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Welcome to the Young Governors' page!

Welcome to the Young Governors' page! 1

Hello, we are the new young governors and our job for the school is to…..


  • Show new people around our wonderful school and promote Dormansland Primary School
  • Go to meetings to share the children's ideas
  • Make sure the children are happy and feel they can share problems with us
  • Helping the school
  • To make sure the voice of the pupils are heard
  • Raising money for charities and the school to carry on making our school even better
  • Make school fun and so they learn at the same time
  • Make it a happy and welcoming environment


We are excited and proud to be the first of a brand new scheme of young governors  and are looking forward to our next jobs.  All of these brand new activities are what make our school special.


From the Young Governor team.


Evie, Harry, Millie, Daisy, Anna and Astrid