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Monday October 21st

In this last week before half term we will continue and finish our work on houses around the world. We will learn about log cabins, Venetian palaces, French chateaus and half timbered houses such as you can see in East Grinstead. Along the way we will continue to develop our explanatory skills. 

In maths we finish our work on ordering and rounding larger numbers and attempt a range of problems using them. Our weaving projects continue, with children gaining real confidence in this detailed work. 

Parent consultations are on Wednesday and Thursday after school and our Junior harvest celebration is at the Baptist church on Wednesday morning. I look forward to seeing you there. 

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

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Monday October 14th

In english lessons this week we will be practising our explanatory skills. Through our houses topic we will be trying to find reasons for the great variety of types of houses around the world, and we will be learning how to write careful explanations. Along the way we will learn about adobe houses in Mexica, houses on stilts in Chile and yurts in Mongolia. In clay modelling we will try to make an adobe village. Our weaving project is continuing nicely, with children really developing their confidence with this fine work. In maths we  be learning how to round numbers , and we will continue to use the skills we're developing with place value to solve a range of problems.

Do remember that parent consultations are coming up the week after this. Do sign up if you haven't already. I look forward to seeing you then.

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

Maths and spelling homeworks Monday October 14th

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Monday October 7th


We had a great day in the forest on Friday. Thank you so much Mr Webster and Mrs Quinn for coming along and helping. It's always lovely to see the children so engaged and so happy being 'out in nature'. 

This week in our housebuilding topic we learn about the work of the plumber, the electrician, the plasterer and gardener. Along the way we will learn how to use titles, subtitles, paragraphs, captions and labels in presenting our written work. 

In maths this week we will be ordering and comparing numbers beyond 1000. We will continue our weaving, with some children now at the stage of taking their work off the loom. 

best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

this week's maths and spellings homework

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Monday September 30th

This week in english we move away from storytelling and story writing, and start to look at homes and housebuilding. In this first week we will look at how houses are built, and explore how many different people are involved, working together to create a finished home. This week we look at the work of architects, builders, bricklayers, and carpenters. This work will hopefully inspire our english lessons as we learn more about how to write information texts.

In maths we continue to look at place value, learning to recognise the place value of each digit in 4 digit numbers. We will also be learning how to order and compare larger numbers.

Our weaving projects continue, with children now learning how to finish off and remove their weavings from their card loom. We will be using clay to model houses, learning about concave and convex forms. 

On Friday we will spend the day at the Ashdown Forest. Please do let me know if you'd like to help.

best wishes

Mr. Pritchard

spelling list Monday September 30th

tables homework Monday September 30th

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Monday September 23rd

 This week in english we have our final week of 'The King of Ireland's Son'. We will continue our work on story writing, and along the way keep working on dialogue, paragraphs, adverbs and description. In maths we are focussing on place value, finding ways to represent 4 digit numbers, and then exploring what happens when we count backwards and include negative numbers. 

We will continue our weaving project using card looms that we set up last week. 

best wishes

Mr Pritchard

spelling list Monday September 23rd

tables homework Monday September 23rd

Homework suggestions grid

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Monday September 16th

Dear Parents,

This week we begin a fresh look at place value in maths. We'll investigate multiples of 6, 7, 25 and 1000. We will also be exploring different ways to represent numbers, and be finding ways to find 1,10,100 and 100 more or less than any number. I feel that our maths introduction in the first week went very well, and it's encouraging to hear the children using language such as 'growth mindset, mistakes help you learn, and my brain is growing when I make mistakes and have a go'. One of my favourites, 'It's not speed that is important, but deep thinking', and we'll keep returning to this over the course of this term.

In english lessons we continue using the story of  'The King of Ireland's Son' to inspire our writing. This week we will continue to look at ways to write interesting and varied sentence starters, and we will be creating storyboards, mapping out the plot of a story, and then writing our final story. 

This week we will start our weaving projects, learning how to make 'eyes of God' using wood and wool. We'll then move onto using weaving boards to create more complicated pieces. These activities are fantastic for developing general coordination and detailed hand -eye coordination. The skills we learn here will support our work with drawing more complicated forms, perfecting our handwriting, and developing our thinking skills.

French started last Friday, and lessons will be each Friday morning with Mrs Wood.

Children did well to remember to bring in their first homework on Friday. This week's maths and spelling homework can be found using the link below.

See links below for this term's spelling bee. See also the 'reading stars ' link. Miss Carter has set a new challenge for this term. There are bookmarks and lottery tickets  to win if a child completes all their reading targets this half term (ie read at least 4 times at home each week, and get parents to sign their reading diary). There are also lottery tickets given weekly if a child completes on of the star reading tasks. At half term a prize draw will be held.

On Thursday 19th September there is a Year 3 and 4 parent information session in the school hall at 9am for half an hour. Do come along if you can. It will be for me to say a proper hell, and for you to ask any questions about this new term at school. Of course, there will be no time for detailed talks about your children. If you would like to talk to me about your child please don't hesitate to email me following the link below, or contact the school office.

Best wishes,

Mr Pritchard


spelling list Monday September 16th

tables homework Monday September 16th

Reading stars for children to complete at home. If your child manages to read 4 times a week at home and parents sign their diary, children receive a lottery ticket towards half term draw. If children complete one of these star tasks each week they also receive a lottery ticket.

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Monday September 9th

We had a lovely couple of days starting this new school year. Children are keen to learn and very enthusiastic. I've used string games to 'wake up' our hands and minds to finer detail, and these have proved very popular. 

In this first full week back we will continue our introduction to maths. The aim is to focus on helping the children to see that we can all be good at maths, and we have already learnt that our brain is growing, and that, most importantly, making mistakes is a key to success. Each time we make a mistake our brain makes more connections and grows. Mistakes are great! This week we continue with the theme of making mistakes, and also we'll be considering the power of 'believing in yourself' and the important role this has on our learning. Later in the week we'll be thinking about speed in maths, and learning that 'speed is not important'. We'll finish this series of lessons looking at how we think about maths visually. These activities are taking place across the school in these first days back, and will help children to see that there's much more to maths than getting the 'right' answer!

In English lessons we will continue to use the story 'The King of Ireland's Son' to inspire and inform our work. We have looked again at the need for a confident joined handwriting style, and we then looked at how we can identify and use nouns, verbs and adjectives in our work. This week we will explore adverbs and 'adverbials', dialogue and speech punctuation, similes, and different ways to make our sentence openings have more of a zing.

We will continue our work on speech and poetry, which helps us wake up in the morning, and we are building up our recorder skills with new pieces. Our first philosophy lesson is this Friday, and French also starts this week. 

In PE we are playing team building games- games requiring cooperation and imagination. We have made a start learning about colour families and colour mixing, and this week we'll be working on challenging forms that we'll be drawing, shading, and putting up to start livening up our classroom walls.

The school server is out of action, so I'm unable to provide links to this weeks' homework. However, children will all be given paper copies. Tomorrow they receive spelling homework and maths homework, both should be returned to school on Friday. 

best wishes,

Mr. Pritchard

this week's spellings and tables homework

The King of Ireland's Son

The King of Ireland's Son 1
The King of Ireland's Son 2

Thursday September 5th


Dear parents,

Welcome back to a new term in Emerald class!

I hope you had a wonderful summer, and that after the long break your children are ready for new challenges.



Children will need an old t- shirt or apron for messy art and craft lessons. They will also need to have their PE kit at school throughout the week. Please, please  ensure your child’s uniform and PE kits are named clearly! This year small pencil cases should contain; a black handwriting pen (not biro), an HB pencil, ruler , sharpener, pritt stick type glue and whiteboard (dry wipe) pen. Children do not need to bring felt tips, coloured pencils or any other ‘glitzy’ pens!



Spelling homework will be sent home on Mondays and we will test ourselves on the Friday following. Children will also receive a times tables homework.

Please look on our webpage for other homework suggestions that could be completed over this term and returned to school at any time.



Children should always have a reading book to use at school. Our library has a good range of books, but please encourage your child to use your local library too. Please encourage your child to read at least 5 times a week for about 10 minutes. 



I will put an overview of the first term’s topics on our class  webpage. As always I can be contacted via email on the link at the bottom of this page. I really appreciate it when you talk to me about your children and I greatly value your support. Please do come to me with any concerns you may have this year-together we can do wonders with our children at this age!

Best wishes,

Mr Pritchard

topic web 1st half of term

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