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Ashdown forest 12/7/17

Super bendy caterpillar- apparently called 'Bob'!

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Summer 2 week 6

We've got a busy week this week, with 2 trip on consecutive days. For our trip tomorrow, in true Emerald style, rain is forecast! Please ensure your child wears long trousers (scratchy grass, thistles, bugs and beastly insects etc) but NOT JEANS, as if these get wet, they are a bit of a nightmare. WATERPROOF COAT ESSENTIAL Just a water bottle will suffice for drinks, as we have access to drinking water at the scout hut. For Wednesday, we are not quite there in terms of lifts, even with the use of staff cars. If you are able to help, please let other parents know. Many thanks, Miss Carter

Samba drumming and rainbow day

Summer 2 wk 4/5


My apologies for not writing for a little while. This can be explained by the number of notes I had to play in the show. Now I am practising the piano less, normal service can be resumed! Below are some photos of recent exploits: Samba drumming in the thunder and rainbow day! A reminder that all violins MUST be in school on Wednesday for violin assessments and that our violin concert will be at 2:30 in the school hall. I hope to see many of you there. They do sound better than you would imagine collectively- no earplugs necessary! Miss C

summer 2 week 2

This week, we return to 'normal' lessons, with Tuesday being Sports Day. In our maths lessons this week, we will continue to work on co-ordinates of shapes, finding missing co-ordinates and spotting  mistakes in sets of co-ordinates, before moving on to 'statistics' (data handling- graphs, tally charts etc.) later in the week. We will be using an amazing animation in our English lessons, set in the rainforest, called 'Ride of Passage.' We will be learning about a writing technique called 'show not tell', as well as learning to tell pronouns from nouns and how to use these effectively in lessons. With Mrs Hare, our science topic about solids, liquids and gases will continue. We will also make a start using the samba drums we have borrowed for this half term. Our 'Incredible nature' topic will continue this week, with a look at food chains. Have a great week. Miss C

P.S. Don't forget it's district sports on Wednesday, so those of you taking part must remember your kit. 

Summer 2 week 1

This week is art week. Our messiest day will be Thursday- an art shirt/extra covering is essential on this day, please. Our theme is the environment, which fits in beautifully with our 'Incredible Nature' topic. Over the last 2 days, we've made a large leaf mural for the wall in the classroom and investigated the world of masks. I'm sorry if the children were a little dirty when they came home today, but their masks are stunning, and the classroom doesn't look too bad now it's been hoovered!! Wire sculptures tomorrow, followed by something exciting to do with trees on Thursday and mask painting on Friday. Action-packed and so far, great fun. Have a great week. Miss Carter

Summer 1 week 5

As you can see from the pictures/videos below, we've been having a great time with the book 'Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf' this week. Today, the children wrote fantastic group poems, which required them to negotiate/cooperate and work well as a team. Some fantastic writing came out of it. In our maths lessons, we have just finished working on symmetry and have moved on to subtraction- we are now 'formalising' the methods we use, which means the children will now be using the method that parents recognise. We have worked hard to put up a great display in our corridor, which you must come and see if you get a chance- with everybody's help, it looks amazing. A special mention to Daniel, who made pompoms for our mouse's body and head within 24 hours of me asking him to do it! This week, our science focus will be classification, particularly invertebrates/vertebrates and categories of minibeasts. Early warning: we re going on a local trip to Lingfield Wildlife reserve on July 11th, including pond dipping and lots of learning about habitats. As it's our last one, I'm happy for as many adults as would like to accompany us to come along. Miss C

Our dances based on poems written in our English lesson today- designed to bring a wolf to life!

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Here's another one!

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Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf- a snapshot of our learning around this book- linked to our 'incredible Nature' topic

Making fantasy creatures inspired by the children in 'Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf'

Summer 1 week 4

This week we begin our 'Incredible Nature' topic through a fantastic book- Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf by David Almond. It's a graphic novel- like a comic but in a book- and so far we are loving it. Today, we discussed whether the characters' actions were correct- they had created their own creatures for their world, because the Gods did not finish the job! They had some quite profound things to say. On Friday, we will be creating our own creatures in the same way as the children in the book- using twigs, stones, dry leaves, pine cones etc- whatever we can find really! I've asked the children to bring anything from home that they would like to add to what we can find in the school grounds. Not too much-one medium bag at the most, really just a few bits and pieces. If they aren't able to bring anything, it's fine- we can scavenge outside! Watch out for our corridor display taking shape this week- featuring a mouse, a bird a snake and a wolf.

In maths this week, we've looked at shape, starting with quadrilaterals, then symmetry of 2d shapes. The vocabulary is quite hard but they've used some of their resilience skills! We are also working hard on the songs and our chorus spoken parts for the school play next month. I believe tickets go on sale on Monday- it's going to be a good one!

Enjoy the sun! Miss C

Summer 1 week 3

I hope you all enjoyed an extra day at home this week. We are working hard in Emerald class once again. This week, we conclude our work on Beowulf in our English lessons, with a focus on giving our opinions and writing book reviews. In maths, we turn our attention to shape work, firstly by classifying triangles and then looking at symmetry. We conclude our work on electricity by investigating how to change the brightness of a bulb in a circuit. We take a look at the Viking way of life as we come towards the end of our Vikings topic and begin a brief look at the key beliefs and practices of Islam in our RE lessons. It may only be 4 days this week, but we are packing a lot in!

Homework sheets and the new topic web are now available. Have a great week. Miss Carter

A little flavour of our campfire singing at Hindleap

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Dear Parents, Your children are wonderful! I hope they have come back full of stories about the fun they had in the forest. It was lovely to watch their confidence grow and see them learning how to work as a team, really helping and supporting each other. They actually slept for longer than any group I've ever taken away and their outstanding behaviour and brilliant attitudes were noticed right from the beginning by the staff and the helpers working with some children with disabilities who were also staying at Hindleap. My favourite comment: "I'm a teacher and I hope my class behave even half this well. You should be very proud." And I am.


Our assembly on Friday will be based on resilience and teamwork and will feature selected highlights from the trip. 9:15 start. I've no idea how long it will last, but I guess about half an hour, with time afterwards to view their books and come and visit the classroom.


Children- sleep tight- we've got an assembly to get ready next week!




I understand many of you have received letters telling you your children is a winner and their writing, with your permission, will be published in the Young Writers book. I have heard some of you had concerns this was not a legitimate competition. Young Writers run many competitions all year round and have been doing so for many years. Teachers I know in other schools this competition before and it has always been worthwhile. It has raised the children's confidence and inspired them to write. The books are rather expensive for what they are, but this is how the competition funds itself, as they don't charge schools to take part. We will get a free copy of the book in school, so you are under no obligation to buy. I have never heard of books not being sent out once paid for and would be able to advise you on who to ask if yours went missing.

I had hoped to write to you before your post arrived, but my early warning email arrived whilst at Hindleap and the internet wasn't good enough to download it.

If you have any further questions about it, please ask.

I can't wait to see the book and watch the children realise they are published authors!

Miss Carter

Day 1: Unbelievable amounts of mud!

Hindleap: We made it!

Summer term 1 week 1London Youth Hindleap Warren logo

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter holiday in the sunshine.

As the new term begins, our thoughts turn (with tigger-like excitement) to our residential trip to Hindleap Warren. Here are a few reminders:

1) Drop off at the centre is between 10:30 and 11:00. The address is Wych Cross, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH185JH. For those of you who have driven to the forest centre for our forest school days, at the final traffic lights turn right instead of the usual left and it's on the right.

2) Medicines can be given to Mrs Bennett.

3) Children are allowed to bring £3 in a named purse or envelope, which should be given to either myself or Mrs Miller on arrival. The money will be kept locked away until it is needed.

4) Children are allowed to bring one packet of sweets, which will again be collected in by the adults and given to them when appropriate and allows them to spend their money in the tuck shop on souvenirs.

5) Warm, old clothes essential. Wellies and a waterproof coat also essential, despite the recent dry weather. No jeans if possible please. Bring more clothes than you think you will need.

6) Bin liners/plastic bags are very useful for muddy clothes. Please bring a few.

7) A torch may be helpful- please bring one if you have one. Also a water bottle and possibly a pencil case.


Any questions please ask. 


Week 6

We have almost made it to the Easter holidays. We've been working hard in Emerald class. In our maths lessons, we've learnt how to carry out written division and how to solve word problems using 'RUCSAC'. We are now tackling money and money problems and investigations. In our English lessons, having worked really hard on our persuasive writing, including writing a letter to the Prime Minister asking her to take action regarding stray cats in London (inspired by Varjak Paw), we are now looking at historical stories. We are reading the Anglo Saxon epic poem, the legend of BEOWULF. We are reading a 20th century version specifically for children and they certainly seem to be enjoying its gruesome nature so far! This story also complements our work on Anglo Saxons and Vikings, which we will continue after the holidays for a few weeks as there is still much to cover. In science, we are revisiting the started-but-not-finished topic of electricity. Last week, we looked at electrical conductors and insulators. There won't be any spellings to learn this week, but we will be working on a very important rule in class and I will be testing them on totally unknown words later in the week. Have a great week and a lovely Easter break! 

Week 3

This half term is flying by! We had a lovely week last week. World Book Day was great fun. Thank you for all the effort you put into the children's costumes- they looked wonderful and really made me laugh! (I think my costume made them laugh too.)  Last week was also a momentous week because, after 8 weeks of reading, we finished Varjak Paw. They voted overwhelmingly in favour of reading the next one- The Outlaw Varjak Paw- so we've started this great book and we're planning to write to SF Said, the author, when we are finished, to beg him for a third book!

This week our Conquerors and Warriors Topic continues with the lesson we should have done last week- Anglo Saxon Kings during Viking times. With Mrs Hare, the children will learn about Viking longboats and begin to think about how different artists represent the sea. They are working towards a large-scale painting of a Viking longboat at sea. We will also continue with our Viking dance, telling the story of the Viking invasion. 

In our English lessons, we draw our work on persuasive writing by writing a letter to ask the Mayor of London or the PM to do something about stray cats in London- Varjak Paw inspired of course! In maths, we finish our work on decimals by looking at the equivalence between fractions and decimals, before dip[ping our toes into the tricky world of division. 

The children are working towards a violin assessment- with a bronze, silver or gold awarfd- in the summer, so I have made some of the music we use available to them so they can practice. The assessment is not a big deal- it's really just in recognition of how hard they have worked during the year.  It's really important their violins are in school every week, therefore.

Have a great week, Miss C

Welcome back after the half term break! Since we've been back at school, my hardworking emeralds have been very busy with their learning. In maths, we've started to learn about the world of DECIMALS. So far, they are doing very well indeed. We started by looking at decimals in the context of money and measures- eg. 2.3 cm = 2cm 3mm. We have learnt about the place value of decimal numbers and learnt to round them to the nearest whole number. We've also begun to learn about equivalent fractions and decimals. This week, we will continue by ordering decimals and learning some more about fractions/decimals, completing decimal sequences and learning how tenths and hundredths are related. 

In English, we've turned our attention towards non-fiction writing- persuasive writing. First we've looked at adverts. The children have learnt about the 'AFOREST' techniques and have learnt a text off by heart before writing their own. WE will then be writing some persuasive letters. 

Our Viking topic began with us beginning to learn a dance focussed on the Viking raid of the monastery at LIndesfarne in the late 700s. We will continue the dance this week by introducing a section depicting the Vikings travelling by boat. They then learnt a little about the not-very-nice tactics used by the Viking raiders and learnt some key facts and dates relating to the Viking invasion of Britain. 

We nearly got blown away doing PE this week, as we contended with storm Doris and we carried on our learning about SCRATCH - a simple coding game. We also spent some time in PSHE thinking about our strengths and the strengths of others and a huge whole-class paper chain is under construction to show what an amazing team we are! 

This week, or Viking topic will continue by looking at the Anglo Saxon kings who ruled various part of England during the Viking period- Alfred the Great and King Athelstan. They will debate who was the best King during this difficult period.

Oh- and it's world book day on Thursday! Children will need their costume, however simple, and a book to bring in that they are willing to share with others. 

Have a great week! Miss C


P.S. I am off to have a look at Hindleap Warren on Wednesday and talk to the staff there, after which time I will be in a better position to hold a parents' meeting about the trip and also to answer any individual queries. Letter to follow soon.


a guide to AFOREST techniques

Ashdown Forest part 3- a huge than you to everyone who helped today. Sorry about the mud!

Science week 2017- The Wonderful (and quite noisy!) World of Sound

Great excitement for our gym lesson this morning!

Week beginning 30th January

Goodness! Where did that month go? This week in Emerald class is jam-packed as always. In our maths lessons, we will continue working on time by learning how to use digital time and the 24 hour clock. We'll use this new knowledge in the context of a variety of timetables. In English, we conclude our work on Varjak Paw ( a book that has totally gripped them- still 90 pages to go!) by writing newspaper articles about the mysterious Vanishings that happen in the story. The children have some great theories about who is to blame! We will also be writing some poems this week, linking back to our work on the BFG, on the theme 'Once Upon a Dream'. With your permission, these will be sent off to a poetry competition. More details to follow. Our work on mountains continues with an art lesson based on the '36 views of Mount Fuji' by Japanese artist, Hokusai. We will also be looking at the impact of tourism on mountainous regions. In Computing, we continue finding out about computer programming using Scratch. Have a great week. Miss C

Week beginning 23rd January

This week in Emerald class, we will continue our Mighty Mountains topic by learning about how mountains are formed. We will carry on reading Varjak Paw, but  in our English lessons, we will focus on newspaper reports, using an animation called 'Lighthouse'. (see link below) We will be using our journalistic skills to then write a newspaper report about Varjak Paw. In maths, we've made great strides forward with fractions, so we will move on to time: telling the time on both digital and analogue clocks, converting between units of time and solving time problems. In our computing lessons, we will continue our work on programming using Scratch. The children love this programme and it's free to download at home, but they are under strict instructions to ask before they download! Mrs Hare will begin some art work with the class this week, looking at how different artists draw/paint mountain scenes and developing the drawing skills to successfully draw a mountain scene. Have a great week!

Practical maths- fractions of numbers using paper pizzas and plastic cubes as the topping.

Week beginning 16th January

Another action-packed week in Emerald is in store! In our maths lessons, we've been working hard on the tricky world of equivalent fractions and this week, we will spend some time looking at adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, before moving on to finding fractions of amounts and problem solving. In our English lessons, the children are completely hooked on 'Varjak Paw' and this week we will use this brilliant text to help us to learn about how and when to start a new paragraph, then practise this skill by writing diaries. Our science learning about electricity will continue with Mrs Hare this week, looking at basic circuits. We will also begin out Computing learning about basic programming, using the program Scratch. We will continue to look at basic shapes in science, trying to link 2 or more together and transferring them to low-level apparatus. Our Mighty Mountains topic continues with a look at the features of mountains- which will link beautifully to our new reading challenge- the goal being to get to the top of the mountain! Just so you are all aware: the reading challenge begins again this term, so I've started them all from 0 again. Let's try and get more people to the top (60 reads this term)- ensuring this is home reading that is recorded, not in-school reading. Have a great week. Miss Carter

Varjak Paw again- class debate, sheltering from a storm in role as Varjak and indoor snowballing (ask your child to explain this one!)


Happy New year to everyone. The children have come back eager to learn, telling stories of wonderful Christmas fun. We've got lots of exciting things in store this term. Our new topic this half term in 'Mighty Mountains', which builds on our 'Journey through Europe' topic. We have started by looking at some wonderful pictures of mountains, asking questions about the topic and locating some mountain ranges in Europe. If you have any photos of family holidays in mountainous regions, pls feel free to send them in or email them to me- these will help to inspire us! 


In our English lessons, we've begun working on a wonderful book called 'Varjak Paw' by S.F. Said. It's about a family of cats and their adventures. The 'tag line' of the book is 'This Cat must learn to fight!' We will be focussing on sentence structure and using suspense techniques in our writing. We will follow this by completing some already-started learning about newspaper reports, linked to Varjak Paw.


  In maths, we will spend the first 3 weeks or so looking at fractions, particularly equivalent fractions and being able to find fractions of numbers. We will follow this with some work on time. Analogue clocks (with hands) are tricky, so any practice you can do at home in preparation for this would be much appreciated. We will then be working on decimals- something which will be new to most of them, so we'll use decimals in the context of measuring to begin with. 


In science, we will be working on electricity this half term. We will be continuing to learn about electricity during science week next month as well. Subjects to be studied include: electrical safety, circuits, investigation skills, conductors and insulators.


I'm looking forward to an exciting few weeks! Homework will follow next week, alongside spellings and times tables as always.

Best wishes, 

Miss Carter

Freeze frames of Varjak Paw's family

Week beginning 12th December

This term seems to have flown by. As we take part in the school festivities, the hard work doesn't stop in Emerald. We will be making our pencil cases this week and would like t invite you to come and help us on Tuesday and possibly also Thursday. We have been learning about area in maths and look forward to giving the topic a Christmas twist this week. We have been working on writing newspaper reports in our English lessons, using nursery rhymes and Christmas songs as inspiration. If you find any clever newspaper headlines or articles, please bring them in. Have a great week! Miss C



Ashdown Forest part 2- what a beautiful day!

 28 Nov

Hello all! This week, we will be bringing our work on the fabulous picture book 'Leon and the Place Between' to a close. The children are currently writing 'another viewpoint' stories from the rabbit's perspective, which lead to me doing rabbit impressions  in class today! 🐰They written some amazing circus ticket-adverts whilst learning the art of editing. They are on display in class so please do pop in- they've done an amazing job! In maths we are tackling multiplication problems before dipping our toes into the tricky world of division. Our Europe topic-continues via some internet-based research and discussions about internet safety and efficient surfing. We also start designing our pencil cases! Miss C 



More violin notices- this time the bow!


The bow is very fragile. Please take great care with it. Try not to drop it and definitely don't use it as a walking stick/brother or sister poking device etc. 


When you want to play, turn the screw (Righty tighty, lefty loose) to tighten the bow just enough to fit your little finger in the gap in the middle of the bow. The bow should still be curved.


If any hairs fall off, don't worry. Pull them off or snip with scissors. 


Rosin your bow thoroughly if the bow needs it. If you don't have rosin, don't worry- once a week is enough, or alternatively you can buy your own- it's not at all expensive. 


Loosen the bow at the end of your practice session by turning the screw.

When you bow, move your lower arm (remember the chocolate button trick- I tried it this evening and I can do it!) and try to bow in a straight line- stay on the road or you will lose your driving licence!


DON'T WORRY IF YOU FIND HOLDING THE BOW TRICKY. IT'S DIFFICULT AND TAKES PRACTICE AND TIME. Your muscles will be getting used to doing something new, so your hand may protest a little. Take a break and come back to it another time. Practise using a pencil as a pretend bow whenever you can. Here's a video that expains how to hold a bow.

This half term has begun at great speed. We have been finishing off our Conquerors and Warriors topic (Romans) by looking at the Celtic Queen Boudicca's rebellion. We've learnt the historical facts and then used the story in our English lessons to write versions of the story from different perspective, such as from a Celtic farmer's point of view or a Roman soldier's point of view. We will finish by considering the question: "What did the Romans do for us?" 


In maths, we've moved from addition/subtraction to multiplication/division, looking first at mental strategies such as arrays and using factors. In science, we've finished working on digestion and are now looking at the science/PSHE topic of healthy eating. 


Next week, we will begin the 'Journey to Europe' mini topic by comparing different maps of the Roman empire to a modern European map.

From this week, we will have both our tables test and spelling test on a Monday. 

Miss Carter

Making corn dollies to celebrate harvest.

Friday 21st October

We had a wonderful day today at Lullingstone-photos below. The children enjoyed looking at real Roman artefacts, meeting Towse, the education session teacher, and learning what the villa would have looked like and what would have happened there in Roman times. Their behaviour and attitude were excellent, especially considering it was the last day of the half term. Speaking of which, I wish you all a fantastic week in the autumn sunshine (hopefully....) and look forward to seeing you after the holidays. We will continue with our Roman topic for a couple of weeks, before comparing a Roman Empire map with a map of modern Europe. This will be followed with a topic entitled 'Journey to Europe', with a Geographical focus. Sadly no school trips to warmer countries! Have a great week! Miss C

Making Dream Jars 20/10/16 We hope these are phizzwizards and not trogglehumpers!


We had a wonderful day in the forest today. (see photos below) We spent some time exploring and lots of time telling stories, listening to stories and creating poems, as well as making clay/stick puppets. The children's ideas for poetry were written down and are now on display in the education barn at the centre! The children were a real pleasure to take out and we all coped with the rain in the morning remarkably well. A Huge thank you to the Emerald army of parents who helped with driving, organising lifts and during the day. We couldn't have done it without you, so thank you for all you did. Back to normal tomorrow, with some great ideas for story writing! Miss Carter

Practical subtraction!

Monday 10th October

Our 6th week together-wow! This week, we will be visiting the Ashdown Forest, which will be really exciting. Please return your form if you haven't already done so. In maths this week, we will be working on column subtraction, using exchanges of tens for units and hundreds for tens. We'll be doing this practically at first, before moving on to written methods. In English, we'll be working on information writing, using the Giants in the BFG for inspiration. We will also be learning about Roman housing, particularly country villas, in preparation for our Lullingstone visit next week. We are also starting to learn how to use the drawing tools on Microsoft word/Powerpoint, and will be making our own animations. Exciting times ahead!

Miss Carter

Extra Violin Notices:

1) As the weather gets colder, please remember that violins do not like extreme changes in temperature. It can cause them to crack. To help prevent this, please don't keep a violin next to a heater at home. Please avoid leaving them in cars for long periods of time, especially in cold weather.

2) As we are at the Ashdown Forest this week, we won't have our usual violin lesson this week. Bring your violins in from next Monday, 17th October.

3) Shoulder rests- if you have a proper shoulder rest, please look after it, especially taking care not to lose the screws. They are expensive to replace. If you don't have one, I have now bought lots of sponges, and am happy to provide this for your child. If any of you have postmen who drop elastic bands on your driveways, these bands are perfect for using with sponge shoulder rests, so please send them in.

Miss C


I've been impressed by the enthusiasm of the children and the number of them who've taken instruments home to practise.




Mrs Leighton, the children's violin teacher, gave the following instructions this week:

1) The bow is very fragile. Please only tighten it a little by turning the silver end and slacken it again when finished. We haven't learnt to use the bow yet, so if in doubt, leave it for now. Many of the bows won't work properly as they need rosin on them, which we will sort out when they start to use them.

2) Under no circumstances touch the pegs or adjustors. If the violin goes out of tune, bring it in to school and we will sort it out.

3) If anything breaks, tell us straight away, as we can fix many problems. If we can't, we will tell you where/how to get it fixed.

4) The violin is only to be played by the year 4 child who is using it. No siblings please.


Have fun!

How does food get from the mouth to the stomach? By chewing, having saliva added, swallowing and PERISTALSIS! We copied this with mashed potato and peas, some water, a funnel and some sausage skin.


We've had an action packed week in Emerald class. We've been using the BFG to learn about using speech accurately and how to make the 'said phrase' more interesting. In maths, we've been looking at ensuring the children's knowledge of place value is secure when adding using the expanded method, as well as looking at mental strategies for adding several small numbers.  The children are all really enjoying their science lessons with Mrs Miller, where they are learning about the sometimes disgusting topic of digestion. We also had our first violin lesson. They listened really well and were very enthusiastic. Violin letters will come home next week, so that the children can take them home to practice as soon as possible. Next week, we'll be writing dreams for the BFG to catch, using compact addition and solving word problems. This afternoon, we learnt about why the Roman army was so successful. (See photos below). We will continue our Roman topic next week, looking at the life of a Roman soldier. 

Roman army formations- the Repel Cavalry, the Testudo (tortoise), the Wedge and the Orb.

Emerald Class' first violin lesson 21.9.16

Week Beginning September 19th

We have had a lovely first 2 weeks back at school. The children are really enjoying our BFG-focus in our English lessons and wrote some wonderful stories based on an animation called 'The Dream Giver', which is similar in many ways to the BFG. Last week we worked on our descriptive writing. This week we will turn our focus to the accurate use of speech and look at some way to make our use of speech a bit more interesting. 

In our maths lessons, the focus has been place value in 4 and 5 digit numbers, with lots of use of practical apparatus. We've also been ordering some numbers and have realised that the skills are similar to those required for alphabetical order. This week, we will look at addition, with a focus on mental strategies. 

Last week, we spent our topic time looking at Emotions, linked to the film 'Inside Out'. We will begin our Conquerors and Warriors topic this week, looking  at what made the Roman Army so successful. We also start our violin lessons this week! Miss Carter

Roald Dahl day 13/9/16

Dear Year 4 children and parents,

Welcome to the year 4 webpage. I hope you all had a fantastic Summer and are looking forward to the new school year. I will do my best to keep this page updated regularly. Please come and visit our page to see what we've been learning in class and also for any information you need to know relating to the class. There is a link at the bottom of the page should you wish to email me about anything. A letter will follow soon with all the important information you need to know about the term, including topics and homework. Here are some edited highlights: We will be studying the BFG in our English lessons, as well as celebrating what would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday on September 13th. As a musician myself, I'm really looking forward to our violin lessons, which start in a couple of weeks. Several children have asked me about reading books to take home. I will be doing some reading assessments with the children next week, after which time I will be able to assist them to choose a book that is at the right level for them. If you would like your child to have a new book BEFORE Monday 19th September, please let me know. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or come and see me if the need arises. Miss Carter


Direct email to the Emerald Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Miss Carter, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is two working days.