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Week beginning 8th October


This term is going very quickly! This week, we move on in both English and maths. In English, we'll be looking at poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah, celebrating Britain's diversity. In maths, having mastered addition and subtraction, including some rather tricky multi step problems, we will now be looking at multiplication and division. To begin with, we will consolidate our understanding of x and dividing by 10/100/1000 and applying this in a range of contexts. We will then secure our understanding of basic written long and short multiplication. 


Our mental health/wellbeing lessons continue apace and I'm determined to do a P4C lesson this week. This stands for Philosophy for children and is designed to foster critical thinking skills as well as develop language skills. We also have our CARNIVAL DANCE WORKSHOP on Wednesday afternoon, for which PE kit will be required. If you have not yet sent in your payment for this event, please do so as soon as possible. We will finish off our learning about refraction this week. In addition, we will be looking at some real accounts from the 'Windrush generation' and exploring why people chose to come to England. 

Have a great week- keep the home learning coming!

Miss C

P.s. I have learnt that the PTA have paid for another year of mathletics for us all. This is great! I will reintroduce the children to mathletics this week and set them some specific tasks. Please let me know if there are any problems. 

Week beginning October 1st

I can't quite believe a whole month has passed since we started year 6! 


This week, we will reach the end of Floella Benjamin's biography in our English lessons, which will raise  all sorts of questions about issues such as discrimination, equality, racism, determination/resilience. The book has inspired some fantastic writing, showing the children's fantastic empathy skills. We will finish by writing a letter to someone back home in role as Floella after her first few weeks in England.


In maths, having perfected addition and subtraction, including decimals, we move on to multi step problems using these operations. 


In our PSHE lessons, we have just begun looking at emotional wellbeing/mental health. We began by familiarising ourselves with feelings vocabulary and identifying feelings, both positive and negative, that we experience most often. We will carry on by looking at coping strategies for less comfortable feelings.My aim is to help to equip them for the massive changes that will happen over this year ad into next year. 


In our topic lessons, we will research various aspects of life in Trinidad, such as: food, school, family life etc. Our science topic of light continues with a second look at reflection and an introduction to refraction. We also continue perfecting our carnival dance moves and improving our skills in lacrosse.


I am really enjoying the variety of home learning the children are completing and also how many of them have really grasped the round the world reading challenge. Keep it coming!


Have a great week.


Music lesson on Calypso music using steel pans. Yes it was as loud as you think it was!

27/9 science lesson on reflection. Thanks for bringing torches! Using mirrors for 'target practice' and to direct light down our lego path!

Week beginning 24/9/18


We've had a great first 2 1/2 weeks in year 6! It really has been great having this lovely class back again and most of them, most of the time, are taking their learning very seriously and working hard. I'm impressed by the amount of homework that is being completed. 


Some basics:

Spellings and tables are given on Monday and tested Friday.  For times tables, I will ask them all to learn a times table each week (this week the 8x) and then they will choose their level of test (or T word as we like to call it!). Levels as follows:

1) x table questions

2) Division table questions

3) x 10/100/1000 questions e.g. 30 x 8, 500 x 8 or 6000 x 8. Find the answer then x by 10/100/1000.

4) Decimal questions e.g. 0.3 x 8, 0.07 x 8. Find the answer then divide by 10/100/1000.


We seem to be really interested in the topic- Coming to England- and have done quite a lot of map related work, including thinking about the British Empire and the Colonies. This week, we will focus more on the art/music side of the topic, alongside continuing our e safety lessons with Mrs Seltzer and our science lessons on the topic of light. 


See below for a link to a helpful x tables site.

Have a great week, Miss Carter



Welcome back Sapphire Class! I hope you've all had a great Summer and are fully rested ready for the new term. I'm very much looking forward to teaching you again and am excited about how you will take on the extra challenges, responsibilities and rewards that will come your way this year. (I'm also rather excited about Sapphire being a PURPLE gem!) Patch has been washed as has his uniform, so he is also ready!


Please make sure that when you come back to school on Thursday, you are properly equipped for the new term: ONE fully stocked pencil case- the most important item being a whiteboard pen (or two) , LABELLED P.E. kit, full school uniform including appropriate footwear, a reading book if you'd like to bring one from home, water bottle etc. Our cloakroom space is quite limited, so please only bring what you actually need. 


This week I will distribute the Welcome Letter, with essential information for the year ahead. I will also outline expectations regarding reading/spellings/times tables. Alongside this, I will send out the Home Learning gird, with suggestions for additional learning you can undertake at home.


One of the first 'Year sixy' things I would like yoto think about is whether or not you would like to apply for the role of House Captain. This role is open to all of you,irrespective of whether you are already a Behaviour Ambassador/Young Governor. At the moment, we are hoping to hold the election next Friday, 14th September. I will confirm this date this week. If you would like to take on this role, you need to prepare a short speech to present to the school. I will talk this through with you, but you'll need to write the speeches in your own time. I do hope many of you will make the effort to take part.


Excited! See you on Thursday,

Miss Carter





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