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Amethyst Class (Year 3)



Dear Parents,

With INSET days on Monday5th and Tuesday 6th September,  the children should arrive for their first day in Amethyst class on Wednesday September 7th!

Over the first three days and then the next full week we will be getting used to our new routines and beginning our new learning journey.

In maths, we will focus on number, looking at place value and ordering numbers.

In literacy we begin with the wonderful story of The King of Ireland's Son, which I started telling the class last term. We will focus on the different parts of speech, learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

We will receive our new recorders and start learning how to hold them and produce a sound correctly. We will then  learn our first few notes. Recorders will not come home until the end of the school year!

We will learn how to read and draw plan views of rooms and buildings, which will develop later into map reading and map making.

In art lessons we will start learning some careful shading techniques, using colour pencils to illustrate scenes from a story and we will begin our painting lessons by revelling in the vibrant yellows. Alongside this, we will of course be singing and reciting a range of songs poems each day, getting ourselves tangled in string games and playing lots of imaginative games. All in all I'm looking forward to an exciting start to a new school year! 

Please ensure your child brings in a painting apron or an old shirt or t-shirt for art lessons. PE kits should be at school throughout the week and taken home at weekends. Children do not need to bring any pencil cases, pens or pencils etc, as everything needed is supplied in class.

I will start giving homework the week starting September 12th. Children will receive a spelling homework on Mondays, to be returned by the next Friday. They will also receive another homework on Wednesdays to return by the next Monday. This second homework could be maths, literacy or topic based. 

If you would like to discuss any issues about your child with me please do come and see me at the end of the school day or contact the school office to arrange a suitable time.

Best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

How you can best support your child this year in Amethyst class.

Parents always ask me how they can best support their child at home, and in Amethyst class I think these are some of the most important things to consider, not necessarily in any order;

  • The school day is very long and our children get tired. Let your child play and relax after school.
  • Play that is outdoors and active is far better than in front of a screen. 
  • Play is still so very important for the developing 7 year old. Through play children build up so many important skills.
  • Read with, or to your child as often as you can. Children do build up their reading skills just as well by being read to. Talk about what you are reading, and don't be afraid to go off the point! Talk is such an important skill too!
  • Help your child find a quiet space for homework. Don't let them spend too long on tasks. I would suggest 20 minutes for the spelling homework and 20-30 minutes for the Wednesday homework.
  • There are some great ideas on this webpage from the National Trust . Click on this link to have a look-----
  •         50 things to do before you are 11 and 3 /4.  


best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

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