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Art and Drama!

The children have had  a fantastic time exploring the arts during Art week. They painted self-portraits as well as writing a portrait of themselves.  The classroom now has a lovely black and white winter frieze inspired by artists who work in monochrome and the Christmas decorations are beginning to take over the walls!  The children also excelled themselves in all the nativity performances last week.  They really danced and sang their hearts out for you as the audience and we hope you really enjoyed watching them perform 'Hey Ewe'!     


This week we will be doing lots of Christmas writing and some art and design projects for them to bring home for Christmas.

Just so you are aware there are no weekly words this week and it will be the last P.E. lesson for the term this week. 


Who's in the woods now?

We have now moved onto the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs, retelling their story and looking at their characters.  The children have also been thinking about different materials they might use to build a house for the pigs.  

                                                                                                                                                   We have been exploring doubling and halving in maths so challenge your child to double a number at home using objects.   


The children have also been talking as a class about friendship and what being a good friend means.  We now have a small toy dog that goes to the kindest class member every week.   

                                                                                                                                                    On Friday the children thoroughly enjoyed making a sandwich that they had already written  a recipe for, hopefully they made it home in one piece!


Please do continue to read with the children as often as you can and bring their reading books and yellow reading records into school every day as well as their new red weekly words books.  The children have been working really hard during their spelling quiz on Fridays and the more practise they do at home will help them remember these words.


We are still busy practising our singing and dancing for the Nativity, so don't forget to order your tickets!

Exploring through the arts!


Opal class have been busy exploring shapes through the artist Kandinsky and his concentric circles, roleplaying Guy Fawkes, making clay poppies and sketching leaves in the last few weeks.  We have also been looking at the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood, retelling the story, describing the characters and even using money to buy things for her basket.  The children also thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the British Wildlife Centre as you will see from the photos.  We continue to explore all kinds of wild things!

Where the wild things are.....


Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term where we are now exploring the woods and forests to look at wild things - some real and some imaginary.  This week we have been inventing and writing about our own 'wild things' as well as continuing to explore 2D and 3D shapes through fireworks.

Don't forget our trip to the Wildlife Centre next week!


Please could you bring in any unwanted magazines for us to use in school? We would like to read them in class. Thank you smiley



Week Ending 14th September 2018


We have had lots of fun this week! We have been reading the story of Superhero ABC. Click on the picture to listen to the story (on You Tube). 




We have been talking all about the different superhero characters from the book. We have learnt that 'alliteration' is to describe something using the same letter, for example 'Brilliant Batman'. Can you think of some alliteration for your name?

We have also been writing about us as superheroes, what can you do? What powers do you have? Use the speech bubble document to write your own superhero sayings! What could you say? 


In mathematics, we have been learning to order numbers, look at what they are made up of and identifying the missing numbers.  We are using tens frames, numicon and dominoes this week. Next week we will be using dienes apparatus to help us. 

Have a go at the dominoes game:


Dominoes game


We have also been learning how to write the letter 'c' in cursive. 'Start on the line and you'll be fine!' is our school motto. Use the web link below to help you write c when starting on the line. Click on the 'c' to visit the teach handwriting website.  




Week beginning 10th September 2018


It has been lovely to get to know your children over the last few days. We have had lots of fun in Opal class. We have become real superheroes and have real super powers! We all loved dancing, flying and using our powers on Friday! smiley


Thank you for all your holiday bags, we are getting through sharing them, it may take us a few weeks, but we look forward to hearing all about your summer adventures.


Please find below the topic webs, welcome letter and homework grid for this term. 




Welcome to Opal Class!


Mrs Wadey


Mrs Vedor, Mrs Edmead and Mrs O'Riordan


We all hope you had a lovely summer break and are ready to start the exciting new term!



This term our topic is THE INCREDIBLES!!!

We will be learning all about what makes us incredible, superheroes who are in our lives and fictional superhero characters. 


Remember to come in dressed up as a superhero on Friday 7th September!



Please remember to bring in a water bottle daily and a PE kit.




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