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Monday December 10th

This week we look back to addition in maths. We will polish our skills adding 3 digit numbers using columns! In english we will be telling stories, describing characters and writing diary entries. We will be making the final adjustments for our concert on Tuesday, when we look forward to showing off our violin and recorder skills-see you at 2-30 in the school hall. We will also be rehearsing for our carol concert which will take place next week on Tuesday 18th December in St. John's church. 

We are having problems with the school server so I'm sorry to say I can't attach this week's spelling lists. I'll do so as soon as I can.

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Monday December 3rd

This first week of Advent we will use a beautiful little animation to focus our english work. We will be learning about figurative writing, and  how to convey mood and atmosphere in our work. We will make use of simile, metaphor and personification as the week progresses. In maths we'll be moving from decimals to length, learning how to convert km, m, cm and mm. We will measure, estimate, and try to make use of decimals too.

We will be practising for our upcoming concert for you (see above) and look forward to seeing you next week. 

Best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard


spelling lists for this week Monday 3rd December

Houses on stilts from Chile

clay modelling Mexican Adobe Houses

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Monday November 19th

We had a lovely day at the forest on Friday in spite of the grey and dismal weather! Lisa told us about trees and the size of their roots, and about how root systems enable plants in the forest to communicate with each other! We played a tree communication game, looked at colourful leaves, and made our own artworks with leaves, clay, moss and sticks. After lunch and shelter building we returned to base to light a fire and cook popcorn! Many thanks to everyone for making it such a fun day.

This week our housebuilding topic takes us to more homes form around the world including dogtrot cabins, venetian palaces and half timbered houses as found in East Grinstead. The children  will now be putting their writing skills tot the test by writing their own reports based on what they learn about theses houses. 

In maths we move on to look at how to calculate area and perimeter. In science we will explore wind and percussion instruments to see how the sound is produced. 

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

spelling lists Monday November 19th

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Monday November 12th

In maths this week we continue work on division, then moving on to fractions. In our topic we will now start to look at houses around the world, continuing to polish our report writing skills making use of careful paragraphs. In our science topic, we continue to learn about sound, this week looking at how wind and percussion instruments produce sound.

On Thursday 15th November Lingfield prep school have invited us to hear their orchestra play. This may give some of our children and idea of where their violin playing could lead if they continue with it! Lingfield are providing transport and this will all take place within the normal school day.   On Friday we have our next session at Ashdown Forest! Please do let me know if you'd like a bracing day outdoors with the class. 

Best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

spelling list Monday November 12th

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Monday November 5th

There's been a huge amount of interest and enthusiasm with our housebuilding topic. The class were very interested in different bonds in bricklaying, in the details of digging foundations and laying drains, and in the jobs of a carpenter! We tried cutting wood ourselves, which wasn't easy. Our topic continues this week and we will look at the work of the plumber, plasterer, gardener and the electrician. We'll learn about how circuits work. Along the way, we are learning about the layout of non fiction texts, and how to write carefully using paragraphs. 

Please, if anyone has any skills in any of these areas and would be willing to pop in to speak briefly or show some of the tools or show how something is done, we'd be very grateful.

Our philosophy last week took us to the story of the scorpion and the frog, and I was amazed to listen as the children discussed right and wrong, fault and responsibility, human nature and individual choice! I feel we've come a long  way just in these few weeks with these lessons, and children are becoming more willing to share their ideas. This week we'll discuss......'Can you step in the same river twice?'

In maths we now start looking at written multiplication and division, first using grid method for multiplication before slowly moving on to more columnar methods. With division we begin with' groups of' before moving to more formal written methods. We will of course, be constantly making the link between multiplication and division . I'm very pleased to see how many children are working so hard at their tables facts with our home maths challenge. It really makes a difference!

best wishes

Mark Pritchard

spelling list Monday November 5th


Housebuilding 1
Housebuilding 2
Housebuilding 3
Housebuilding 4

Monday October 29th

It was lovely to speak with so many of you during last week's parent consultations. Thank you so much for your support! I will be contacting those parents who couldn't make the meetings to arrange another time.

This week we begin our housebuilding topic which will hopefully inspire us in our english work. We will begin by looking at how a house is built, starting this week looking at plans, architects and foundations. We will then look at how drains are laid and how concrete is mixed. We''ll see how a bricklayer works and study different bonds of brickwork. We will also look at the work of a carpenter, and see how a roof is constructed. This will all lead into our work of writing explanation texts and learning how to set them out with titles, subtitles and careful paragraphs. 

In maths we are moving to more mental maths, exploring ways to double and halve, then moving to learning our quick mental facts for multiplication and division.

In science we start work on acoustics, this week going on a 'silent walk' and listening to mystery sounds. Later we'll explore how these sounds are produced and learn to use terms such as pitch, tone, volume and vibration.

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

spelling list Monday October 29th

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Monday October 15th

Friday saw the first round of our school spelling bee, a written test in class. Some children did incredibly well, some got full marks! On Monday we'll have semi finals in class, and then on Wednesday the finals will be held in the school hall. It's very clear how some children did a lot of work at home in preparation for this-well done!

This week before half term we continue our english work based on a short film 'Home sweet home' . We will pick up on themes of travel, friendship, love and death, and look at how paragraphs can be used. We will look in more depth at how to write dialogue, and we will plan and write our own similar story. 

In maths we move on from shape, angle and coordinates, and this week we will be looking at 'word' problems. Trying to decide what exactly is needed to solve a particular problem.  By the way, some children have really taken up our times table challenge. A few children have already reached silver, and a couple have reached gold. Please do support your child with this work, as there's no one easy way to learn tables.

Some children have almost finished their weavings, and there are many beautiful paintings hanging in our room based on the story of Noah's ark. This week we should all complete our weaving.

On Tuesday morning I look forward to seeing you at our harvest festival at the baptist church. On Wednesday afternoon I look forward to meeting many of you for parent consultations. 

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

spelling list Monday October 15th

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Monday October 8th

This week we continue with our maths work with coordinates and position, symmetry and angle. In english we will now begin a new story involving two house on a journey. (sorry, I can't reveal any more. We'll use this story to develop our skills in descriptive writing, describing characters and settings, and in using those dreaded apostrophes for possesion . We'll explore the role of pronouns and continue gaining confidence in our grammatical understanding of texts. We will also be looking at prefixes such as re-, dis-, and mis-, as well as reviewing our use of speech punctuation.

We are still preparing for our harvest festival, coming up soon, and our weaving skills are also coming on apace. We'd still be happy to have any contributions of wool!

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard


spelling list Monday October 8th

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Monday October 1st

We had a great day at the forest on Friday...I couldn't help thinking back to this time last year, and marvelling at how the children have grown in so many ways. We had a lovely walk as always, and along the way collected beech nuts, looked out for fungi, looked at the signs of autumn. We drilled into old branches to make our own pencils. Lisa told us about hedgehogs and we made our own from clay. Lisa also told us about 'the lost words'  ...words moving out of some dictionaries to make way for more 'up to date ' words. One of the words lost was 'acorn'...so we collected acorns and wrote in on the ground for other walkers to find. It's always amazing to see how engaged and active our children are in nature. I'm sure we could have left them all day climbing over a fallen tree, digging in the roots, and mining for iron.

This week in english we will be describing settings, retelling parts of stories we are hearing, and learning how to use paragraphs. In maths we move away from all the column addition and subtraction for a while, and we now look at coordinates, plotting points to create shapes, and then look at how to translate shapes and points.

We are continuing with recorders, preparing songs and poems for the harvest festival coming up soon. Our first violin session was a great success, and children will be able to take them home after this week's session. 

We'll be playing with conkers, and weaving on card, and along the way learning to tie knots. 

HELP!!!!   Do you have any balls of wool you don't want??? We would be very grateful for any donations of wools and threads.

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

spelling list Monday October 1st

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Monday September 24th

It was lovely to see parents at our coffee morning last week. I realise you are all busy, but please remember, if you ever need to speak to me, contact me via the email link below and I'll get back to you asap. Friday's philosophy lesson was fascinating for me-our children were stranded on a beautiful island, and they had to work our ways to live and work together, and to look more closely at how they make decisions. They tried to come up with rules for living together on their island, and along the way we discussed issues such as fairness , justice, methods of groups making decisions such as voting, lotteries, 'having a leader' or general agreement. Group discussions were lively, and children seemed to enjoy the whole process!

This week we will be going to Ashdown Forest on Friday. Check weather reports and  as always, ensure children are dressed appropriately! I haven't checked yet, but parents are very welcome to come along and help on the day.

This week in english we will continue using the stories we are hearing to develop our writing, retelling and speaking skills. It's been great fun having children act out scenes from the previous day's story-we have some great actors! Amongst other things, we will be dealing with writing in 1st or 3rd person, polishing our joined handwriting and making careful use of similes and personification. In our reading lessons we will start to look at different genres of poetry, and explore the meaning of 'dilemma' in stories.

Maths lessons continue to focus on addition and subtraction. We have worked on mental methods, and started to refine more formal written methods. This week this will continue. 

As always, we continue with our recorder playing, singing and poetry. Here are two of our latest  poems we've learnt already over the first few weeks...

The Knight

I ride on my horse

with my sword in my hand.

I ride through the wooded

And mountainous land.

I battle with dragons,

With giants I fight,

Defending the weak

And upholding the right.


My sword is of steel

My helmet of gold,

I dare all adventures,

My heart is so bold.

My armor is shining

As bright as the light,

And I am a gallant

And glorious knight.


Goblin Gold

Digging down in deepest dark and danger,

Gleeful goblins gather glittering gold.

High and hard a hundred heavy hammers,

Clang and clash in columned caverns cold.

Little lamps their lengthy labours lighten,

Shuddering shadows show, and shifting shine.

So they ceaseless search for silver secrets,

Midget men amid the mountain mine.


best wishes,

Mr Pritchard



spelling list Monday September 24th

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the Garden of Eden

Monday September 17th

Last week seemed to rush by, and the class has quickly got into new routines. There are still a few children who need to bring in painting aprons and also PE kits. About half of the class brought in their spelling homework on time. They receive spellings on Monday and they should be returned on the Friday-with handwriting completed on the back of the sheet. This week we continue hearing stories from the Old Testament, and we'll use these as starting points for our own writing. We'll continue looking at speech punctuation, and trying to use 'fronted adverbials' in our own writing! We will also look at paragraphing and conjunctions over the course of this week. In maths we move from place value to a closer look at mental methods for addition and subtraction. We have been creating large scale 'mosaics' using print techniques, and we'll finish these this week-they really make our new room bright and colourful.  Our coffee morning is this Thursday, at 9 to 9-45 am. I look forward to seeing you there. 

See below for information on this year's spelling bee challenge.

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

spelling list Monday September 17th remember to write the words on the back of the sheet in your best joined handwriting.

This year's Spelling Bee

Words for spelling bee -Emerald Class

Monday 10th September

What a wonderfully calm and hardworking beginning we had to our new school year! All of the children arrived smiling and enthusiastic, and as we all know each other so well, it's been great to get straight down to work! Staring with tongue twisters and poetry, then learning a new recorder piece. We threw ourselves into learning a new song 'Sir Eglamore and the dragon' and then began our new english and maths topics. We also welcomed two new children to our class, Ben and Evie.

This week we delve further into legends of the world's creation, and we work on this idea of 'points of view', trying to tell stories from another's point of view-quite a challenge. In maths we are developing work on larger numbers-up to a million! French begins again this week, taught by Mrs Wood who is also one of our Teaching assistants this year. Other adults helping throughout the week in our class will be Mrs O' Riordan, Mrs Degia, and Mrs Seltzer. Mrs Seltzer will usually take the class on Wednesday afternoons, when I have release time for planning and preparation. 

Children have already taken home their first (bronze ) tables challenge, and this Monday they will bring home the spelling list for this week.

best wishes,

Mark Pritchard

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Dear parents,

Welcome back to a new term-but now in Emerald class!

I hope you had a wonderful summer, and that after the long break your children are ready for new challenges.


Spelling homework will be sent home on Mondays and we will test ourselves on the Friday following. This year children will also receive a times tables booklet, starting with a bronze booklet, then bronze plus, silver, then silver plus and finishing with gold then gold plus! I am hoping that the challenge of these booklets will help children in their confidence with quick recall of tables facts. (see link below for tables and spelling ideas)

Also see below the attached document with other homework tasks that can be completed over this term and returned to school at any time.


Children will need an old t- shirt or apron for messy art and craft lessons. They will also need to have their PE kit at school throughout the week. Please please ensure your child’s uniform and PE kits are named clearly! This year pencil cases should contain; a black handwriting pen (not biro), an HB pencil, ruler , sharpener, pritt stick type glue and whiteboard (dry wipe) pen. Children do not need to bring felt tips, coloured pencils or any other ‘glitzy’ pens!


Children should always have a reading book to use at school. Our library has a good range of books, but please encourage your child to use your local library too. Please encourage your child to read at least 5 times a week for about 10 minutes.


This term we will have a 10 week violin course at school! Children will all have their own violin for the duration of the course. News of this will follow.


I will put an overview of the first term’s topics on this webpage, and our Year 3 and 4 coffee morning is September 20th at 9am to 9-45. As always I can be contacted via email on the link at the bottom of this page. I love it when you talk to me about your children and I greatly value your support. Please do arrange at the office or via email to meet with me with any concerns you may have this year-together we can do wonders with our children at this age!

Best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Tables and Spelling Ideas

Topic overview First half of term

Direct email to the Emerald Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Mr Pritchard, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is three working days.