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Friday 11th November

What an incredible day on the Forest! We went to Airman's Grave for 11:00 and the children respectfully held the 2 minutes' silence, helped along by a cannon in the distance. We were accompanied by a walking group of adults, a ranger , a man wearing military uniform carrying a wreath and several dogs (including a Jack Russel who didn't quite understand the concept of silence!). After this, the military gentleman came and talked to the children about why the Airman's grave is here and what happened the day the plane crashed. Then one of the members of the walking group came over and explained he was a poet! He had written 2 poems about this location and then performed them for us. I have the print outs of his poems but forgot to ask his name. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the landscape, playing games, marveling over a piece of metal embedded in a river bank (part of a plane possibly?) and seeing how many tiny things we could collect in a matchbox! The children were fabulous as usual. Thank you so much to all the parents who drove that bit further to drop off and pick up. Have a great weekend. Miss Carter

Monday 10th October

This week we are spending the week thinking about 'Our Dazzling, Diverse world' as it is Global/Historical/Spiritual Understanding week. We will begin the week with an RE field trip to the church, to look around and learn about the features of the building, and then to learn about the Christian Practices of Baptism and Communion. 

In our English lessons this week, we'll be using  brilliant picture book based on an Ancient Anglo-Saxon tale. The book raises LOTS of questions about difference, tolerance and attitudes towards difference. I'm hoping it will be the springboard for not only some great writing, but also some fantastic discussion on what is an important topic in today's world. We will also be 'adopting' a country during this special week- and we will be 'going' to Indonesia, a massive country, made of over 1000 islands, in terms of population. It is also a good example of huge cultural diversity within a country. And it's beautiful!

In maths we continue our work on addition and subtraction, with a particular focus on methods for checking answers, such as rounding and using the inverse. 

Home learning will be set on EdShed as usual, alongside the homework on paper due Tuesday and the green homework books.


A busy and interesting week ahead. 

Miss C

Monday 3rd October- this week's spellings

Monday 26th September

Blink and you miss it! Nearly a whole month of Year 5 has gone by!

This week, we will be finishing our place value topic in maths, looking at a final bit of rounding as well as partitioning, comparing and ordering large numbers. Next week- new topic!

In English we'll be carrying on with our now not secret book, The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton. This week, we will write in role as Odysseus before diving into the slightly scary story of the cyclops before moving on to 'A sack of Winds'- and writing a diary entry from on board ship in a storm.

In science, having learnt that light travels in straight lines, we will look further at reflecting light using mirrors and solve some pictorial 'How do they see that?' puzzles. In our topic lesson, having learnt about the City States in Ancient Greece, the children will compare the entirely different states of Athens/Sparta. 

This week, homework is due on Tuesday. The children should also have made a start on some of the homework from their pick and mix grid. I will give out spelling tomorrow as usual. New assignments are now on Edshed.

Have a great week everyone.

Miss C

Fun with rays of light today

Monday 19th September

It has been quite a week in many respects, including of course thinking about our Queen and all she has done for our country. I have had some very reflective conversations with your children over the last week and we all enjoyed the bells sounding out from the church- we counted every single one!


This week is a short one but a busy one as always. In English, we are starting a new book but I can't tell you the title because it is classified information! We will begin by looking at some important grammar- relative clauses- followed by a focus on the characters in the story. In maths we continue with our work on place value, looking in particular at rounding. We will also be doing some art work so that it looks a little less bare around our door. We will also continue with our science topic of light- with that in mind, if you have a spare torch at home please bring it on Friday for our lesson. We have some in school but the more the merrier.


Spellings this week will be given out tomorrow, and in the light of them being a day late, they will be tested next Monday. We are yet to have a 'normal' week spellings-wise, but I live in hope! Please remember that the maths homework given out last week is due tomorrow for marking together. A new homework (probably English this time) will be given out on Wednesday, due the following Tuesday.

Have a great week everyone.

Miss C 

Homework grid with the link to the art tutorial!



It was lovely to see many of you at the coffee morning today. Below are 3 documents that will help you this term. One is the topic web for this term, which gives you an outline of what we are learning. Secondly, a homework sheet which will be give out as a hard copy very soon. Thirdly, a copy of the powerpoint from this morning. Many things are the same as previously but please note the additional guidelines for home learning.

September 2022

Welcome back to another year together-this time as Diamond Class and Year 5. It was so lovely to see the children's smiling faces this morning, alongside shiny shoes, pencil cases, school bags and HEIGHT! So many have grown significantly during the holidays. It is so lovely to be back together again. smiley We had a great giggle this morning when about half of the class lined up in the wrong place after break time. I said that I could see it was even harder than normal for them as they haven't got a new teacher. 


Detailed information about topics, homework and so on will follow. If you are able to , please come to our coffee morning next Thursday 8th at 9am in the hall. If you are unable to attend either in person or virtually, do not panic. We will make the powerpoint for the session available as soon as possible afterwards. It will almost certainly take less than 30 mins.


Below are some day 1 pictures of an activity we did today as a lead in to talking about our class charter (rules). Every person is connected using a strand of wool- connections built using things we had in common. We used it to represent that each of us belongs- when we gradually let go of the string, the 'web' changed totally, just as if one of us is not feeling like they belong, our class identity has changed. I will share the finished charter one we have agreed it.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Carter

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