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17/11/17 A gloriously sunny day for our second forest visit of the year.

November 6th

Welcome back after the half term break! Last week, we finished our learning about the Romans by looking at the story of Boudicca. The children have almost finished writing their stories in role as either B herself, one of her tribesmen, the Roman Governor, a Roman soldier or a Roman slave. We are ready to begin our new topic: Journey through Europe. We will start by looking at different maps of Europe (Political and physical), before focusing in on Italy (to link with our Roman topic). In our English lessons this week, we will begin a unit based on the text 'Leon and the Place Between'- a very visual text, it will, I'm sure, inspire some magnificent writing. In our maths lessons, having mastered column addition last term, we turn our attention to written subtraction, first using dienes, then using the expanded method, then the compact method. We will also continue our science learning about digestion this week, looking at the 'delightful' topic of what happens in the stomach. 

We will also begin some learning in IT using a basic coding programme called scratch. In our outdoorPE lesson, we started learning to play lacrosse last week, with a focus on holding the stick correctly and good throwing technique. This week we turn our attention to the trickier skill of catching the ball. A busy but exciting week ahead. Miss C

Dear Year 4 children and parents,

Welcome to the year 4 webpage. I hope you all had a fantastic Summer and are looking forward to the new school year. I will do my best to keep this page updated regularly. Please come and visit our page to see what we've been learning in class and also for any information you need to know relating to the class. There is a link at the bottom of the page should you wish to email me about anything. A letter will follow soon with all the important information you need to know about the term. Here are some edited highlights: We will be studying the BFG in our English lessons, as well as celebrating what would have been Roald Dahl's 101st birthday on September 13th. Our topic this half term is: Conquerors and Warriors- part 1 : the Romans (part 2 will follow later in the year, with a focus on the Vikings). Reading books will be sent home as soon as possible, alongside home/school diaries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or come and see me if the need arises. Miss Carter

Aut 1 wk 7

The final week of our first half term together! Last week was lots of fun, as you can see from the pictures below. I was particularly proud of their bread- making and the way they worked together to produce something brilliant! They also managed to hold it together for our bizarre science lessons on digestion on Friday. This week, we continue working on information texts in our English lessons.We have our harvest celebration on Tuesday (tins and packets of non-perishable foods to be sent in please). In maths, we will finish our work on addition by looking at problem solving, then move on to finding the perimeter of 2d shapes. In our topic lessons, we will look at Roman housing, particularly Roman villas in preparation for our trip on Friday. I have enough people for the trip, but any more would be very welcome. Please just let me know. Friday is wear it pink day (for charity). The children are allowed to wear their pink for our trip. Red can be worn as an alternative. The 2 essentials for the trip are a coat (it can be very cold in the villa and we have to eat lunch outside) and a packed lunch. Any questions, pls ask me. Have a great week. Miss C

fun, fitness, food week- learning about digestion by making our own PH paper and simulating peristalsis

Food, fitness, fun week- operation bread making!

fitness, food, fun week- smoothie bike

Ashdown Forest day 1- Friday 6th October

Week beginning 2/10/17


This week sees our first Forest trip of the year, and so far te weather forecast looks good (famous last words). On Friday, please ensure they have appropriate clothing and footwear with them, including a change of socks if possible. Also plenty to drink. I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's forest curriculum brings. 


Please remember that our violin lessons are on Wednesday, so violins must be in school on Wednesday. In maths this week, we start looking at addition and in English, we focus on information writing, still with a BFG focus. We are using a book called 'The Gloriumptious worlds of Roald Dahl' , published last year. It's written like a scrapbook of all he achieved. Lots of them have mentioned asking for it for christmas.....

Have a great week, Miss Carter

Image result for violin cartoon

Mrs Madden, the children's violin teacher, gave the following instructions this week:

1) The bow is very fragile. Please only tighten it a little by turning the silver end and slacken it again when finished. It takes time to learn how to hold the bow properly. See below this message for a helpful video link. Don't worry if you find it tricky.

2) Under no circumstances touch the pegs or adjustors. If the violin goes out of tune, bring it in to school and we will sort it out.

3) If anything breaks, tell us straight away, as we can fix many problems. If we can't, we will tell you where/how to get it fixed.

4) The violin is only to be played by the year 4 child who is using it. No siblings please.

Extra Violin Notices:

1) As the weather gets colder, please remember that violins do not like extreme changes in temperature. It can cause them to crack. To help prevent this, please don't keep a violin next to a heater at home. Please avoid leaving them in cars for long periods of time, especially in cold weather.


2)  Shoulder rests- if you have a proper shoulder rest, please look after it, especially taking care not to lose the screws. They are expensive to replace. If you don't have one, I have now bought lots of sponges, and am happy to provide this for your child. If any of you have postmen who drop elastic bands on your driveways, these bands are perfect for using with sponge shoulder rests, so please send them in.

Miss C


I've been impressed by the enthusiasm of the children and the number of them who've taken instruments home to practise.




Violin lesson number 1- my favourite moment: the children holding their violins out, saying:" Look at my beautiful violin!"

Friday 15th September

What a busy first full week we've had in Emerald class! The children have worked really hard. I was particularly impressed with them on Friday, when they were so determined to write well that you could have heard a pin drop in the classroom as they all beavered away. 


In maths, I will be testing them on their times tables every Friday. They will be able to tell you which times table they need to learn. (If they can't please ask me) On Monday I will show them one tried and tested method for learning them. They did well in their first spelling test, which will happen every Friday. 


Next week in maths, we continue our work on number and place value, ordering numbers and rounding to the nearest ten, hundred or thousand. We will also begin to look at negative numbers.


In our topic work, we will produce our final bean mosaic designs as well as learning about what life was like in the Roman army. We will also be designing our (aarrggghhh it's September) Christmas cards for you to but via the PTA later in the term. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Miss Carter

'Mosaics'- inspired by the Romans, using dried beans etc.

Roman army formations Tuesday 12th September

Day 1 in year 4- The Toilet Roll lesson- How long ago did the Romans come to Britain? 1 sheet of toilet paper for every 10 years!

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