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Re-creating animal skeletons in a science lesson on vertebrates and invertebrates

Making our creatures to 'fill the empty spaces in the world', based on the book 'Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf' by David Almond

Ashdown Forest day 5- Winnee the Pooh day!

May 2nd

We've already had an action-packed week in Emerald Class. We've welcomed Mrs Wells and enjoyed her lessons. We've been working on Beowulf in English and , although we still need to finish the story, today we've finished our unit of work based on the story. In maths, we've been working on classifying shapes (mostly triangles), learning about angles and learning about symmetry in shapes. We've been learning about solids, liquids and gases in science  with Mr Pritchard. This afternoon, we started putting together our class assembly- reminder: this is next Friday, 11th May at 9:00. 

This week we also have French day (exciting) and our Forest School day. You should already have been notified that we are starting and finishing from a different place in the forest- Gill's Lap, in order to do a Winnee the Pooh themed day. (Miss Carter is vvvvv excityed about this!) Please remember that although sun is forecast, it will be very wet underfoot, so appropriate footwear is advised, perhaps alongside suncream! 

Miss Carter

Sat 21st April

Writing this from the tranquility of my garden, fully expecting to have to jump up and organise my lovely Emeralds, then remembering we’re done. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I did not make this clear to you yesterday, the children were totally amazing whilst away. They more or less went to sleep when they were told, even on the first night, they helped and encouraged each other, were polite, listened well and turned up to activities wearing the correct clothes and footwear. We had a few behavioural wobbles on the second afternoon on because they were tired but these were very quickly sorted out. We were military about hats, suncream and water, so hopefully there will be no ill effects from the sun. I’m sure they were tired last night, but also full of the fun they’ve had. I really feel they achieved a lot personally and I have some fantastic. Moments to encourage them with when they find an aspect of learning more of a challenge. I have just washed my swamp clothes these and they still look dreadful- hopefully your washing machines will survive!! A final note- there was a modern day miracle yesterday - only a few socks of lost property, which we disposed of. If your child is missing anything, someone else will have it. Please ask if you need me to help locate it. I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. Miss Carter 

Day Three: Waiting for their breakfast on the morning of their final day

End of Day Two: Exhausted but happy around the camp fire

I know I mentioned the sun, but did I mention the mud?!!

Day Two: Ready for more Sunshine and Activities!

Day One of our Hindleap Fun in the Sun!

Week beginning 16th April


Apologies for the late entry for the start of this term. I'm without a laptop at home, because I stupidly sat on mine!


Anyway, HINDLEAP is finally here. The children are very excited, as they should be. We spent some time today thinking about ground rules/non negotiables in our groups and rooms so that everyone has a good time. We could not have asked for better weather this week. We still need clothes for all weather conditions and wellies are an absolute must please. Remember, labelled sweets and purses with £3.50 in must be handed in to me tomorrow morning. (revised amount due to a change in coasts at the  Hindleap shop).Any medicine to be given to Mrs Bennett on arrival.See you all by 11:00 tomorrow. Miss Carter

March 27th

After 2 1/2 months of fantastic time listening to Varjak Paw, yesterday we finally finished this truly brilliant book. There was great excitement and some disappointment that we had finished. It's been quite a journey, and I think the characters have almost become part of us. All is not lost- we are now reading the sequel: The Outlaw Varjak Paw. Today we used our Computing skills to make a Powerpoint slide to review the book. Here are some examples:

March 9th

Today was Ashdown Forest day 4. We made birds from fabric and hay, in preparation for an art exhibition connected with the Elderflower Festival. The children did brilliantly, using their sewing skills acquired during the pencil case project. Alfie and Josh also did some willow sculptures. We also went for a walk in the forest, learning all about birds and doing some bird watching. The children were AMAZING throughout. They worked calmly, helped each other, didn't get frustrated when sewing and the ladies running the art project said they were their 'favourite class ever!'  High praise indeed. 


You should have received some sort of message from school by now inviting you to a meeting about Hindleap on 20th March at 9am. Attendance is not essential, but would be helpful. If you can't make it, let me know and I can fill you in on the information you need. We will also distribute some documents to help with packing etc


Have a lovely weekend. Miss C


Morning all! So, a snow day! I can't believe it will be March 1st tomorrow! I hope there is more snow now in Dormansland than when I left yesterday. Total whiteout here in Sevenoaks! For those children who were asking yesterday, Luna does NOT like the snow and yes, she does become invisible in it. She managed about 30 seconds outside before running indoors and sitting by the fire.


Today, the most important thing to do is to have FUN in the snow. We get so little of it in the South East, so make the most of it.


In a minute, I will attach some activities for you to do if you'd like to, but these are entirely optional.  Yesterday, those of you who made it in wrote poems about the snow. Feel free to have another go, try a different style, or pick a different snow-related topic to write about. Please bring anything you do into school for me to look at and reward you.


Hopefully, see you tomorrow. If we don't have school tomorrow, don't panic about World Book Day. It will happen, but next week some time!


Enjoy your day! Miss Carter

page 2 and page 5 onwards are most relevant for us

Week beginning Monday 5/2/18

This week is science week. We are focusing on renewable energy, to link with both our science topic of electricity and our science week theme of planet Earth. We will be looking at renewable energy in general on Monday, then each day focusing on a different type of renewable energy- wind, solar and water. There will be lots of practical exploration. Thank you for all you have sent in so far- I now have enough of everything except pizza boxes. See below for pictures of our first 2 days of fun!

Science week day 3- the pelamis wave machine and an introduction to solar energy

Week beginning Jan 29th

This week, we (sadly) move away from Varjak Paw in our English lessons, moving back to newspaper articles to write an even better article based on an animation. In maths, after one more lesson on finding fractions of numbers, we turn to adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator and begin the thorny topic of time. Any practice you can do at home re. basic time telling on a clock with hands would be appreciated, especially minutes to the hour. We will be moving on to the 24 hour clock very soon. On Friday, we will finally have a lesson with a specialist rugby teacher. We will FINALLY get to write some games using scratch in computing this week. We will also have a go at writing some 'scary' music using Night on a Bare Mountain as inspiration. With mountains in mind, we will look at World mountains and begin planning our 3d map sculpture project (1st week back after half term). Your child should have brought home a letter today about science week next week. Busy times as ever! Miss Carter

Wednesday 24th Jan

We've been talking today about how to make learning spellings and tables more fun. We made times tables chatterboxes during maths today which the children should bring home. I will make blank copies available each week if the children would like them. For spellings, several members of Emerald class are using the squeebles spelling app. (link below) Not free but £2.99 well spent! 


Another child recommended the maths bingo app for times tables, which as far as I can tell is free. Also, an American site- ABCya! 


Good luck. Spelling and tables tests are on Friday.


week beginning 22nd January

This week is exciting because we go to the forest on Friday! Currently this is the only non-rainy day this week, but things may change so make sure kit is ready in good time.


We are continuing working on Varjak Paw in our English lessons, looking at how to organise our writing into paragraphs.In maths, we continue looking at formal methods for division before moving on to finding fractions of numbers and linking this to division. In science, we continue looking at the topic of sound, with a focus on changing the pitch of notes on stringed instruments, woodwind instruments and percussion instruments. We will also continue working on our pencil cases on Thursday and all being well, we'll get the 'big' apparatus out for gym on Wednesday. 


Have a great week. 

Miss Carter

Monday 15th January

This week we continue with our Mighty Mountains topic by looking at mountain ranges of the world. In English, we will continue working on Varjak Paw, using a range of drama strategies to engage with the book, whilst also beginning to learn about paragraphs. In maths, we continue working on equivalent fractions and then move on to short division, including the 'bus stop' method. In ICT, we build on last term's work using Scratch and begin to make our own games. In PE, we will be continuing to work on our sequences, with a focus on different types of jumps. On Friday afternoons we now have PE (lucky us!) with a visiting teacher. The focus will be tag rugby and the children will therefore be on the field each week. Trainers are probably best and an extra plastic bag to store them in when muddy wold be really helpful. As always, an action-packed week! I will also be sending out this term's homework sheet this week, with a range of learning activities to try out at home. Please send things in as and when you complete them. Good Luck! Miss Carter

Friday 5th January


Happy New Year everyone! I trust you've all had a good rest over the holidays and are full of energy, ready for the new term. We have lots of exciting learning ahead this term. This half term, our topic is Mighty Mountains. The children will notice a mountain has appeared around our classroom door. What it now needs is some mountaineers- we will fix this once the children are back! We will look at maps to find out how mountains are marked on a map and where they are located. The children will learn some terminology related to mountains and consider what it is like to live there. We will start by building our own mountains out of paper mache. To enable this to happen, I need your help. We need a lot of newspaper. Please bring it in from Monday. 


In our maths lessons, we will begin work on the thorny subject of fractions. Firstly, recognising them before moving on to equivalent fractions. In English, we begin looking at the truly brilliant book, Varjak PPaw by SF Said. In our science lessons, we will begin my absolute favourite science topic- sound.


It's going to be a fabulous half term. See you all on Monday! Please remember to bring in your PE kit as soon as possible (first PE lesson Wednesday). Miss Carter

Wednesday 13th December

It was lovely to see so many of you at our violin concert this afternoon. I was immensely proud of the quality of their performance. It was awesome to see them concentrating so hard and really enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, I am unable to upload the videos to the class website, but if you would like any of the videos we took today (thank you Mrs Pollard for being a last-minute video slave!), then please send me a blank disk/memory stick, and I'll copy them for you. We are all crawling to the end of term now, but we have lots of fun activities planned for the rest of term (an a bit of hard work too), which should keep us all awake! We are reading an amazing book at the moment: A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig. He has written other books too....


Below is a link to a youtube video we've been using for our morning exercises. 



Using Reader's theatre from the text 'Leon and the Place Between'. We've really enjoyed this book!

17/11/17 A gloriously sunny day for our second forest visit of the year.

November 6th

Welcome back after the half term break! Last week, we finished our learning about the Romans by looking at the story of Boudicca. The children have almost finished writing their stories in role as either B herself, one of her tribesmen, the Roman Governor, a Roman soldier or a Roman slave. We are ready to begin our new topic: Journey through Europe. We will start by looking at different maps of Europe (Political and physical), before focusing in on Italy (to link with our Roman topic). In our English lessons this week, we will begin a unit based on the text 'Leon and the Place Between'- a very visual text, it will, I'm sure, inspire some magnificent writing. In our maths lessons, having mastered column addition last term, we turn our attention to written subtraction, first using dienes, then using the expanded method, then the compact method. We will also continue our science learning about digestion this week, looking at the 'delightful' topic of what happens in the stomach. 

We will also begin some learning in IT using a basic coding programme called scratch. In our outdoorPE lesson, we started learning to play lacrosse last week, with a focus on holding the stick correctly and good throwing technique. This week we turn our attention to the trickier skill of catching the ball. A busy but exciting week ahead. Miss C

Dear Year 4 children and parents,

Welcome to the year 4 webpage. I hope you all had a fantastic Summer and are looking forward to the new school year. I will do my best to keep this page updated regularly. Please come and visit our page to see what we've been learning in class and also for any information you need to know relating to the class. There is a link at the bottom of the page should you wish to email me about anything. A letter will follow soon with all the important information you need to know about the term. Here are some edited highlights: We will be studying the BFG in our English lessons, as well as celebrating what would have been Roald Dahl's 101st birthday on September 13th. Our topic this half term is: Conquerors and Warriors- part 1 : the Romans (part 2 will follow later in the year, with a focus on the Vikings). Reading books will be sent home as soon as possible, alongside home/school diaries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or come and see me if the need arises. Miss Carter

Aut 1 wk 7

The final week of our first half term together! Last week was lots of fun, as you can see from the pictures below. I was particularly proud of their bread- making and the way they worked together to produce something brilliant! They also managed to hold it together for our bizarre science lessons on digestion on Friday. This week, we continue working on information texts in our English lessons.We have our harvest celebration on Tuesday (tins and packets of non-perishable foods to be sent in please). In maths, we will finish our work on addition by looking at problem solving, then move on to finding the perimeter of 2d shapes. In our topic lessons, we will look at Roman housing, particularly Roman villas in preparation for our trip on Friday. I have enough people for the trip, but any more would be very welcome. Please just let me know. Friday is wear it pink day (for charity). The children are allowed to wear their pink for our trip. Red can be worn as an alternative. The 2 essentials for the trip are a coat (it can be very cold in the villa and we have to eat lunch outside) and a packed lunch. Any questions, pls ask me. Have a great week. Miss C

fun, fitness, food week- learning about digestion by making our own PH paper and simulating peristalsis

Food, fitness, fun week- operation bread making!

fitness, food, fun week- smoothie bike

Ashdown Forest day 1- Friday 6th October

Week beginning 2/10/17


This week sees our first Forest trip of the year, and so far te weather forecast looks good (famous last words). On Friday, please ensure they have appropriate clothing and footwear with them, including a change of socks if possible. Also plenty to drink. I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's forest curriculum brings. 


Please remember that our violin lessons are on Wednesday, so violins must be in school on Wednesday. In maths this week, we start looking at addition and in English, we focus on information writing, still with a BFG focus. We are using a book called 'The Gloriumptious worlds of Roald Dahl' , published last year. It's written like a scrapbook of all he achieved. Lots of them have mentioned asking for it for christmas.....

Have a great week, Miss Carter

Image result for violin cartoon

Mrs Madden, the children's violin teacher, gave the following instructions this week:

1) The bow is very fragile. Please only tighten it a little by turning the silver end and slacken it again when finished. It takes time to learn how to hold the bow properly. See below this message for a helpful video link. Don't worry if you find it tricky.

2) Under no circumstances touch the pegs or adjustors. If the violin goes out of tune, bring it in to school and we will sort it out.

3) If anything breaks, tell us straight away, as we can fix many problems. If we can't, we will tell you where/how to get it fixed.

4) The violin is only to be played by the year 4 child who is using it. No siblings please.

Extra Violin Notices:

1) As the weather gets colder, please remember that violins do not like extreme changes in temperature. It can cause them to crack. To help prevent this, please don't keep a violin next to a heater at home. Please avoid leaving them in cars for long periods of time, especially in cold weather.


2)  Shoulder rests- if you have a proper shoulder rest, please look after it, especially taking care not to lose the screws. They are expensive to replace. If you don't have one, I have now bought lots of sponges, and am happy to provide this for your child. If any of you have postmen who drop elastic bands on your driveways, these bands are perfect for using with sponge shoulder rests, so please send them in.

Miss C


I've been impressed by the enthusiasm of the children and the number of them who've taken instruments home to practise.




Violin lesson number 1- my favourite moment: the children holding their violins out, saying:" Look at my beautiful violin!"

Friday 15th September

What a busy first full week we've had in Emerald class! The children have worked really hard. I was particularly impressed with them on Friday, when they were so determined to write well that you could have heard a pin drop in the classroom as they all beavered away. 


In maths, I will be testing them on their times tables every Friday. They will be able to tell you which times table they need to learn. (If they can't please ask me) On Monday I will show them one tried and tested method for learning them. They did well in their first spelling test, which will happen every Friday. 


Next week in maths, we continue our work on number and place value, ordering numbers and rounding to the nearest ten, hundred or thousand. We will also begin to look at negative numbers.


In our topic work, we will produce our final bean mosaic designs as well as learning about what life was like in the Roman army. We will also be designing our (aarrggghhh it's September) Christmas cards for you to but via the PTA later in the term. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Miss Carter

'Mosaics'- inspired by the Romans, using dried beans etc.

Roman army formations Tuesday 12th September

Day 1 in year 4- The Toilet Roll lesson- How long ago did the Romans come to Britain? 1 sheet of toilet paper for every 10 years!

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