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Amethyst Class (Year 3)



Monday July 17th

We come to our final week of school! As you can see below, we had a great morning at Lingfield on Thursday last week at the singing picnic. The class sang their pirate songs with real gusto and we learnt lots of fun singing games with the instructors at the picnic. Many many thanks to the parents who helped with this !

This week we will finish off our geology topic with a look at the three main types of rock and how they are formed. We will test soil from our garden. In maths we will explore palindromes and try to solve mathematical puzzles. We will of course be tidying up our room and making sure that all of our belongings go home for the summer.

I would like to say a big "Thank You" to all of you parents who have been so supportive over this year. It is only by working together that we can best support our children in making the very best of their school experiences.

I've really enjoyed teaching the class this year, and I've also been very lucky to have the support of Mrs Wood, Mrs Canham, Mrs Eaton  and Mrs Lochhead. 

Thank you everyone, and have a great summer!

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard 

Monday July 10th

This week we continue our lessons in geology, learning about chalk, the formation of the Downs and  limestone caves. We will learn how coal was formed, and explore how water shapes the world around us.

In maths we will be exploring maps and coordinates and  compass directions. We will revise measurement with a ruler. 

On Thursday we'll attend the singing picnic at Lingfield racecourse. Thank you for offers to help.

Children will need a packed lunch for this day. 

On Thursday afternoon you are all welcome to our official garden opening at 2-45. We hope to see you there. 

Just in case...there is no more swimming this term! However, many  many thanks to Miss Carter who took these sessions , and thank you to all parents who helped.

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

Monday July 3rd

What a busy week that was with rehearsals and then the performance at Chequer Meed! The children were amazing on the day of the production. They rose to the challenge and did so well!

This week is the last week of swimming. Next Thursday we will be going to the Singing Picnic at Lingfield racecourse. Please let the office know if you can help.

In maths this week we will be looking at 'inverse' and missing number problems. Our literacy and science will focus on geology, and we will start to look at the earth, mountains, granite and volcanic rocks. 

best wishes

Mr Pritchard


Monday June 26th

We continue story writing on the theme of robots this week. In maths we are continuing with telling the time using digital and analogue clocks, and we will be learning how to calculate duration.

On Wednesday we will all need a packed lunch as this is the week of our Junior production 'Fee Fie Fo Fum' at Chequer Meed theatre, East Grinstead. The children will spend the whole day at the theatre, with a dress rehearsal in the morning, lunch and then our first performance will be to the infants. We will return in the evening for our big performance to parents and friends. Please, if you have not received information about arrangements for the day and the evening, see the school office.

We will be swimming on Thursday afternoon as usual.

best wishes

Mr. Pritchard

Monday 19th June

In english we continue to use the book 'Frank 'n Stan' to inspire our story writing. In maths we are now having our final look at telling the time, including a look at roman numbers this week. In science we will learn about bees and pollination.

Rehearsals for our production of 'Fee Fie Fo Fum' continue this week, with the actual performances on Wednesday June 28th. This will include an evening performance. Please contact the school office if you have not received the details about this day. 

This Friday June 23rd is and INSET day which means no school for the children.

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

Monday June 12th

This is another busy and exciting week. On Tuesday we have sports day. If you have not received information about this please check with the school office. Junior sports day is in the afternoon. On Wednesday we have our last visit of the year to Ashdown Forest, and on Thursday we have our next swimming session in the afternoon! When we are in the classroom, we will be looking at mass and capacity in maths, and using the story of 'Frank n' Stan ' to develop our reading and writing skills. 

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Monday 5th June

This first week back is ART WEEK . This means that normal lessons are cancelled, and the week will be spent on a range of art projects.

Amethyst class will be exploring weaving, painting, drawing, mask making and clay modelling. Our key themes will be the natural world, particularly the plant world, and we will explore the mysterious story of the ancient Green Man . 

There will be no spelling homework this week. 

Best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Monday May 22nd

In maths this week we continue to explore shape, position and direction, including looking at coordinates and  translations.

Our english work takes us to the final world of Myst, and while we explore the beautiful world of Edanna we will be learning about taking notes, and writing letters and reports. In science we have now reached the world of trees and we'll be trying to identify various native trees of the UK which will link in with our next visit to Ashdown Forest THIS WEDNESDAY.

We will  be swimming on Thursday afternoon, and our 'always green treat ' on Friday is to bring in roller skates, skateboards ,scooters etc. (but not bikes!)

best wishes

Mr Pritchard

Monday May15th

In maths this week we turn again to shapes, angles and lines, drawing lots of complex weaving shapes.

In english lessons we return to the land of Myst, exploring new worlds and polishing our descriptive writing skills. In science we look now at the delicate mosses and ferns and then move on to trees, starting with conifers.

Swimming is as usual on Thursday. 

best wishes

Mr Pritchard

Oops! Many apologies. I thought I'd put this up already.

Wednesday May 10th

We had a great day at the forest! Lovely weather, happy children and we learnt a lot about birds and birdsong. We can all now recognise a stonechat! It was great to see children noticing plants and referring back to our plant study lessons back at school.


Monday May 8th

This week we continue our fractions theme, looking now at equivalent fractions. In literacy as we come to the end of our 'Nim's Island' work the children will be planning and writing their own island adventure story.

Country dancing and recorder playing are moving on apace in preparation for the May fair. We have now started rehearsals for our summer production of 'Fee Fie Fo Fum' which will be performed by the Juniors at Chequer Meed this term. 

Our botany topic moves on and we will be studying the underwater world of algaes and seaweed and then having a look at the shy lichens.

This Wednesday is our next trip to the forest. 

I've noticed that some children are to swimming sessions on Thursday without swimming hats. If they have long hair these are required for lessons. Some children don't have goggles. Quite a few children did not have a coat, and after swimming even in May it can be quite cold when they return to school with damp hair.

Many thanks for all of your support,

best wishes

Mr Pritchard

Tuesday May 2nd

Swimming went really well last week with all of the pupils behaving very well and working extremely hard. Many thanks to Mrs Carter who teaches the lessons and her very able assistant Mrs Higginson. Please, if you can help on even just one of these afternoons, please let the school office know. We do need your help.

In maths this week we return to fractions, looking at halves and quarters to start with and then moving on to more exotic fractions. We will  be learning about equivalent fractions  and also how to find fractions of shapes and amounts. In literacy we continue with 'Nim's Island' , writing informative reports, with a look at volcanoes this week.

Our botany topic continues. Last week we managed to weed one of the flower beds, start moving new soil into containers, plant sunflower seeds and plant strawberries kindly donated to the class. We also planted two rows of potatoes. It's great to be using our new garden, and the children are very  enthusiastic. Please, if you have any plants, tools or seeds you can donate for our garden, bring them in!

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Monday April 24th

We had a great start to the term with pupils refreshes and keen to learn!

This week we continue looking at data handling, moving on to venn and carroll diagrams. In english lessons we continue with Nim's Island, finding out about marine iguanas and whales. We will then look at the technology Nim uses and explore how solar power actually works.

In our botany lessons we look at the dandelion and its life cycle before we move on the the simplest form of plant-the fungi family.

SWIMMING starts THIS Thursday. If for some reason you don't know about this please go to the school office! Children will need their swimming kit on Thursday morning. Lessons will be on Thursday afternoon.

Best wishes

Mr Pritchard

Tuesday April 18th

I hope you have all had a restful Easter holiday!

On this first week back we discover a tropical island that will be our home for the next four weeks-Nim's Island, written by Wendy Orr.This island  will be a starting point for our literacy work. This week we will draw maps, write introductions, make notes and learn all about sea lions. (Please, if you have the film 'Nim's Island' don't watch it or it will spoil our enjoyment in class as we read the book!)

In maths we begin a two week block on data handling. This week we look at bar graphs  and carroll diagrams.

In science we start to look at plants. This is a great time of year  to look at the world of plants, so please encourage your child to get into nature, into the garden and  plant some seeds! Donations of plants for our classroom would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

Monday 27th March

In this busy last week of term we continue with learning about length in maths. In our english lessons we are continuing our exciting journey through the land of Myst and developing our descriptive writing skills on the way. In science we look at the human skeleton, and we will investigate how our bones grow. 

Parent consultations are on Tuesday and Wednesday after school. Our Easter festival is at St. John's church on Friday morning. I look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

Monday March 20th

We had a wonderful day at Ashdown Forest last week! The weather was glorious, and as well as learning all about the history of the forest we had a lovely play by a stream, climbing, balancing, building dams and having great fun. Many tanks to parents who helped on the day.

This week we continue to develop our descriptive writing through our travels in the imaginary land of Myst. Children seem inspired and very enthusiastic. In maths we now move onto to measurement, and this week we will be looking at length. We'll measure in 'traditional' ways with feet and paces, before homing in on how to carefully use a ruler. We'll learn to convert mm,cm,m and km along the way.

In science this week we'll study lions, then look at the training of guide dogs. We will begin to look at animal classification towards the end of the week.

Best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

Monday March 13th

This week we continue with division in maths. We will now be exploring what happens when there is 'something left over..' in other words how to deal with division and remainders. 

In English lessons we move on to a new topic and will visit the wonderful land of Myst. This is a three week topic that will extend our descriptive writing, looking at our use of adjectives, similes and metaphor, as well as working to find ways of describing suspense and surprise.  Our science topic now moves on for a closer look at horses and then bears.

On Wednesday we have our next trip to Ashdown Forest-let's hope the weather smiles on us. 

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

Monday March 6th

Thank you so much for all of your hard work with costumes for World Book Day. The day was a great success, and the children were certainly excited and interested. This week we move on in maths lessons to division and the maths associated with it. In literacy we continue our theme on fables. In science lessons we now move on to study our limbs in more detail, and then look at the Golden Eagle and the elephant.

best wishes

Mr pritchard


Monday 27th February

This week we continue working on multiplication, trying to use more formal methods. We are starting to see how important it is to know our times tables facts! In literacy we continue to read fables and write our own versions. In our animal study we look this week at three very different creatures; the harvest mouse, the red deer and the hedgehog.

Thursday is World Book Day and children can dress up for the day. Mrs Carter has set up many interesting book focussed activities for the day. Go to the World Book Day website for lots of great ideas.

best wishes

Mr. Pritchard

Monday February 20th

Dear parents,

This week we begin our new topic on 'Humans and Animals'. We will spend the next half term learning about or own bodies, in particular our skeleton, and also about the rich and wonderful world of animals. This week we begin with a look at the shapes and structures  of our own bodies, and then we will learn about cuttlefish and snails.

In literacy the animal theme continues and we will learn about fables. 

In maths we return to multiplication, and we will be polishing our skills aiming to use the 'grid method' confidently before moving on to more 'formal' methods.

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard


Monday February 6th

This week is Science Week, when 'normal' school makes way for explorations into the scientific world! On Monday we will learn all about owls, and we will take apart owl pellets and look inside to find out what they've been eating. On Tuesday we will look at teeth and healthy eating. We'll set up an experiment to find out more about how teeth decay, and how to keep them healthy. Later in the week we will explore magnetism and then pneumatics,  and we'll  try to make things move using the amazing power of air! We are very excited about the planetarium visit on Tuesday! On Friday please come and visit the school to see what we've all been up to. The exhibition opens at 2-45.

Best wishes

Mr Pritchard

Monday 30th January

We continue our work with subtraction methods this week, looking at 'missing number' problems, word problems and calculations involving money.

In literacy we are still writing information texts, which will link in this week with our work on steam trains and bicycles. All children can bring in a bicycle on Monday (with helmet please) , and we'll use this as a great opportunity to look at the history of the bicycle. Pupils without a bike could bring in a scooter. 

best wishes 

Mr Pritchard

A very entertaining mix of magic and road safety information on Tuesday afternoon.

Monday January 23rd

After our in depth look at addition we are now moving on to subtraction, aiming to really get confident at the 'column subtraction' method.

Our literacy now moves away from traditional tales, and we are looking at the life of George Stephenson, famous inventor. We will be polishing our skills in non fiction writing as well as hopefully learning about the coming of the railway and the huge impact it had. This will link with our transport topic, where we are now coming to more recent times. 

On Tuesday morning Mrs Eaton will be bringing in one or two of her ponies, and she'll give us a talk on looking after them.

On Tuesday afternoon Years 1, 2 and 3 will take part in  a road safety event in the hall.

This Wednesday is our next visit to Ashdown Forest. Please ensure your child is dressed warmly with thick warm socks and suitable footwear!

Best wishes

Mr Pritchard.

Monday January 16th

This is our final week focussed on addition. Children who've really 'got it' will be honing their skills on a range of practical problems. Those less confident will have more support and practise with me over the week.

In literacy we continue to have a lot of fun 'mucking about' with traditional tales. This week we will focus on the story of Rumpelstiltskin, spinning straw into gold. 

Our history of transport topic moves on, and we will look at horses-how long they've been around, and how they changed the world quite dramatically. We'll submerge ourselves into the horse world, and if we're lucky, Mrs Eaton has said she will bring in a couple of her ponies NEXT WEEK (on Tuesday 24th) so we can have a ride and learn from an expert! We will also be looking at the traditional work of a blacksmith, so if anyone has any iron work (horseshoes?) that can be brought into class it would be very welcome.

Best wishes

Mr Pritchard

Jack and the beanstalk.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday January 9th

The children have all returned to school with enthusiasm, and have engaged really well with our new topics. On Thursday we had great fun making bows and arrows!

This week we buckle down to really make sure we can add using the column method. In literacy we are continuing to hear traditional tales with a twist, and write our own. After learning about the first people who lived around here 100000 years ago we are going to race through time to see why the Romans came to Dormansland, and learn about the importance of iron.

best wishes

Mr. Pritchard

Happy New Year and welcome back to a new term!

Children start this Wednesday, and in numeracy this week and next week we will be focussing on place value and addition, trying to get to confidently using a column method. In literacy we will be reading a wide range of alternative traditional tales, playing around with well known stories and writing our own versions. For the next five weeks we'll be exploring the history of transport around our local area, starting right back in early iron age times and learning about the beginnings of tracks, iron age settlements,Roman roads, horses and blacksmiths, bicycles, steam trains and the coming of the first cars. Children will be asked to bring in bicycles on 30th January if they have one.

Spelling homework will start again on Monday January 9th when children will receive their first list of words to learn for Friday.

Best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

tuareg the hunter (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Dear parents,

Our carol concert is on Friday morning and children can wear Christmas jumpers on this day. Apart from the jumpers, normal school uniform is required. In the afternoon we are having our Christmas party, and as we are using the 'Polar Express' to inspire our learning this week the children thought it would be fun to imitate the book and dress in pyjamas in the afternoon, drink hot chocolate, and watch part of the film. If children bring in clothes for the party can they bring them in their school bag, so they can change into them after lunch. 

Monday December 12th

This week we will use Chris van Allsburg's book 'The Polar Express' as a focus for our maths and literacy activities. We will use the book as a starter for work on; compass directions, measurement, addition, pattern, story writing, descriptive writing, and the use of simile and metaphor.

We will be continuing our look at light and shadow in science and starting our shadow theatres. All of the juniors will be preparing hard for our Carol concert at St. John's church on Friday morning.

The junior Christmas party is on Friday afternoon!

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Monday December 5th

Our maths lessons return to addition, and we will look at ways to sharpen our skills and gain more confidence in strategies. In literacy we continue to look at information writing, and we will use the theme of Ancient Egyptian pastimes to explore the intricacies of paragraphs, introductions, titles and  subtitles.

In science we begin to look at light and shadow, leading on to making window pictures and a shadow theatre. If children have torches they should definitely aim to bring them in this week.

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Monday November 28th

Our trip to Ashdown forest was a great success. Many thanks to the parents who kindly came along on this trip and to everyone who helped with transport. It was lovely to see so many people at our class assembly where I think the childrens' enthusiasm really showed.

This week in maths we are learning about 'data handling' , in other words ways to record information such as pictograms, tally charts and bar graphs.  In literacy we now learn about information writing, focussing on Ancient Egyptian houses, we will learn how to set out and write our own informative texts. In our journet through Ancient Egypt we now vist the pyramids.

Advent is early this year, and this  Friday is Friendship day, when children work in other classes making Christmas decorations and preparing our building for the advent weeks and also for our Christmas Fair which is next Saturday.

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

Monday 21st November.

This week we will continue to explore shape, moving on to look at 3d shapes, angles, faces and vertices. We will investigate nets for shapes and make cubes and pyramids. In literacy we continue our Egyptian theme, but now look at playscripts and try to write our own. We will find out about Egyptian mummies, and continue our large scale paintings. 

On Wednesday  we'll spend another day at the Ashdown Forest. Please ensure your child has suitable warm and waterproof clothing and footwear for a day spent outdoors! School starts and finishes as normal that day.

On Friday we look forward to seeing you at our class assembly at 9-15, and afterwards work will be out in the classroom for you to come and have a look at with your child. We look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes

Mr. pritchard

Monday 12th November

This week we'll be exploring shape-looking at the names and properties of lots of them. We'll look at angles and symmetry and perimeter along the way. Out time lessons went well last week, and children will benefit from support at telling the time at home.

In our Ancient Egyptian topic we are continuing on rehearsals for our 'musical', coming to you soon at our class assembly!

This week we will be writing our own stories set in Ancient Egypt, making use of dialogue if we can. We'll look at how papyrus was made and  learn about scribes, the educated elite of Egyptian society, and we'll look at those strange picture  forms-hieroglyphs. In our art lessons we are now making huge paintings of gods and goddesses, working in teams just as the Ancient tomb painters might have done.

Our class assembly is on Friday 25th November at 9-15, and our next trip to the forest is on Wednesday 23rd November. Start getting out the warm winter clothes for that day, as we'll be outside all day whatever the weather!


best wishes

Mr. Pritchard

Monday November 7th

Thank you for being so supportive at last week's parents consultations. Though I had a bad case of the sneezes, I found it very helpful meeting with you all. As I said at the meetings, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have anything you'd like to discuss.

This week we continue with our Ancient Egyptian theme, writing stories of Isis and Osiris and the wicked Seth. We will be focussing on using ? ! and "  punctuation.  We will learn more about the Egyptian gods , and how they played a huge part in the lives of these fascinating ancient  people.

In maths this week we start to look at time, staring with a look at days, months, years and calendars before getting into the details of telling the time using analogue clocks. (Ones with 'hands'). Support your child at home with this! We'll start with  ...o'clock, then 'half past' and then 'quarter past' and 'quarter to'. By the end of the week I will have just introduced '5 minute chunks', so that we can say things like

'5 to 3' or '25 to 9'.

I've just noticed that our class assembly is on Friday 25th November in the morning, and our next forest trip is on Wednesday 23rd November.

Best wishes,

Mr pritchard.

Monday October 31st

Welcome back! This week's maths is fractions! We'll be looking at halves and quarters, then more complicated fractions. We'll explore fractions of shapes and equivalent fractions too. We now start our Ancient Egypt topic, hearing about creation stories, the gods, The River Nile, and making a start on our musical which we hope you'll come and hear later on this term.

Parent consultations are this week on Wednesday and Thursday after school. I look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes

Mr Pritchard.

Monday October 17th

We look forward to seeing you at our Junior Harvest celebration on Tuesday at 11am at the Baptist church!

This week in maths we look at division, first pictorially, then moving on to written methods. We will start looking at the idea of 'remainders' too.  In literacy our rubbish dump topic continues, and we will look at the processes involved at a recycling centre, discover how plastic is made, and test the strength of paper tissues. 

Our geography topic ends this week with a continuing look at Ireland and hearing folk tales and legends of Saint Patrick.

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard


Monday October 10th

This week in maths we explore multiplication. Starting with arrays, then  tables grids, then looking at 'the grid method', and applying our new skills in practical contexts. In literacy we begin a two week block on 'Tales from the rubbish dump' learning about rubbish, recycling, and associated environmental issues. This week we'll look at how long it takes rubbish to decompose, and at the life cycle of an apple tree. We will also learn about the process by which sheep's wool can be made into mittens.

Our geography topic takes us now to Wales and then Ireland. We will  hear folk tales from these countries and learn about the landscapes and people as we do so.

best wishes,



Many, many thanks to all parents who helped make this trip a real success. Thank you so much for your help and patience in organising transport for the day.

The weather was glorious, and after meeting Lisa, our leader for the day, we set off into the wilds. As well as enjoying the sun and the beautiful landscape, we managed to....

find and identify leaves, play in the sand and learn about eroding sandstone, draw the view, eat Mrs Fraser's delicious plumcake, look at the canopy with mirrors to get an unusual view , hide in the bracken as quiet as mice, hug trees wearing a blindfold, then try to find them again without the blindfold, make clay faces for the trees....

see the photos below for a taste of the day.

best wishes 

Mr Pritchard

Monday October 3rd

This week we begin to look at measuring mass, exploring kilograms and grams, and estimating and weighing. Please do support this at home. Look around the kitchen at weights on packets, get to know what a kilogram feels like in the hand, or bake a cake or a loaf of bread!

In literacy we move away from storytelling to look at our lovely English weather and how we can forecast the weather. We'll explore cloud shapes, traditional weather sayings, the uses of modern technology, and all of this will assist in our learning to write factual reports using things such as title, subtitles, illustrations and paragraphs.

Our tour of the United Kingdom continues in Scotland, where we'll hear more traditional stories, and explore the mystery of Loch Ness. By Thursday we will reach Wales, and find out about the strange dragons who turn up in many welsh legends.

On Wednesday the class will spend the day at Ashdown Forest. If for some reason you have not received information about travel arrangements for this, please let me or the office know.

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Monday September 26th

After our introduction to place value, partitioning and addition, this week in maths we explore the challenges of subtraction problems. In literacy we focus on another part of our story 'The King of Ireland's Son' , learning more about descriptive writing using adjectives and similes. Our tour of the United Kingdom allows us to hear folk tales from England and Scotland. We are doing well in our first recorder lessons, having learnt the notes B, A and G it's amazing how many tunes we can play. 

Monday spelling homework will now stop, and  our new  homework for this term is in the document attached below. Please do ask if you have any questions,

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard


September 19th 2016

We start this week with our village walk on Monday morning. Many thanks to all who are helping on this.

In maths we build up on our place value work and start to look at addition, using partitioning to aid us with tricky problems. In literacy we continue to hear stories from The King of Ireland's Son, and we will start to write our own versions of the stories. We will draw more complex forms to assist in our art and handwriting skills, and in painting we will experience the colour blue in all of its beauty. Having learnt the shape of the British Isles through the story of 'Grandmother Britain' we will begin to look at each country in a little more detail, starting with England. We'll hear about Saint George and the dragon, and the English flag, and we'll begin to look at where the borders of England are.

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

PS Our coffee morning will be this coming Friday at school at 9-15 to 10 am. 

September 12th 2016

Dear parents,

We had a very good start to the year with a busy and enthusiastic three days getting used to new ways of working and new expectations. I'm very pleased with the start we've made. This week on Monday pupils receive their first spelling homework-some words to carefully write and learn. In maths we continue place value, and look at ordering numbers. In literacy we continue to work on a neat joined script, and we look at how nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs can help in our writing.

In our geography topic we look at plan views of our room and our school, and in music we continue learning the basics of our first notes on the recorder. Our poems this week are about the alphabet, vowels and numbers. In art lessons we are looking at running forms using curves which transform into straight lines, and in painting we will explore brush techniques using different  yellows. The children seem to enjoy our ongoing story, The King of Ireland's Son, and they also are hearing of the adventures of Mrs Pepperpot.

A few children have brought in painting shirts or aprons. Could they be brought in before this Friday please?

Best wishes,

Mr .Pritchard

Dear Parents,

With INSET days on Monday5th and Tuesday 6th September,  the children should arrive for their first day in Amethyst class on Wednesday September 7th!

Over the first three days and then the next full week we will be getting used to our new routines and beginning our new learning journey.

In maths, we will focus on number, looking at place value and ordering numbers.

In literacy we begin with the wonderful story of The King of Ireland's Son, which I started telling the class last term. We will focus on the different parts of speech, learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

We will receive our new recorders and start learning how to hold them and produce a sound correctly. We will then  learn our first few notes. Recorders will not come home until the end of the school year!

We will learn how to read and draw plan views of rooms and buildings, which will develop later into map reading and map making.

In art lessons we will start learning some careful shading techniques, using colour pencils to illustrate scenes from a story and we will begin our painting lessons by revelling in the vibrant yellows. Alongside this, we will of course be singing and reciting a range of songs poems each day, getting ourselves tangled in string games and playing lots of imaginative games. All in all I'm looking forward to an exciting start to a new school year! 

Please ensure your child brings in a painting apron or an old shirt or t-shirt for art lessons. PE kits should be at school throughout the week and taken home at weekends. Children do not need to bring any pencil cases, pens or pencils etc, as everything needed is supplied in class.

I will start giving Monday homeworks the week starting September 12th. Children will receive a spelling homework on Mondays, to be returned by the next Friday. They will also receive another homework which  could be maths, literacy or topic based. More information on this will follow soon.

If you would like to discuss any issues about your child with me please do come and see me at the end of the school day or contact the school office to arrange a suitable time.

Best wishes,

Mr Pritchard


Our coffee morning will be at 9-15 to 10 am on Friday 23rd September.

The first class trip to Ashdown Forest will be on Wednesday 5th October.

If anyone is willing to help on our village walk on the afternoon of Monday September 19th between 1-30 and 3pm please let me know.

Details will follow for all these events.


How you can best support your child this year in Amethyst class.

Parents always ask me how they can best support their child at home, and in Amethyst class I think these are some of the most important things to consider, not necessarily in any order;

  • The school day is very long and our children get tired. Let your child play and relax after school.
  • Play that is outdoors and active is far better than in front of a screen. 
  • Play is still so very important for the developing 7 year old. Through play children build up so many important skills.
  • Read with, or to your child as often as you can. Children do build up their reading skills just as well by being read to. Talk about what you are reading, and don't be afraid to go off the point! Talk is such an important skill too!
  • Help your child find a quiet space for homework. Don't let them spend too long on tasks. I would suggest 20 minutes for the spelling homework and 20-30 minutes for the Wednesday homework.
  • There are some great ideas on this webpage from the National Trust . Click on this link to have a look-----
  •         50 things to do before you are 11 and 3 /4.  


best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard


Click on the link below to find resources on Ancient Egypt

Direct email to the Amethyst Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Mr Pritchard, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is two working days.