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Our Behaviour Expectations at Dormansland

We have the highest of expectations for all of our children, regardless of ability, specific special need or personal circumstance. We work effectively as a school community because we expect everyone to respect difference and to support each other, within the parameters of exceptional learning behaviour.


The children are helped to consider what they think are the behaviours that they should display in order to make the most of every day in school. Staff and Governors also have their Code of Conduct documents, and there is a policy for visitors and volunteer adult helpers in the school foyer, all of which help us to outline the school's expectations of everyone who plays a part in the life of our school.


School rules are kept to a minimum and provide for the safety and well-being of the children and the adults in our community. 

Rather than having a set of rules for the children to remember, we have a single Golden Thread:


Think .... am I making a good choice?


The children understand that there is always a consequence for the choices that they make, and every child endeavours to make a positive choice, which is then rewarded.


We use the principles of Restorative Justice when helping children to reflect on their choices, enabling them to take full responsibility for their behaviour and to consider how best to repair any relationships if and when they fall out with their friends.


We also ask all staff, children and parents to keep to the school's Home-School Agreement, a copy of which can be found below. Our e-safety usage agreement is also listed here, and we hold a signed copy of this for every family, while your children are with us at Dormansland.