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Diamond Class

A quick reminder!


Tomorrow morning I will be teaching Year 5 their SRE lesson. I will be showing the whole class a DVD to start with about general information. Then the boys and girls will be separated and will be shown different videos relating to their gender. They will have the opportunity to ask questions verbally during and after the session, or if they feel more comfortable, I will have an anonymous question box where children can place a written question for me to address at a later stage. I sent out a letter recently regarding this lesson and asked that any parents with concerns, questions or reservations should contact me. If there are any parents who feel they would still like to discuss anything before I do the lesson, I am available tomorrow morning before school.

Having taught this lesson in the past to similar age groups, I anticipate your children may have things they want to discuss after the session with you at home. I would encourage you to take the time to listen and talk to your children about what they have learnt so they feel comfortable and safe with this new information about themselves. Thank you.

The Apprentice...You're Fired!


Over the last week Year 5 have had a slight change to their learning and have been taking part in a set of challenges! I introduced them to ‘The Young Apprentice’ and explained the concept behind it. I then put them in to groups and explained the aims of the week. I wanted to give the children the opportunity to take responsibility for their learning and to develop some key skills such as:

·      Becoming responsible for learning.

·      Recognising cause and effect of actions.

·      Developing team-building skills.

·      Developing respect for adults and peers.

·      Developing techniques and attitudes for problem solving.

·      Developing maturity, confidence and understanding.


The children had to complete a series of tasks in order to market and sell a product. They developed their own research method and analysed results, wrote persuasively and created and performed a presentation to the class. The other task they had was to plan and deliver a maths lesson to the Year 4 class. This involved budgeting to buy resources, taking in to consideration any support or challenge for the children, managing behaviour and assessing their progress.

Over the course of the week, I witnessed an overwhelming change in Diamond class and I am extremely proud and pleased to report that every single child has been completely focussed on their learning, enthusiastic and conscientious about making positive learning choices. The outcomes of the week have been as follows:

·      Conscientiousness.

·      Improved relationships.

·      Resilience and perseverance.

·      Problem solving strategies.

·      Improved organisation.

·      Value for money and awareness of looking after what we have.

·      Confidence in own ability.

·      Speaking and listening skills.

·      Sharing and turn taking.

·      Respect.

·      Appreciation of the real world.

·      Appreciation of adults around them.


Every single child should be extremely proud of themselves and I hope this experience has encouraged them and shown them the skills needed for being a successful learner. Well done Year 5! Photos below!

2 weeks of excitement!

Ashdown Forest

We had some beautiful weather at Ashdown Forest and as a result we were able to spend the day building dens. The children were shown how to safely construct their dens and how to collect and carry their materials. I was extremely impressed by the team work , cooperation, communication and attitudes of all the children whilst building the dens. They really enjoyed themselves and constructed some very elaborate, beautiful and creative dens.


Sackville Taster

We spent the day at Sackville last week experiencing what it would be like to be in secondary school. We met the very friendly and helpful staff and children and were shown around the vast campus. Many of Diamond class were shocked by the size of the school! Year 5 had lots of interesting and thoughtful questions on the day and were extremely keen to take part in the lessons. We enjoyed lessons such as computing, B and V (Beliefs and Values), Art and PE.


Art Week

When Year 5 were not building dens at Ashdown Forest or exploring Sackville, we managed to get some art done for art week! The theme was ‘The Environment’ with a focus on ‘Masks’. Year 5 started the week looking at an artist called Antony Gormley, whose art is placed in the environment. We then moved on to looking at endangered animals and how our actions towards the environment can put these creatures at risk. We then challenged ourselves to push out of our comfort zone and do some clay modelling. We learnt how to cross hatch and attach clay, then used our impressive art skills to make 2 endangered animals. The results were extremely impressive.

We then focussed on masks. Whilst at Ashdown forest, we collected found, natural materials and brought them back to school, where we arranged and attached them to a mask template to make a camouflage mask.


Sports Day

Once again the weather was in our favour which enabled us to have a successful and dry sports day! The children had a fantastic time and showed great enthusiasm and determination. I was particularly impressed with the team, work involved in the 3 legged race!


Charity Market Place

Once again, a fantastic response from Year 5 to the charity market place and lots of money raised through a variety of stalls. Well done to everyone who hosted a stall and I am sure your chosen charities will be delighted to receive your contributions.


Evacuation Speeches

It would be easy to assume that with all the excitement of the last 2 weeks that Year 5 would be exhausted and have nothing left to give! But, this week, we have been empathising with children evacuated during the second world. We learnt that the host families would often pick which evacuee they wanted to take home. So, we put ourselves in the position of that child and wrote persuasive speeches to convince a host family to take us on! I have been amazed and so proud of the effort put in to these speeches and the confidence of those so far who have delivered them to the class. They have been of a very high quality and delivered in a very professional and expressive way. Well done Year 5!



Welcome back!


Welcome back everybody! I hope you all enjoyed the half term.

We are back in to the swing of things as we embark on art week! The whole school has a focus on the environment and masks. Year 5 will be looking at a few artists including Antony Gormley, Paulo Grangeon, Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy. We will be looking at how humans treat the environment and the affect this has on the animals and species around us. Year 5 have been working hard in art lesson perfecting their sketching and painting skills, so this week we are going to be working with a new medium; clay! We will be linking the environment with our focus of masks and creating some environmentally friendly pieces of art work. We look forward to welcoming on Friday afternoon to take a stroll through our gallery!


As we begin our final half term, let me express how pleased I am with some of the progress the children have been making with their learning. However, as always, there is still room for improvement! It is a personal aim of mine to ensure all the children are ready for their transition in to Year 6 and so it is really important that the children ensure full focus and take responsibility for their learning too. There are lots of exciting things happening this term so lets put our all in to it and have a fantastic last half term together!

Kent Life and Chatham Docks Residential Trip


Ahoy! Year 5 are back safe and sound after a very successful and exciting trip! Firstly, the class would like to thank all the adults involved for taking the time to support them and enabling them to have such a fun filled trip.

We started by visiting Kent Life and were shown in to the Lower Wagon Store where we met a member of the RAF, who demonstrated how to navigate and explained the enemy’s plans. She was very strict so we made sure to listen carefully and follow instructions efficiently! We were then sent to the Cellar where we met an ARP (Air Raid Precautions) Warden. He told us all about his job and how to stay safe during an air raid. Next, we got creative and tried our hand at Rag Rug making! We used a tool called a ‘Bodger’ to pull strips of material through hessian to decorate it. With our newly made rag rugs in hand, we made our way to the Chapel where we learnt about food during WW2 and the sorts of products available to civilians. We had the opportunity to step on board a WW2 bus called ‘Molly’, and learnt about the tactics used to thwart and secret spies on the bus! Finally, we enrolled in the Home Guard and learnt how to march and salute in style!

Year 5 were all fully engaged and absorbed by the activities and adults they met. They were polite, listened carefully and asked extremely good questions demonstrating their prior knowledge and keenness to know more. They did themselves and their school proud!

Loaded with tons of new knowledge, Year 5 made their way to Chatham Docks and stepped aboard the HMS Cavalier; their bed for the night! We settled in to our messdecks and familiarised ourselves with the ship. Then, we made our way to dinner where we had a delicious meal and showed fantastic manners. Unfortunately, after dinner the heavens opened and it poured with rain! But did that stop Year 5…NO! We grabbed our coats and met a real sea cadet who gave us a tour of the ship, showing us the different compartments, the messdecks and hammocks (which Megan and Alexia tried out!) and even the clothing the sailors wore (which were a little baggy when Alex tried them on!). Finally, we made our way up to the bridge where we could see the captain’s chair and all the controls. When we returned (albeit slightly soggy!) we flew through a quiz with ease on what we had learnt and impressed Mrs Stokes with additional knowledge from Kent Life.

The following day (after some sleep…but not much!) we took part in 3 activities; trying the foods they had on board the ships including cooking a hard tac biscuit, going in a real Anderson shelter and experiencing an air raid, and finally climbing aboard the HMS Ocelot submarine. As you can see from the photos, some of the foods were not as appetising as we had hoped! The Anderson shelter was a slightly scary experience (especially when the ‘all clear’ siren went off!) but we were brave and challenged ourselves to overcome our fears and stepped back in time to empathise with the civilians during that time. HMS Ocelot was particularly fascinating. We felt privileged to have been on the submarine and now have a better understanding of the conditions these people lived in. We were particularly proud of Mrs Stokes overcoming her fear and joining us in the vessel!

The trip has been absolutely amazing and the children clearly loved every second! They demonstrated good manners, a keen curiosity, respect, good listening and full participation. I could not be more proud of them. It was not only I who noticed this positive behaviour; we have since received a letter from the learning programme coordinator who said “the team said what a delight your pupils were and that they were a real credit to your school”. Well done Diamond Class!

A few pictures so far...

8th May 2017

We have had a busy few weeks in Year 5 starting our topic on World War 2. We have been introduced to important dates and figures during this period and begun to think about what life was like for evacuees as they moved out of London. We have been working on writing a diary entry this week from the perspective of an evacuee, with a particular English focus on our vocabulary and sentence structure.


We have been learning formal methods for multiplication and have this week begun looking at the inverse; division. This is a topic the children have been approaching with resilience and to support them further, please ensure you practise their times tables at home with them.


As our residential trip approaches (next week!) please ensure you child is fully prepared with the correct equipment. Warm clothing should be provided for the children to wear on board the ship during Wednesday evening, and suitable clothing should be provided for their activities on Thursday at the dockyard. The children will be sleeping on bunks and will require a sleeping bag and a pillow case only. Pillows will be provided. Finally, please ensure the medical and consent forms are signed and handed back to the office. One last reminder that electrical devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc…) should be left at home. All staff will be carrying a mobile phone and also a camera. If there are any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


The spellings for this term are on the document below, so you can see what we are learning each week, and the homework sheet has now been handed out (also attached below). Additional home work can be obtained from the classroom on our working walls.





Summer Term Homework

Summer Term Spellings

21st April 2017

Year 5 have had an amazing day working with Adrian on E-safety. The children have worked so hard and are now equipped with a fuller awareness of how to be safe when using different technology. We hope all the parents enjoyed the demonstration of our learning and take the time to have these important conversations with your children.


I met with the members of staff from Oxted School on Thursday who would like to offer their sincere apologies for their absence/lateness. They have offered to come to the school again with the relevant information and I am more than happy to rearrange this. If you would like the opportunity to speak with Oxted School at our venue then please could you let me know and I would be happy to facilitate this. Alternatively, they have also suggested that individual parents could book on to one of their tours where you can visit the school on a normal school day and see the place in action! This can be arranged by contacting the school directly. Finally, I have been given some school prospectus' which I can hand to you should you desire. Again, please come and request one from me.


Finally, please find below spellings for next week and also a document with ideas of how to support your child when learning their spellings and times tables.


Have a lovely weekend!


Date: 24/04/17

This week’s focus: ‘ough’ as ‘or’


Words to learn


The ‘ough’ sound is one of the trickiest spellings in English – it can be used to spell a number of different sounds.


This week, in these words, it sounds like ‘or’.







Think of another of your own to add to our working wall!


Ideas for learning tables and spelling

Summer Term

I hope everybody has enjoyed the Easter break and got some well-deserved rest!

The Spring term was jam packed with trips, events and lots of learning. It has been great to see so many of Diamond class making improvements and steps in their learning.

It was also great to meet so many of you for parents evening and discuss your child’s progress and answer any questions. I hope any discussions we had were of use and should any parents who were unable to attend wish to meet at another time, I would be more than happy to do so, to discuss your child’s progress.


Some of the main points that came from parents evening centred around behaviour for learning and preparing your child for the transition to Year 6.

Over the last term I have encouraged the children to take responsibility for their learning and make positive choices. Moving forward in to the next term, it is essential the children show a desire to learn and ensure they are listening to inputs to ensure a full understanding. When at their tables it is crucial all children focus on their own work and respect the need of others to concentrate.

This positive approach to learning will stand as a good foundation to prepare them for Year 6. This term I will be adding certain levels of challenge for the children to take on and a determined and persistent attitude will be needed in order to move forward in their learning.


May I also take this opportunity to remind all parents that at least 6 pieces of homework should be completed during this next half term. Certificates are obtainable for achieving this. The children should also read everyday and an adult at home should sign the reading diary. I check the reading diaries during guided reading sessions every morning and the children are able to achieve house points when they move through their reading journey. Signing their book and encouraging them to read not only improves their reading and English skills, but also enables them to obtain rewards. The children receive spellings each week on a Monday, which are stuck in their reading diaries, and are tested on a Friday. Please support your child by learning these at home. I will be sending home a pack of ideas for learning spellings and times tables to assist. Finally, please ensure your child is equipped fully for school by ensuring they have the following items:





PE kit (named)

Full school uniform (named)


Finally, with lots of exciting things coming up in the Summer term I hope Year 5 can show they can shine like a diamond!

Finally, here are the spellings for this week:

Date: 17/04/17

This week’s focus: ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’.


Words to learn


The ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ rule applies when to words where the sound spelt by ‘ei’ is ‘i’.



Protein, caffeine, seize.






Think of another of your own to add to our working wall!



wc 20th March 2017


Year 5 have been extremely busy over the last few weeks!

We had our trip to Bough Beech Reservoir on 27th February and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the treatment process in detail. The staff were very friendly and answered all of our questions. We had an interesting tour of each stage of the water treatment process, walked up the side of the reservoir and were able to go underneath through a tunnel and look back up to the valve room. It really helped us with our learning and enabled us to appreciate the water we have available to us.


We also celebrated World Book Day on 2nd March by dressing up as different book characters and taking part in a variety of reading activities to help or learning. Miss Newns and Mrs Holme were no where to be found but strangely two Mary Poppins characters were available to teach the class! We visited Year1 and took some time to read stories to them, as well as developing our own stories after listening to some advice from famous authors.


The annual Charity Market Place was on the 3rd March and coincided with Fairtrade Fortnight. Year 5 worked as a team to organise and run some stalls to raise money for a number of different charities, including Fairtrade. If there are any donations that still need to be submitted to the charity, please do this so the confirmations can be included in the newsletter and on the achievement board.


As we approach the end of the Spring term, there are a few final arrangements and learning to come. Our class assembly is on Friday 24th March and we would love to welcome you to join us. This day is also Comic Relief so prepare yourself for some comedy!

The final two weeks of spellings are attached below for your information.

A new homework sheet will be handed out in the Summer term. Please ensure your child has completed at least 6 pieces of home leaning for this term and handed it in to receive their certificates.

Our next Ashdown Forest trip will be on the 29th March. The centre has requested that all children wear wellington boots on this occasion as they plan to take the children by the streams, and therefore they will need waterproof footwear. Parent volunteers would be most appreciated to transport children and/or attend the trip.

Finally, I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our upcoming parents evening on 28th and 29th March.


Date: 20/03/17

This week’s focus: Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in –fer.


Words to learn


The r is doubled if the –fer is still stressed when the ending is added.

The r is not doubled if the –fer is no longer stressed.






Referee, Preference





Date: 27/03/17

This week’s focus: Use of the hyphen.


Words to learn


Hyphens can be used to join a prefix to a root word, especially if the prefix ends in a vowel letter and the root word also begins with one.





Think of another of your own to add to our working wall!

Wednesday 15th March 2017


Year 5 have been very busy over the last few weeks continuing with their learning on ‘rivers’.


On Monday 27th March we went to Bough Beech Reservoir for a tour around the water treatment works. It was a fascinating experience and the children had lots of interesting questions to ask the staff. We went around each stage of the treatment process, walked up the side of the dam and went in a tunnel under the dam to see the pipes. Below are some photos to show you what we did.


We also had World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March where the children dressed up as a book character for the day. Miss Newns and Mrs Holme took the day off and were replaced by two Mary Poppins characters! There were some imaginative costumes and creative stories written on this day. Year 5 also took some time to visit Year 1 and share a story with them. They were very responsible and all left with big smiles insisting we must visit again! Below are some photos of the paired reading.


Some of Year 5 took on the challenge of running a ‘Charity Market Place Stall’ on Friday 3rd March. This was very successful and the children raised money for some very deserving charities, including Fairtrade as part of our ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’. Please can all children involved in this ensure they write their report for Mrs Tufo (Miss Newns has details if there are any questions) and ensure the money safely reaches the charities that are in need of support.


Finally, below are the next 3 weeks of spellings the children will be learning for your reference. As we draw nearer the end of the Spring term, please ensure homework is completed and handed in, ready for a new home learning sheet in the Summer term. This term I have received some creative, informative (and delicious!) home learning and I look forward to receiving more before the end of term. Please also ensure you child reads every day as this really does support their learning in school.






Ashdown Forest Day 8th February 2017


We have had a fantastic day at the forest exploring the environment and looking for evidence of animals. A lot of the animals had left tracks in the mud, which we followed and recreated. We also tested trees to see if we could find evidence of woodpeckers.

In the afternoon, we went in to the forest again and though about conservation of the forest (which linked very well with our science week theme of Eco!) and how we could help the plants trying to grow. We learned that some of the plants actually hinder the survival of others and so we set about removing the unwanted plants.

We had a great, exciting day and would like to say thank you to the adults for helping to transport the class and for joining us on our outdoor adventure today.


Although normally walking boots and trainers are suitable for the forest, the next time we go the leaders have asked that the children wear wellington boots as they plan to take them alongside the stream and they will need waterproof footwear. Please ensure on the next occasion they are equipped with a set of wellies! Thank you.


Here are some pictures of what we got up to today:


















Spring Term Homework


6th February 2017


Science Week!


Diamond class have a fun packed week ahead of them! We are lucky enough to have lots of science based learning activities to experience this week including a planetarium visit and lots of fun science experiments to try in class.


Also during science week, we have a safer internet day called ‘No Tech From Brek-fast’ which means Dormansland will be reducing their use of technology for the day. This is to raise awareness of internet safety but also links very well to year 5’s theme for science week…ECO!


We will also be having our visit to Ashdown Forest on Wednesday so please ensure your child is appropriately dressed and prepared. Again, this fits nicely as we are thinking about the world we live in and the environment.


The week is slightly different due to science week so the spellings I have given are all words we will be using throughout the week and are as follows:

  • alternative
  • biodegradable
  • conservation
  • environment
  • pollution


The homework for this term is also attached.


Finally, last week I was wowed by year 5’s artistic ability when we took on the challenge of painting in the style of Monet outside our classroom! We learnt that Monet enjoyed painting ‘En Plein Air’ in his beautiful garden, so we made use of the beautiful grounds and took our watercolours outside. Here are some photos of us at work!







Week 23rd January2017

This week we are finishing off our work on fractions and decimals by making links between the two and converting to answer questions.

In English, we have spent time looking at the wind in the Willows story and describing the characters and settings. We will be using this to write our own story of Wind in the Willows including description, cohesion and a mystery object!

The spellings for this week are:

Date: 23/01/17

This week’s focus: ‘-ant’


Words to learn


Use –ant if there is a related word with a /æ/ or /eɪ/ sound in the right position; –ation endings are often a clue.


E.g. observant (observation).














The children had a great time on Tuesday learning the Water Cycle Song. I have put the link below and I am sure the children would love to show you their singing and actions at home!



Welcome back to the Spring Term!


We are now settled in to a new term and the last week and a half has been a great opportunity for me to meet and get to know the children properly. I am really excited and grateful to be working with Year 5 at Dormansland and have felt very welcomed and supported by both the staff and children in my first week and a half. I have previously worked in Year 2, Year 1 and Year 4 over the last 3 and a half years and am very much enjoying working with Diamond class. I have a real passion for art and I hope to inspire Diamond class to be creative and enjoy their learning journey.


In order to fully support your child with their learning, I will endeavour to post some information on this webpage at the beginning of each week to let you know what we will be covering. You can also access the topic web for Year 5 to get an overall impression of their intended learning.


The topic for this term is ‘Rivers’. We have started by completing some initial research in order to create a non-chronological report in Literacy. We have looked at the features and journey of a river, as well as the water cycle and how this links. In Maths, we have looked briefly at capacity and volume, as well as focussing on the place value of decimal numbers.


Moving forward to this week (wc 16/01/17) we will be focussing on the art work of Claude Monet as the subject of his painting links to our theme of rivers. We will be continuing our work in maths and working with fractions and writing a story based in a river setting in literacy.


In order to support your child with their learning, it is crucial that you encourage them to:

  • Read every day for approx. 10 mins to help them move on our reading journey.

  • Complete pieces of homework from the homework grid.

  • Practise their spellings. This week the spellings are as follows:


Date: 16/01/17

This week’s focus: ‘cial’ and ‘tial’


Words to learn


‘cial’ is common after a vowel letter

(a, e, i, o , u).


‘tial’ is common after a consonant letter.


Exceptions: initial, financial, commercial provincial (the spelling of the last 3 are linked to finance, commerce and province).













Finally, one of the expectations and values I have been trying to encourage is positive behaviour for learning. This is something I am working to try and improve by ensuring the class are listening when others are talking and taking a responsible attitude for challenging themselves.

Thank you for your warm welcome and I look forward to a happy and positive two terms with Diamond class.


Miss Newns

Monday 5th December


Thank you to all those of you that came to the school Christmas Fair on Saturday, it seemed to be a great success, with lots of fun had by all.


This week on Wednesday, it is again, our turn to visit the Ashdown Forest.  Please make sure that the office know who your child will be travelling with to and from the forest. Children will need lots of layers to keep them warm, suitable shoes and a packed lunch in a small rucksack. It would be helpful for them to also pack a carrier bag to sit on for lunch as the day will be spent outdoors.


Back in school. we are looking at time for out Maths topic. We will be telling the time using the 12 and 24 hour clock, also solving puzzles relating to time. Please help with this at home were possible looking at clocks and watches, both analogue and digital.


In English, we are studying a piece of narrative poetry called 'The Highwayman'. We are looking at characterisation, also poetic techniques.


Spellings this week is not a new list of words, but children have been asked to revise all of the spelling patterns that we have learnt over the last few weeks. They will be tested on a variety of these words on Friday to see how much they can remember!


Have a great week.


Mrs M Pollard

Monday 21st November


This week in Literacy we will be focusing on instruction writing and explanation texts. We are going to have a go at inventing something new and writing some literature to go with each new product. Who knows, one day they could be real inventions!


In Maths, we will be looking at the relationship between multiplication and division, and towards the end of the week, will be using written methods to divide bigger numbers.


Our Greek topic continues with a more focused look at home and school life for Ancient Greeks. We will also be making some Greek pottery ready to decorate in the coming weeks.


Well done to everyone who has handed in homework, there have been some great pieces so far which we've been sharing with the class. Still a few more weeks to bring things in but try not to leave it all until the last week!


Have a great week,


Mrs M Pollard


Monday 7th November


It was great to see so many if you at parents evening last week and I look forward to meeting with the rest of you on Tuesday. 


The children had a great time at the forest on Wednesday, hopefully they didn't return back to you too wet or muddy! Photos to follow.


This week we will be writing our own Greek myths having read a range if different ones. The opportunity to create their own mythical creatures has sparked most children's imagination! We wills,so have a focus on the use of punctuation when writing these.


In Maths, we will be focusing on multiplication. This will include both mental and written methods, leading on to problem and puzzle solving. Please practice times tables with the children whenever you can! 


Our Art topic for this half term will also link to the Greeks with some Greek pottery being created over the coming weeks.


Hope you have a great week.


Mrs M Pollard

Greek dancing!

Still image for this video

Monday 17th October


This week is a busy week! We will continuing with our work on myths in Literacy, where we will be reading different versions of them and retelling them in different ways.


In Maths, we move onto looking at shape, both 2D and 3D. We will be describing them looking at their different properties and also beginning to use protractors when measuring angles.


We look forward to seeing some of you at our Harvest festival at the Baptist Church on Tuesday at 11am.

Thursday is mufti day for the children and also is the PTA school disco evening, 6-7pm for the juniors.


Have a great week,

Best wishes,


Mrs M Pollard

Monday 10th October


This week we will continue our Greek work in Literacy. The debate about whether Athens or Sparta was best continues and towards the end of the week, we will begin to look at a range of Ancient Greek myths. 


In Maths, we will begin to look at units of measurement and start by carrying out different activities related to length.


Don't forget that school photos are this week, with juniors being photographed on Tuesday.


Have a great week,

Mrs M Pollard

Monday 3rd October


Thank you to all those that attended our coffee morning for Macmillan last Friday, also to those that baked or supplied cakes for the day. We were very lucky with the weather and had a great morning, raising lots of money in the process.


This week in Year 5 we move away from Roald Dahl and start linking our Literacy to our Ancient Greek topic. We begin by researching Athens and Sparta, leading up to some debating about which city we'd prefer to live in and why. We are also starting to learn some traditional Greek dance moves in PE - look out for some video footage which I'll try to put up soon after a bit more practice!


In Maths, we are linking all of our recent work on place value, addition and subtraction, and will be solving some missing number calculations and puzzles.


Our Science work on Light continues with some fun activities planned by Mrs Miller.


Many of the children have started to move around our Reading Journey which is great to see. Please keep up and encourage reading at home as often as possible.


Many thanks and best wishes,


Mrs M Pollard

Monday 26th September


This week will be our last week focusing on Roald Dahl. The children have written some fantastic additional chapters to go in the BFG and we will continue to develop our story writing throughout the week with a grammar focus of punctuation.


In Maths, we will move on to subtraction, looking at both mental and written methods to solve calculations.


Our Greek topic will continue and we will begin some Greek dance in PE!


Have a great week.

Best wishes,


Mrs M Pollard

Monday 19th September


This week we continue with our work on Roald Dahl. We have been looking at the different ways that stories can be opened, and writing in the style of Roald Dahl. We will move on to creating a new character that could appear in the BFG and including this in a new chapter of the story.


In Maths, we will look at addition. We will practice mentally adding in our heads and also look at different strategies to help us work out bigger additions on paper.


We have a small amount of work left to do on the film 'Inside Out' before we will then be entering the world of the Ancient Greeks further.


I look forward to seeing many of you at the coffee morning on Tuesday.


Best wishes,


Mrs M Pollard

Monday 12th September


This week in Diamond class we begin our first English topic which will take us into the world of Roald Dahl. We will be reading extracts from a range of his books, with the BFG as focus for some of our writing. 

In Maths, we will be looking at place value of number to include decimals.

As it is the beginning of a brand new year, and a transition stage for the children, we will spend some time focusing on our feelings and emotions linked to the film 'Inside Out'. Hopefully the year will be full of happy memories and we will look at ways of coping with other feelings that we may encounter.


Best wishes,
Mrs Pollard


Year 5 parents and children, Welcome back to school! 

I hope that ,you all had a wonderful summer holidays and are ready for an exciting term ahead. Our first topic will be the Ancient Greeks and we have lots of fun activities planned around this.


I will try to update this page as often as I can to keep you informed of our learning and any important information that you need to know. A class letter will go home next week with more specific details of the term ahead.


PE will be on a Monday and Thursday this year, so please ensure a fully named PE kit is in school ready for Thursday. It is important that trainers separate to school shoes are included in this, and girls that wear tights must have a pair of socks kept in their PE bag to wear with their trainers.


Please do come and see me, or email, with any queries or questions that you may have. 

I look forward to meeting you all properly in the coming weeks.


Best wishes,

Mrs Pollard

Direct email to the Diamond Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Miss Newns, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is two working days.