or the world, sampling alternative fruits and vegetables, making a dish for a whole school brunch and taking part in some Zumba, Thai Chi and physical challenges!

The children have really enjoyed themselves this week and it has given them lots of different opportunities, which they have been keen to be involved in...even if that does mean trying some 'interesting' new foods!


Thanks again to all offers of help and support this week, Year 5 are very grateful!


A Jam Packed Few Weeks!


Diamond class have been working very hard for the last few weeks and have had some very exciting experiences!

We have had our first few sessions of Rugby with a coach from Lingfield and the children have been very enthusiastic. We have learnt how to pass the ball, dodge our opponents and built up our knowledge of the game rules.

Below are a few photos of our first lessons!


Mrs Wood has been teaching us about miracles in RE and Diamond class had the opportunity to use clay to depict one of Jesus' miracles. Below are some photos of our creations.


In English, we have been working on our debating skills and using them to argue whether deforestation should continue or not. We learnt about deforestation and the effects on a range of different people and then Diamond class took part in a conscience alley to try and convince Miss Newns to change her opinion! We were very persuasive! 


Finally, we had our first visit back to the forest. Unfortunately, the weather came back to haunt us and we experienced a little bit of rain to start with!

We spent the day looking at different colours, plants and objects in the forest and collecting natural things to make in to paint. We used wooden slabs and wooden tools to grind the materials and tried making marks with them. We created some wonderful colours and Lisa was very impressed. We also found a number of different creatures on our journey and learnt about the different types of fungi.


As we begin the week of the 9th October, we start our 'Food, Fitness and Fun' week. The childrne have already had some unique and exciting learning experiences, which will be uploaded in the next website post. Finally thought, may I take a moment to say thank you very much to those parents who offered help during the week, it is greatly appreciated.


Times Tables and Spelling Games

wc 25th September 2017

Well last week (wc 18.09.17) was very productive and successful! We continued working on our Matilda project in English and demonstrated our artistic ability by drawing a setting from some audio description! We also extended our vocabulary by using our senses to help us.

We have worked really hard in maths on our place value and becoming much more confident with decimal numbers.

On Thursday we exhibited our cheesiest grins for our school photos, and had our first lesson of PE with Lingfield College.


Coming up this week, we continue on our final week of Matilda, describing settings in a narrative style, before we move on to our debating skills!

In maths, we will be building on our place value knowledge by moving on to addition and subtraction.

We also have our first trip back to the Ashdown Forest on Friday, so please ensure you are dressed appropriately and equipped with a waterproof coat, durable and comfortable footwear as well as a lunch.


I have been really impressed at the amount of reading being completed and recorded in the homework diaries, and the homework that is starting to come in. Well done!

As a helpful tool, I have attached a document which gives ideas of ways to learn spellings and times tables. If your want to jazz up your practising at home, take a look!


Miss Newns

Autumn Homework

wc 18th September 2017


It has been a fantastic couple of weeks so far, with pieces of homework flying in and reading diaries chocka block with reading! We have also had 100% attendance so far too! Keep it up Diamond class!

Last week we enjoyed Roald Dahl day and spent time creating a new character for The BFG and designing a new sweet for Mr Wonka to put in to production!

We have been working really hard and persevering with our maths place value and exploring the rainforest for our topic.


This week we continue with place value in maths, working on decimal numbers. We are also continuing with our English work on Matilda as part of our Roald Dahl project.

The children will be having Lingfield staff in on Friday to start their PE sessions, so please ensure your child has their full PE kit.

We are also working on our spelling bee words which are:







Finally, please find below the homework sheet for this term, with details on the document for what to complete. Feel free to email me via the school website any homework that is unable to be handed in as a hard copy. The whole school project will be updated shortly and a hard copy of the homework sheet will be handed out.

Welcome Letter

wc 4th September 2017


Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and exciting 6 week summer.

I always look forward to the beginning of term as I love getting to know new children and discovering their talents and interests! I hope to have a great year with the new Year 5’s and I am sure they will approach their learning with a positive and determined attitude. Miss Carter has told me lots of wonderful things about you all, so I hope you live up to your great reputation!


It always helps your child’s learning if they are equipped with the right resources.

Please can you ensure you child is in the correct uniform with sensible shoes and long hair tied back. The children will need full PE for their sessions on Mondays and Fridays. Any earrings need to be removed for PE so please ensure your child can do this independently. In order for them to complete their work in class, please ensure your child has a few handwriting pens, pencil, ruler, glue, whiteboard pen and a sharpener. One pencil case can be used to hold these items on their desks, if you hild wants to bring colouring pens or pencils, these can be stored in a separate case in their tray or bag. This saves space on the working area. All these items NEED to be named to help reduce lost property.


In time, you will receive a homework sheet, which the children can work through and I have English, and Maths sheets in class should they wish to complete these too. It is essential that the children practise their times tables regularly and rehearse their spellings, which are handed out on Mondays and tested on Fridays.


If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the website or pop in after school to see me and I’d be happy to help!

Miss Newns

Direct email to the Diamond Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Miss Newns, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is two working days.