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11th October


We have continued with our Place value work this week; ordering a comparing numbers. We also took some time to look at negative numbers and investigated where they could be found and how we can order them on numberlines. Towards the end of the week we looked at number sequences (involving negative numbers) and tried to find missing numbers.


In English this week we have started our new book 'Floodland.' It is a book set in the future, where sea levels have risen and parts of England have been cut off. The book is set in Norfolk and explores a wide range of dilemmas and issues.  To aid our understanding, we took time this week to explore the landscape of Norfolk and discover where it is. 

6/10/19 - Spelling Bee Focus Words













In English this week the class have been rounding off their Roald Dahl projects by writing their own 'Twits' chapter. We had some really imaginative pranks (so be warned!) and some fantastic writing throughout the class. The children have really worked well to use a range of descriptive writing. 


In Maths this week we have been working on numbers up to 1,000,000. We have explored rounding, ordering and partitioning these numbers.


Test you child at home - Give them a number e.g. 1,324,211. How many ways can they partition it? 1,000,000+300,000, + 20,000 + 4,000 + 200+10+1  Can they do it any other ways?  

23/9 - Spelling Bee Focus Words!








Friday, 20th September.


The class have really impressed me over the last two weeks at how well they have settled down to their learning and begun life in Year 5. In Maths at the moment we are having a big focus on place value and recognising the value of digits up to 1,000,000. We have been working on partitioning, rounding and ordering of these numbers. 


In English we have have been studying one of Roald Dahl's most famous books 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' We have been doing lots of descriptive writing and the children have really worked hard to create vivid images of Willy Wonka's Chocolate room. 

Reading stars for children to complete at home. If your child manages to read 4 times a week at home and parents sign their diary, children receive a lottery ticket towards half term draw. If children complete one of these star tasks each week they also receive a lottery ticket.

Welcome to Diamond Class!!

Welcome back. I hope you had an enjoyable summer and are all refreshed for the year ahead.

Please find below a class letter, topic page and homework grid containing some details about the exciting Autumn Term.


I look forward to meeting you all at the upcoming parent coffee morning next week. 

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