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Mrs Wood, Mrs Degia and myself have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children and seeing how much they have matured during this past year. For me personally, they will always be a very special class, as they have carried me through my NQT year. You all deserve a pat on the back for everything that you have done through this lock down period. I have really appreciated all of your support and I will truly miss teaching them in September. Miss Carter has, however, already told me what a lovely class of children they are and she is looking forward to guiding them through Year 4. On behalf of all the Year 3 team, thank you so much for all the end of term cards, gifts and kind words and we all wish you a healthy and happy summer break. Mrs Wells xx 

Summer Term – Week 12

Your final full week in Year 3 – where has that time gone! I’m really looking forward to seeing the class this Thursday and Friday. 


Well done to Erin who got a mention in this week’s newsletter for her work on Times Tables Rockstar and ‘Happy Birthday’ to both Braeden and Mark who celebrated their birthdays last week. 


(I will be uploading work every day this week, but obviously if you are in school, please ignore).

13 July 2020 Topic Grid

10 07 2020 Home Learning

Summer Term – Week 11


I’m really looking forward to seeing the class next Thursday and Friday. I have sent a Marvellous Me to all except Key Worker parents to advise of your child’s group. Apologies if I didn’t manage to talk to you on Wednesday last week. If I did miss you and you’d like to talk, I’m in school Thursday and Friday this week, so please feel free to ring the office and I will return your call when I can. 


Well done to Billy who got a mention in this week’s newsletter for his work on Times Tables Rockstar and a happy birthday to Egan who celebrated his birthday last week. This week we will be looking at ‘The Journey’ by Aaron Becker which ties in with our topic ‘Fantasy Worlds’. 


Have a lovely week and keep smiling! 

Photos for week 29 06 2020

22 06 2020 Home Learning

22 06 2020 Photos for the week

Richard's Pop Up Book

Esmee's video story.

Still image for this video

Summer Term – Week 10


As some of you know, I am teaching the Year 1 Class on a Thursday and Friday. Although I have some lovely children in my group, I am missing Year 3 and hearing all about what you’ve been up to. Please keep sending me your news – I will be updating the class page Monday. I am in school on Wednesday, so will try and call as many as I can to say ‘hi’.  You are all doing amazingly - keep up the good work!


This week we will be continuing with ‘Moon Man’ and alternative White Rose maths lessons. If you feel that your child would benefit from more face to face ‘virtual’ learning, then please feel free to explore the DfE approved ‘Oak Academy’. 



Have a lovely week and keep smiling! 

FRIDAY 26 06 2020 Home Learning

Photos for the week of 15th June 2020

Family Learning Grid

Summer Term – Week 9


Happy Fathers Day!  Hope that you’ve all had a lovely, relaxing day! 


We will be looking at a new book to tie in with this week’s topic, which is called ‘Moon Man’. For maths, we are continuing with the alternative White Rose lessons, with the resources and video links attached to the class page. 

If you feel that your child would benefit from more face to face ‘virtual’ learning, then please feel free to explore the DfE approved ‘Oak Academy’.  https://www.thenational.academy/ 


Have a lovely week and keep smiling! 

Home Learning Work 8th June 2020

I Want My Banana Back by Erin

Photos for week of 8th June 2020

Summer Term – Week 8


Thank you for the photos already received this week of your fabulous home learning Amethyst. I will be uploading them to the class page tomorrow morning, so if there are any more to share, please email them across to me asap. Due to a technical problem, there will be a delay in uploading the topic grid. 


For maths, we are continuing with the alternative White Rose lessons. The resources and video links are attached below for ease.  Your challenge for this week is to explore the Ed Shed website if you haven’t done so already. We are 5th out of the 6-year groups for spelling and 4th out of 6 for maths. It would be great to see Year 3 move up the leader board!


Please don’t forget, Miss Carter’s Monday assembly, which is available on the Home Learning Hub webpage.


Have a lovely week and keep smiling! 

Friday 12th June 2020

Summer Term – Week 7


It was lovely to speak to some of you last week and to hear about all your wonderful half term adventures and your home learning. It’s been lovely to see how you’ve been engaging with the topic grids. Your challenge this week is to share with me either some maths, English or topic work by the end of this week! 


For maths, if you are following the White Rose sequence rather than BBC Bitesize, we are on week 5 but the ALTERNATIVE PLAN, as we have already covered the White Rose fractions lessons. To help, I have attached a separate word doc which has the video links for the whole week, and will upload the work sheets daily. 


Please don’t forget, Miss Carter’s Monday assembly, which is available on the Home Learning Hub webpage. Keep an eye out for this week’s photos, which I will upload Monday. 


Have a lovely week and keep smiling! 

01 06 2020 Home Learning

Summer Term – Week 6


Welcome back! I’m sure that half term has felt very different this year, but I really hope that you have had a relaxing time and managed to enjoy the weather. Well done to Seryn who managed a 21 mile bike ride, Imogen who has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers and to Ivy who has a new baby brother. 


As some of you will notice, although the video lessons are still available, the White Rose resources are no longer on their website now that we have reached Week 4 (11/05/20). I will be uploading the worksheets and answers on a daily basis to the class page. 


Don’t forget, Miss Carter’s Monday assembly is available on the Home Learning Hub webpage. 


Have a lovely week and keep smiling! 

Home Learning 18 05 20

Home Learning 20 05 2020

Home Learning 19 05 20

Home Learning 18 05 2020

Home Learning 11 05 2020

Lara's Letter

Summer Term – Week 5


Just 1 more week before the half term break – keep up the fantastic work that you’ve been doing so far this term – that it directed to both children and their parents/carers!


We will be finishing off the Iron Man book this week in English, with the option of the BBC Bitesize English lessons, if you feel that these are more accessible and engaging. Please also continue to feel free to look at other year groups pages for learning ideas.


The Year 3 Team are in school this coming week, so will be giving you a quick catch up call before the half term break. 


Don’t forget, Miss Carter’s Monday assembly is available on the Home Learning Hub webpage. I will also post the next edition of ‘First News’, once it becomes available – I’m sure that some of the class would enjoy reading this. 


Have a lovely week and keep smiling! 


(Due to technical problems, I’m unable to upload the topic web and photos, but will do as soon as possible).   

Home Learning 14 05 2020

Home Learning Tasks

Home Learning 12 05 2020

First News - Children's Newspaper

TOPIC GRID Pirates and Explorers

Home Learning 11 05 2020

Summer Term Week 4

Good morning Amethyst Class. 

I wonder how many of you were lucky enough to see the spitfire fly overhead on Friday? It really was inspiring and a fitting tribute to the Queen Victoria Hospital. I hope that you had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed the sunshine? Both myself and Mrs Degia really enjoyed catching up with you and your parents last week on the phone and apologies to the few who we missed. Thank you for your honest feedback. I have changed the daily work slightly to include alternatives  - BBC Bitesize Maths lessons as an alternative to the White Rose work and BBC Bitesize English as an alternative to The Iron Man work. From next week, I will start to plan shorter sequences of lessons based on a variety of books. You are all doing an amazing job at being flexible and selecting the amount of work that is appropriate and engaging for your child. 


Don't forget to join Miss Carter for her singing assembly this morning - more details on the Home Learning Hub.


Please keep sending me emails and sharing your photos - the Year 3 Team love to hear from you.

Mrs Wells,


(I will upload home learning work photos tomorrow)


Home Learning Photos Week 3

Home Learning 06 05 2020

Home Learning 05 05 2020

Summer Term Week 3


Well done for surviving another week of home learning. The good news is that the weather is looking more settled for the coming week, so hopefully you will be able to get back outside and let your little ones run off some steam!


Thank you again for the fabulous pictures. I know that Mrs Wood and Mrs Degia also look forward to seeing your weekly photos, so please keep sending them in. One of the Year 3 Team will endeavour to ring you for a quick catch up at some point during this coming week. 


News from this week - Lara has adopted a baby elephant from Kenya, using her Easter money, and has created an elephant display with facts all about elephants.  What with Year 3’s adopted Amur Leopard and a few other animals that the class have adopted over the past year or 2, I think that we could open a virtual zoo! 


Lovely to hear that the children are starting to adapt to their new routines, and I can see the progress being made on The Spelling Shed / Maths Shed and TimesTables Rockstar – well done. I know that availability of laptops / printers / help from adults are all issues that you are facing on a daily basis, especially if you are also working from home.  If it helps, please feel free to alternate the daily learning between English and maths, look at another year groups class page and be as flexible as you need to be, to make this work. Your little ones are learning life skills all the time that they are with you – learning to ride bikes, make cakes, empty the washing machine, address an envelope…. 


Please remember to join in with Miss Carter’s assembly on Monday – see the Home Learning Hub for more details and join in with the home challenge detailed in the school newsletter.


Take care and keep safe,

Mrs Wells 

Home Learning Tasks

Home Learning - 28 04 2020


Please join Miss Carter for the next instalment of her wonderful singing assemblies!

Videos can be found on the Home Learning Hub page.

Weekly Home Tasking Challenge!

If you fancy a fun challenge with your family, why not accept the ‘Home Tasking Challenge?'

This week…

Rip a circle in a piece of paper.

If you rip to the edge of the sheet you are disqualified. 

Most accurate circle wins.

Please email me your entries!


Summer Term Week 2 

Thank you so much for all the home learning, photos, and news that you have shared with us this past week. Year 3 have been amazing – pizza making, bird box making, den building, seed planting, candle making, egg experiments, nature mask making, zoom calls and poo making (not real poo)! Also, we have had the safe arrival of a new baby brother for Braeden (over Easter) and celebrated an 8th birthday (see if you can spot the birthday boy in the photos). Congratulations!


Sentence of the week from Chloe :- ‘Yesterday I did 8km on my bike and it was NOT relaxing!’ – thank you for making me smile. Also thank you to Erin for sharing her song with me. It was lovely for me and Mrs Degia to catch up with some of you on the phone this week. If we didn’t manage to speak to you ourselves, we will endeavour to catch you when we are back in school.


Just to say, parents / carers you deserve a pat on the back for everything that you are doing with the children – they are lucky to have you. If you are facing resistance, are a day or two behind, or your child completely refuses to do their maths or English on a particular day, please do not stress. We are all juggling and adjusting to this new way of working and the children are too. Please also bear in mind that you are welcome to look at other year group class pages if your child is finding the lessons too challenging on the Year 3 page.


A few new additions to the website. Mrs Lochhead has added some resources for any children who are feeling anxious at this time. These can be found on the Leaning Hub page. I have also added a fractions wall with today’s work (thank you for the suggestion), which may help as a visual aid.

Home Learning - 23 04 2020

Home Learning 22 04 2020

Home Learning - 21 04 2020





Welcome back to the Summer Term! I'm hoping that you all had a lovely, relaxing Easter break and that you have been enjoying the wonderful weather. Thank you for all the lovely emails and pictures that you have been sending through - please keep sharing. I will endeavour to upload pictures on a Friday. 


I have attached below a number of files. The 'home learning' document gives you a suggested outline of Monday's learning and details of when I will be available this week to answer any questions via email. I will upload the next days learning every evening, together with any resources. In addition to the maths and English lessons detailed daily, there is also a whole school topic grid for you to choose activities from.


I completely understand that these are difficult times, and home life can be a juggling act. The tasks below are a suggested guide - I have tried to keep the structure and tasks similar to those that we have at school as some children will like the familiarity.


Miss Carter has prepared a singing assembly which can be found on the Home Learning Hub page. There are also a wealth of resources on this page too for you to dip in and out of, if time allows during your busy week. 


Please take care,

Mrs Wells. 


Some fabulous home learning - well done everyone! Happy Easter to all the children and families of Amethyst Class from the Year 3 Team.

Enterprise Week 

The class have been working hard creating items to sell at tomorrow's enterprise sale. We will be selling hand made cards and paperweights/hand painted stones. I have attached a picture of some of the beautiful cards that have already been made. The stones are work in progress this afternoon!


As the sale is between 3 and 3.30, it would be helpful if some children could stay a little longer as shopkeepers and it would be helpful if you could bring change as items will cost £1 or 50p.


We have explained to the children that as this is a whole school sale, it will not be possible for the cards or stones made by them to be bought by their parents and that the sale is a team effort as part of Enterprise Week. 


Please also take the time to explore the other classrooms and what they have on offer.


See you tomorrow!


Enterprise Week Cards

Spellings Homework 6th March 2020

ASHDOWN FOREST 31/01/2020 - another wet day!

Spellings homework 31/1/2020



Happy New Year from the Year 3 team to you all. Firstly, a big 'Thank You' from us all for your Christmas wishes and gifts - they were very much appreciated.  The children have returned this term in good spirits and ready to learn which has been fabulous to see. Our new topic is 'Through the Ages' and we are looking at The Stone Age, this half term. A full topic web and suggested homework grid will be uploaded shortly.



The weekly spelling sent home today are for a quiz next Friday (17th). In addition, I hope that the children are continuing to enjoy Times Tables Rockstars - this seems to be making a huge difference in their times tables knowledge and confidence, so please keep practicing.


if you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me at school pick up or email me.


Kind regards,


Mrs Wells.

Ashdown Forest 11th October 2019 - a very wet day!

Spellings 11th October 2019

Spellings 4/10/2019 (to be tested Thursday this week).

a suggested list of books


Reading Challenge


This week we will start our reading challenge in Amethyst Class. The children have the opportunity to win raffle tickets, to be drawn at half term, with the lucky winner winning a small prize. To earn raffle tickets, the children can complete one of the star challenges (1 a week)  and read to a parent/carer at home at least 4 times a week. A maximum of 2 raffle tickets per week, per child, will be awarded. The star challenges can be found at the back of the reading diaries. Please could you initial and date once each star challenge is completed. The reading diaries will be checked every Friday.



Times Tables 


The class have clearly been practicing their 10 x tables at home - fabulous work!  Some children chose to challenge themselves by trying the division facts quiz also - please see your child's homework book.  Please keep practicing the 10 x tables this week (out of order too), as we are continuing our work on place value for the rest of this week. 


Spellings 27 09 2019

Thank you to those parents who came to the coffee morning yesterday morning. For those who couldn't make it, we talked about what topics will be covered this term (please see the topic grid), optional homework and the transition to Year 3, The topic webs and homework grid are uploaded below.


The spelling homework this week includes a couple of extra words to learn, which are part of the 'Spelling Bee' challenge, but will not be tested next Friday. 


We will start times tables quizzes next Friday and will start with the 10's.


Hope that you all have a restful weekend!





Spellings homework 20/9/2019

Spellings 13/9/2019

                                                                              Image result for amethyst



Welcome back to Amethyst Class!


I hope that you all had a fantastic, relaxing summer break - it has been lovely seeing the children all returning refreshed and ready to learn. I am really pleased to have the opportunity to see how this wonderful class of children are going to develop during year 3. We have spent the first few days easing ourselves back into our usual routines and have created a time capsule which will be exciting to open at the end of the school year. It will be interesting to see how much the children have changed!


Later this week, there will be a letter coming home containing some housekeeping information, a topic web and a home learning grid. In the next few weeks, there will also be a coffee morning where you are welcome to come and discuss any queries that you may have.


In the meantime, please feel fee to email me or ask the office to arrange a meeting face to face if you have any questions. 


Many thanks,

Mrs Wells

Direct email to the Amethyst Class Teacher

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