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Thank You!

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for my lovely gifts and treats today! I am very grateful and appreciative of the thought.

Have a lovely summer everybody!

Miss Newns



Well, it's the last day of Year 5! I just wanted to say how proud I am of every single child in Diamond Class for the amazing year they have had with me in Year 5.

There have been so many experiences and activities that I hope the children have enjoyed as much as I have and some good memories to look back on. My particular favourites were our trip to Chatham Docks and the Apprentice Week. I think these two events were the moments I was most proud of the children's attitude and enthusiasm to learning as a team.

You have been a lovely class, showing such kindness and friendship to each other and I wish every single one of you the best of luck in Year 6 and a happy, safe and restful summer!


From Miss Newns...and the meerkats! x

The Young Apprentice!

This week, I have transformed in to Lord Alan Sugar! All week, Year 5 will be taking part in my version of The Young Apprentice and carrying out a variety of challenges! It is a really fun week but most of all it encourages a variety of different life skills and teaches the children lots of independence and team work.

The aims of the week are to:

  • Become responsible for learning.
  • Recognise cause and effect of actions.
  • Develop team-building skills.
  • Develop respect for adults and peers.
  • Develop techniques and attitudes for problem solving.
  • Develop maturity, confidence and understanding.


So far the children have come up with a team name and contract, conducted some market research and analysed the results, marketed a product, created and performed a radio advert and they are currently working on their advertisements.


Later in the week, the children will develop, resource and teach a maths lesson to a group of Year 4 children, who will then give feedback on their performance.

Finally, at the end of the week after all their hard work, the points are added up and a prize awarded. However, if the rest of the week is anything like the start of the week, all children will be rewarded as I have been extremely impressed with everyone so far! Well done Year 5!


Friday 24th May 2019


We are very lucky to have been invited to Lingfield for our PE lesson on Friday afternoon this week!

We will be collected by the Lingfield mini bus and driven there and back in time for normal pick up.

Whilst we are there we will be taking part in some athletic activities and making use of their running track, long jump and high jump.


Drama Workshop - Pandora's Box Greek Myth

Year 5 Class Assembly!

Year 5 have their class assembly next Friday 3rd May 2019 at 9:15am.

It will be all about our WW2 topic from last term and our exciting trip to Kent Life and Chatham Docks!

We look forward to seeing you then!


Welcome Back!


Summer term is here and I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and hearing about your Easter breaks!

This term we are exploring 'The Greeks' and we have lots of different opportunities to learn about their history and culture, as well as a visitor, who is coming in to school next week to get us started and wet our appetite for the topic!

The Greeks will feature in most subjects and will form a basis for our learning this term. If you want to explore the topic further at home, I have attached our home learning grid for you and the topic web below.


Just a quick reminder as well, that this week we are at Ashdown Forest on Friday so come prepared!

Summer Topic Web and Home Learning Grid

Kent Life and Chatham Docks


We are back! I don't think there is really much more I can tell you about the trip, as I am hoping your children have come home and been able to tell you all what they enjoyed!

One thing I will say, the whole class did Dormansland very proud. They were extremely well behaved and complimented by the staff at Kent Life for their polite manners and at Chatham Docks for being completely engaged and inquisitive to find out as much as possible. They really took every opportunity to learn everything they could and took full advantage of the experience. I could not be prouder of them for their attitudes and behaviours and it was pleasure to take them on this memorable trip.


Please enjoy the photos below and we will tell you more at our class assembly coming up after Easter.


I hope you all have a lovely and restful Easter break!


Miss Newns

They’ve arrived!

It's nearly time!


It is nearly time for our amazing trip to Kent Life and Chatham Docks! I hope the children are looking forward to it as much as I am! It really is a fantastic experience.

Before we go, I need all completed consent forms and medical forms returned to either myself or the office. If there is anything else you feel I need to know about your child before we head off, please feel free to contact me.

As part of the trip, I will be taking photos of the children to show you all afterwards the fun we had, but also to use for our class assembly. If there are any parents who have not completed an up to date photograph consent form, please may I urge you to collect a form from the office and complete it asap. I am respectful of those who wish for their child to remain out of photos and so if I know this in advance I can bear it in mind when I'm taking them. Thank you.


I have uploaded below the PowerPoint shown at the recent parent meeting and the kit list for your reference.


In other news, over the last few weeks we have had a variety of interesting and exciting events. Mother Tongue Day was a great success and Mrs Canham did a wonderful job of encouraging us all to learn about each others native languages. Year 5 took part in a sponsored pancake flip...well...sponsored tortilla flip! I was amazed at the number of flips some children managed! Most of my pancakes end up on the floor! We had another brilliant time at Ashdown Forest where we were met by an artist who did some printing with us. Finally, World Book Day. What a variety of creative outfits and such a pleasure to see so much desire for reading. Well done Year 5.


When I have all consent forms for photographs, I will be able to put up the permitted photos for these past events.


Many thanks


Miss Newns



Kent Life/Chatham Docks Presentation and Kit List

Reading Stars Challenge



It's Science Week! I am so looking forward to all our planned experiments, and just to make it more exciting...we have a Harry Potter theme!

The children will be transformed in to Hogwarts students this week to take part in some Potions lesson...of course unfortunately...that makes me Professor Snape!

We will be specifically looking at how different substances mix together and the reactions that take place. Following the experiment we will discuss what we observed happening and theorise why it happened using our scientific knowledge. Finally, we will look further in to the scientific process to fully understand the experiment.

At the end of the week, the children will be taking their Level 1 Potions Assessment and if they answer all the questions correctly, they will receive their certificate, signed by none other than Dumbledore himself! (The assessment is a short quiz to see if they can remember how the experiments worked!)


Alongside all this exciting science, we are continuing with our work on fractions and decimals, with a view to move on to percentages after the half term. We are also continuing with our World War 2 topic in English and we have worked with an animation called Beyond the Lines, which is helping us consider different narrative writing techniques.


Just a few other things for the upcoming weeks:

  • As a half term challenge, I have attached a Reading Stars Challenge above! Hopefully it will encourage some reluctant readers to pick up a book over the half term and make reading a bit more exciting! Any child who completes the Reading Stars Challenge will be awarded a house point for every star they complete! All I ask is that an adult signs the star to confirm they have completed it, much like our reading diaries.
  • Please could your child bring in a small plastic bottle for an experiment we are doing on Thursday this week. I have reminded the children but just in case, I do have some spares in school.
  • Parents/carers will be allowed to attend school on Friday this week at 2:45pm to see what your child has done in Science week.
  • There will be a parent meeting on Wednesday 27th February in the hall for the Kent Life and Chatham Docks trip. Thank you so much to everyone for returning their slips. It really is going to be a fantastic and memorable trip!
  • This Friday, it is our half termly green treat for the children who have remained on green this half term. I will notify the children this week if this has been achieved and if so, they will need to bring a game with them on Friday.


Finally, may I say a huge thank you to everyone who helped fundraise for the NSPCC. We made a huge amount and Year 5 had a huge level of participation. If there is any sponsorship still outstanding, please feel free to drop it in to school and it can be passed on to the worthy cause.


Thank you and have a lovely half term!

Miss Newns


Monday 21st January 2018


I hope you have all been working hard at gathering your sponsorship for our NSPCC maths challenge!

The quiz will be tomorrow and I have been generous and given the children a few hints as to what it will entail.

The quiz is formed of 10 multiplication questions and the times tables your child will need to now include 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11.

I read the questions to the children today and we spoke about the patterns in the 11 and 9 times table to help them. If you could have a little practise of them this evening, it would definitely help the children tomorrow.


For the rest of the week we will be continuing our work on fractions in maths, adding them and finding equivalent fractions using different denominators.

In English, we will be continuing watching Carrie's War and will be preparing to write an information text all about evacuation.



Wednesday 16th January 2019

Today, I have sent home some NSPCC sponsorship envelopes with the class. We had a special assembly on Tuesday with a volunteer from the NSPCC, called Emma, who gave the children lots of information on what they do and how they help. As part of her visit, she introduced a fundraising activity for the children to take part in, which raises money for the fantastic services the NSPCC provide. All the children have to do is go home, pull those puppy dog eyes and plead with relatives and friends to sponsor them and get their form filled in! The task the children will undertake for their sponsorship is a short maths quiz of ten questions, which we will conduct in school. This will happen next Tuesday. Once they have their score, they will bring home the rest of their sponsorship pack to collect their money. It is crucial that these envelopes, complete with sponsorship money, are returned to school on Thursday 31st January because that is when Emma from the NSPCC is coming back to collect them.

The children will all receive a badge thanking them for taking part and one class will be awarded a certificate for the biggest participation. As the children might tell you...I am very competitive! I am determined to get this certificate! Not just because it will look good on our class wall, but because it will mean the NSPCC will receive as much of a donation as possible for the wonderful and beneficial work they do.


So please, help Diamond class win and give generously to a good cause!


On a separate note, we are at the forest this week so please may I remind all parents/carers that the children need to come appropriately dressed and equipped for a potentially wet/cold day.


Many thanks


Miss Newns

Topic Web and Spring Home Learning

Happy New Year!



Welcome back to a new and exciting term!

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone for your lovely gifts over Christmas, they were very much appreciated.

Secondly, I would like congratulate Diamond Class on their first term in Year 5 and on their work towards Christmas time. We had lots going on, such as making and planting clay poppies, singing rehearsals, Christmas carol concerts, art week, Friendship Day, parties, assemblies and just add to the load...we decided to throw a Carnival in amongst it all!


The Carnival celebration was a wonderful and colourful way to end what has been an engaging, enlightening and relevant topic. The children performed to an incredible standard and I hope you all enjoyed it.


Moving forward this term, we have a new topic; World War 2! Having taught this topic for the last few years I can safely say it is one of the most well received by the children. They already have so much knowledge and today have bombarded me with tales and facts they already know! I suspect many of you will be ordered to go in to the loft or understairs cupboard to dig out WW2 based artefacts from grandparents etc...I can only apologise for any inconvenience this causes! They are all so keen to share their family experiences.


We will be linking quite a lot of our learning to this topic, particularly in English, as well as engaging on a fantastic trip! (Details to follow soon!)

In English, we will be using WW2 evacuee experiences to create diary entries and write stories. In Maths, we are completing lots of learning on fractions, decimals and percentages. 


I will be uploading a homework grid for the Spring Term soon, as well as information in a topic letter/web about upcoming events and important things to remember.


For now, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas breaks and New Year. I look forward to a positive and successful Spring Term!


Spelling Bee


Due to the looooonnnnnnggggggg list of words that Year 5 have to learn for the Spelling Bee, we have only managed to get through two thirds of the list in school. We have managed to learn up to the word 'sufficient' so when the class completes their Spelling Bee test on Friday this week, we will only be testing them on the words we have learnt. It is of course still important to learn the words as they are part of the Year 5 curriculum, so we will continue to learn them after the Spelling Bee is complete.

The first round will take place in class as a written test of the words we've learnt, then on Monday next week I shall be selecting the few in the class with the highest score. They will then complete a verbal test in the class, before the final on Wednesday, which will be in the hall.


Tomorrow, we have our carnival dace workshop, which we are very excited about!! Thank you for sending in your £2 for this fun and topical opportunity, if you have not yet sent it in, please do so at your earliest convenience.


Finally, Year 5 took part in a mindfulness session yesterday and had some lovely responses to the activity! I think some of us were so relaxed we were close to falling asleep! Here is a picture of us relaxed and mindful!


Wednesday 3rd October 2018


I have been very impressed over the last few weeks at how Year 5 have been learning. They have been working steadily through our book for English: Coming to England. We have written diary entries and empathised with the characters, as well as improving our vocabulary.

In Maths, we have been focusing on place value and I have been impressed with Year 5's number knowledge.


Today however, I was particularly pleased. I panicked at the prospect of handing over a set of steel drums to a class of 10 year olds...but I was pleasantly surprised at the respect they showed for the instruments, the creativity of their compositions and their ability to follow instructions sensibly! Well done Year 5, a fantastic music lesson full of fun (and I have been left with my ear drums in tact!)


Below are a few photos from our Ashdown Forest trip the other week and a few from today's music lesson!

Steel Pan/Drum Music Lesson

13th September 2018


Well, Diamond class have impressed me this week! They have settled down beautifully in to Year 5 and are showing a great enthusiasm for learning!

Next week, Year 5 will be making a start on the Dormansland Spelling Bee! Hopefully you will have received a separate letter about this, but I have attached a copy below for your convenience in case. I have attached the list of Year 5 Spelling Bee words to learn, however, if you feel these are becoming TOO challenging for your child when practising at home, then I have also attached an alternative list of words for them to try instead.

Autumn Home Learning

Parent Letter and Autumn Topic Web

Welcome to Year 5!


I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer holidays and I look forward to hearing about all your exciting news in our first week back!


Just a few bits of information for you ready for the Autumn Term:


Reading Books

Please make sure your child is equipped with a reading book to use in school. We have lots of wonderful books here in our library too. It is expected that your child reads at least 5 times a week for about 10 minutes. This could be to you or to themselves but please make sure it is recorded by somebody in their reading diaries and signed by an adult. For every 5 signed reads your child will receive a house point and move up on our reading journey display!



Year 5 spellings are taken from the National Curriculum and are based around a rule. Each week on a Monday your child will be given a slip with a rule and some spellings to learn. These will be learnt in school but please make sure you practise at home too. Your child will then be tested on these spellings on Friday.



The homework grid will be handed out at the beginning of the term and it is expected that your child complete at least 6 over the course of the term. If they do they are able to achieve certificates. There will also be additional worksheets in the classroom on our Maths and English working walls, which the children are welcome to help themselves to.


Equipment and Uniform

It is important that all your child's belongings are named clearly so we can reduce the amount of lost property. All uniform and PE should be correct and named clearly (preferably permanently too!) It would be extremely helpful if your child came to school equipped with a handwriting pen (not a biro please), pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, glue and whiteboard pen. We do have some of these in school if anyone runs out.



PE sessions will be confirmed ready for the first full week back, but please make sure your child has their full PE kit in school at all times. Occasionally there may be an ad hoc session and it is best if it is in school as much as possible.


Other bits!

A topic letter will be sent out in the first full week back so you know what we will be learning over the term, and our Year 5 and 6 coffee morning will be in the second full week back. Our first Ashdown Forest session is on Friday 21st September and any help with transport would be greatly appreciated. Finally, I have uploaded a document below with some resources and ideas for practising times tables and spellings at home if you need inspiration!


I am very much looking forward to seeing you all back on Thursday 6th September and I am very excited to get to know you all over the year!


Miss Newns

Times Tables and Spellings Ideas

Direct email to the Diamond Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Miss Newns, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is three working days.