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A busy almost-end to the term: Lego Stonehenges, a rather disgusting end to our digestion topic and more bread making!

Monday 11th July

The final full week of term. Thank you to everyone for making sure your children were as equipped as possible to stay safe in the sun today. They were very sensible. This week is a little different because of the show, but we have lots of fun in store. We will be finishing off the science topic on digestion, doing some Stone Age learning, having our final RSE lesson and making bread, with some maths and english thrown in. For RSE, today we talked about 'Where did I come from' and as part of the lesson, we discussed birth weights. I wonder who was the biggest baby? And the smallest (currently that's me at 4 pounds 3!). Please let your child know this information, just because it's interesting to know.


Bread making will be on Friday. This time the children will make a large roll/small loaf with their own flavourings. I will supply the bread ingredients, the children just need to bring whatever they are adding to it e.g. choc drops, food colouring, cheese, dried fruit etc. Large plastic bowls would be helpful and you might want to send a tea towel or box for them to take their little bit of bready wonder home in. Should be fun, although possibly not for the person in the kitchen......


Tuesday 28th June

Well- what an exciting day we have had! It is food fitness and fun week and today was about food and fun! We made 5 loaves of bread (very Biblical of us!), we were all reasonably clean by the end of it, everyone co-operated well, Miss Carter didn't burn them, we discovered knocking back the dough is a lot of fun and we marveled at the growth of our dough whilst it proved in the classroom cupboard. We look forward to doing a taste test tomorrow and having the rest as part of our brunch on Thursday. Well done everyone.


Also this week, we will begin our final science topic about Digestion. This week, we'll look at the start of the food's journey through our bodies, in the mouth and then the oesophagus and stomach. We will also be learning about different types of teeth. We will also cram in some fitness each day, have an amazing sports day and rehearse for our class assembly next Monday (now why on Earth did I choose a Monday???!!!). You are warmly invited at 9:15 on Monday (as per diary dates in the newsletter) to hear us talk about learning the recorder and share some 'numbers' 'tunes' 'songs' with you. I promise you the sound will be better than you (possibly) think it will be. They are awesome musicians!

Forest Trip Friday 17th June


For our final visit this year, the forest ranger and I thought it would be a wonderful end to the forest year if we visited a different site. So, on Friday we will be taking part in a whole class 'Hundred Acre Wood' experience based on the Winnie the Pooh stories, alongside visiting a beautiful part of the forest. This will involve meeting in a different place, which is no further away- but just a slightly different direction. 


Please meet at the Gills Lap car park, at the junction of Kidd's Hill and Chuck Hatch Road ( the B2026 from Hartfield Village- a road that you can pick up just South of Edenbridge- my Google Map seems to suggest this is the quickest route). DO NOT USE A POSTCODE to find the car park, as it will send you to a very strange place. 


Pick up is at 2:30 in the same place. 

Of course, we have chosen the hottest day of the year for this. Plenty of drinks please. Suncream essential and hats a must.  We will be in the shade a lot, which will help. 

Highlights from the first week back

Photos from last half term- Stone Age artefacts and Drama related to Varjak Paw

Monday 6th June

Welcome back! I hope you have managed to have some fun over the half term and Jubilee celebrations. We have already been extremely busy in Year 4 this week. In maths, we will be working on decimals (the sequel)- looking at ordering, comparing, rounding. In English, we will be writing a second diary entry based on Varjak Paw, using feedback from the first one back in May to help us to uplevel our writing. We will be starting a food-based project linked to the Stone Age and continuing exploring the science topic of electricity-  looking at which materials conduct electricity. In Computing, we will be looking at the World Wide Web, what can be shared and how to access the web. (building on our knowledge that the internet and the WWW are 2 different things! )


Just to let you know (see also message on Marvellous Me) we will soon be starting our RSE lessons (Relationships and Sex Education). We will begin by looking at how responsibilities change as we grow older. Following this, topics will include: Names of body parts, physical and emotional changes during puberty, personal hygiene, family relationships and a brief introduction to reproduction. If you have any questions about this topic, please get in touch. For further support with talking about these topics with your child, the 'What's Happening to me?' books are highly recommended.


Monday 23rd May

We've made it! The final week of the half term. It has been a relatively short half term but we're mostly rather tired and in need of a break next week. This week has lots of great things in store. Today, we finished reading 'To the Edge of the World'. We have started the brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Varjak Paw in our English lessons- see the pictures below for examples of our poetry and our display. We will also be working on electricity in science this week as well as learning some new melodies in our music lesson and continuing our work about the internet in computing. 

Have a great week,

Miss C

Varjak Paw by SF Said

Oops- I wasn't able to give out spelling slip today. So sorry! Here's a virtual one to be getting on with.

Monday 16th May

This week is set to be a very exciting one as we are celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in School this week, culminating in our Jubilee Event on Thursday afternoon. Please refer to the letter sent by email for full details, but I'm looking forward to amazing art work, over 200 crowns, joyous singing and my wonderful Emeralds performing the National Anthem on their recorders (and BTW they sound fantastic!).  We will also fit in some maths lessons looking at area and English lessons continuing our work on the brilliant, brilliant Varjak Paw. I'm hoping there will be time to continue our learning about the Stone Age as well as finish our science topic by looking at the Water Cycle and start our new topic of electricity!

Spellings will be as normal this week, I've also set a maths shed challenge and don't forget TTRS.

It has been great to see some home learning appearing in the classroom over the past couple of weeks. Well done!

Miss Carter

Tuesday 3rd May

Is it Tuesday or is it Monday? It's all very confusing. Despite all that, the class have made a good start to the week.

In maths, we continue our voyage into the world of decimals, looking at dividing numbers by 10 to create decimals and then introducing them to the second decimal place- hundredths.

In English, our focus is our sequel stories, with 'the boy' in the story again finding himself stuck in the stone age. The focus will be on using a range of techniques to make our stories exciting and also on the use of paragraphs. We will spend time editing our stories, before beginning a rather wonderful sequence of lessons on Friday- I'm saying no more for now!

Today, we did a science lesson based on the idea of changing state. We were more than a little amazed at how slowly an ice cube actually melts. We will also begin a new unit in computing this week, continue our recorder learning and try out different techniques for cave art.

Miss Carter

PS Spelling test is next Monday as we are late receiving them. I will show the children a new style of times table test this week, which will then begin next week. 

Monday 25th April

Week 2 is here and we've already crammed rather a lot in! Today, we had a debate about whether it would be fun to live in the Stone age. At first, I was rather attracted by the simplicity of Stone Age life until I realised that I might have to go without food on some days and also use less than satisfactory 'facilities'. Like many of the children, I changed my mind as we debated. We also made a start with decimals today, looking at how they relate to cm/ mm on a ruler. This afternoon, we began our PE unit on rounders, which was great fun.


This week (and next) we have some exciting resources in school- real and replica artefacts related to the Stone Age. We have these on loan and I'm sure the children will get a lot of of their use. We even get to wear hard hats and dig up some artefacts! 


We will also be having an E-safety lesson as part of our computing curriculum and we will continue our art work based on Cave paintings. Oh and recorders of course! 

Have a great week.

Miss C


week 1- fire safety talks and discovering cave paintings in the classroom!

Summer Term 2022


Welcome back! We've had a great week so far, with the start of our new topic creating great excitement and lots of fabulous questions. Our topic is 'Journey Through the Ages' and will largely focus on the Stone Age, with a little of the Bronze age and Iron Age towards the end. So far, we've begun looking at timelines and had a general introduction to this period of history. I introduced the children to the words 'prehistory' and 'prehistoric' (the period of time before written records of history began- in this country, before the Romans conquered in AD43).


In our English lessons, we are reading a wonderful book called 'Stone Age Boy' which gives lots of information about life in the stone age and is a mixture of a story book and information text. On Friday, we'll begin looking at Cave Paintings and exploring them using modern-day resources.


In maths, we're finishing our unit on fractions, looking at fractions bigger than one and subtracting fractions, including from whole numbers. We've also been looking at the dastardly 7x table. I'll test this next week (Friday)- lots of short bursts of practice is best. See the homework sheet for a link to some songs to help.


Below is this term's homework sheet, which the children have in their homework books. The topic web will be uploaded shortly.

Have a great rest of the week.

Miss Carter

The Plastic Challenge- we created sea creatures from re-used plastic to raise awareness of the problem of plastic in our oceans. If you look carefully, you'll see that some of these creatures have swallowed plastic!

We finished our squash sessions today and had a brilliant time! Further sessions are available after school on a Thurs in E Grinstead- please ask for a letter.

Plastic Amnesty !


I have decided to end our topic with sculpture making! On Friday (1st April- and this is not an April fool) we will be making sculptures of sea creatures- designed much earlier this term) to spread the message about plastic pollution. Please send in CLEAN plastic destined for the recycling bin for us to use. Anything goes, but nothing with very sharp edges or too huge. Thank you so much for you help with this. 

Regards, Miss Carter

Hindleap 14-16 March, 1st batch of photos

Hindleap: Day Two

Hindleap: Day One

Pancake Flipping March 1st- apologies for late pics.

Monday 7th March

It's the final week before Hindleap! We'll be continuing to discuss a few things during the week, including setting our group expectations for rooms and groups so that we can all have fun. I will send an updated kit list (any changes are minor) and a final letter with some important final instructions in the next 2 days.


We had a great day in the forest on Friday and the children we really resilient despite the slightly damp conditions. 


We have our next squash lesson on Tuesday (lesson 1 was a lot of fun!). Please ensure appropriate kit is in school, including footwear. 


In English this week, we'll be writing information/persuasive texts about our favourite animals, using our new book 'Beneath the Waves' as inspiration. In maths, we continue looking at fractions, first fractions of amounts and then the start of several lessons about equivalent fractions. We'll begin some art based on Beneath the Waves as it contains some lovely art work. We'll be continuing our work on States of Matter in science and continuing using Scratch in our computing lessons.

world book day 2022

Monday 28th February

It was great to see everybody back safely from the holidays last week- one or two even with suntans! Finally, there have been signs of Spring being on its way, and I'm hoping this will also be the case on Friday, when we go once again to the Ashdown Forest. Please let Mrs Hardisty know how your child will be travelling to and from the forest.


This week, we will begin our week in English by trying a different method of peer feedback for our newspaper articles written last week. We will then be working on our information text writing/persuasive writing based on the top secret book from the top shelf in the classroom! This week is of course triple exciting because alongside the usual lessons, we have a book fair (Year 4 can visit Mon, Weds or Thurs after school) and it's World Book Day! 


In maths this week, we'll be continuing our learning about fractions (a very good start last week), firstly by looking at fractions of a set of objects (building on learning earlier this term about division) and then beginning the tricky topic of equivalent fractions- to be continued next week.



For the next 5 weeks, we have an awesome opportunity for our PE learning- squash lessons with a fantastic coach! These will take place in the hall on a Tuesday morning. Most weeks, we  will also have a shorter PE lesson on a Monday, but not this week, as we also have the forest on Friday. Please ensure PE kit and shoes suitable for indoors are in school for Tuesday.


We had a wonderful topic lesson last week on Coastal Erosion (the children met my 'alter ago'- the wonderful 82 year old Vera, who told them all about her house falling into the sea!) and we still have work to do on this. We will hopefully also have time for a science lesson looking at the topic solids, liquids and gases. 

Busy but exciting week!

Miss Carter

Monday 21st February

Another half term begins. I do hope you are all in one place following the visit of Dudley, Eunice and Franklin. We arrived at school today to a few things in the wrong place but we think everything is accounted for! I hope you've had a restful half term and are ready for another half term of learning. 


This week, we'll be returning to 'The Lighthouse' animation in our English lessons and revisiting the text type of newspaper articles. In maths, we be starting fractions, looking at unit and non-unit fractions, some revision of previous learning and a look at tenths (this is partly in preparation for decimals in a few weeks' time). In our topic lessons, well.....I actually can't tell you because it will spoil the lesson, but it should get everybody thinking! We will also begin our voyage into creating games using Scratch and get on with some recorder lessons- using the other hand as well! There will be some art later in the week and very soon, I will be ready to reveal our new book. It has been sitting on the top shelf, cruelly wrapped in brown paper, for many weeks. Miss Carter is very mean! Anyway- an exciting week!


I won't be setting any spellings this week, but we will be revising sion, tion, cian,ssion and exceptions during the week, as this is a key spelling rule for year 4 and beyond.


Have a great week. 

Miss C

Monday 7th February

It was so lovely to be back with my Emeralds today. We had a busy day, with lots of fun and learning- I do like it when those last two go together! Thank you everyone, children and parents, for making me feel so welcome. Within about an hour it felt like I'd never been away!


This week is STEM week, which this week means Science, Technology, Enterprise and Maths. We will be making and selling some shark-related enterprise ideas on Friday - please come and buy some, as we are set on making a tidy profit!


Why sharks I hear you ask? Well- Under the Sea is our topic, but also the theme of science week is 'growth' and we've been set the challenge of investigating the growth and therefore age of sharks. We will be learning about money in maths, to enable us to calculate prices to make a profit and run our 'shop' effectively. In English, we'll be learning about writing effective adverts, to inform our posters for the enterprise sale. We'll also be looking at some money life skills such as making decisions about money. We may have time for more, but do need to allow plenty of time for making our products and posters.


On a practical level, 4 things:

1) Bikeability and Hindleap letters have been sent out either on paper or by email. Please contact myself and/or the office if you need further copies. The Hindleap letter is the most urgent- please return ASAP.

2) Spellings- tested on Friday Everyone learns the words in the final column as well. 

3) Times tables- we'll be carrying out our long-awaited 8x table test on Friday. We'll be doing daily practice at sch, but extra work at home would also help.

4) Homework- The children are doing brilliantly with this. I had a look at their books today. My plan is to incorporate some homework show and tell into our week. From now on, children are free to hand in their homework books WHENEVER THEY WISH TO and not just on the dates I originally specified. I will return the homework books within a couple of days. There's a huge pile of books on my desk which I will hand back (following show and tell) tomorrow. 


There's also the idea of making a plastic sculpture. This we will do, but not this week. I will decide on a date after the half term holiday.

Have a great week, Miss C

PS Start thinking about World Book Day costumes- see the recent newsletter for details. #

PPS I've got my costume already! Excited!!!

A few snaps from Ashdown Forest!

Monday 10th January

Goodness- what a busy week it was last week. We began our topic with some typical Emerald class enthusiasm. This week, we continue our 'Under the sea' voyage (and yes the class do sing the song every time I say 'Under the Sea')  with a little more learning about the layers of the sea- genuinely fascinating stuff! This week is also a whole school wellbeing week, looking in particular at how we grow as people/emotionally. So we'll be looking at the idea of the 'learning pit' and taking their thinking a little further in this area. We'll also look at what mental health is and discuss some strategies for managing a range of emotions. We'll link this to our work on Zones of Regulation too. Phew! Another busy week, but with the class' enthusiasm in place, I'm sure it will be a great week. 


Below are the topic web for this term and the NEW homework grid. I will explain this to the children on Monday afternoon and give out their homework books. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take each activity. 

Have a great week.

Miss C

Useful Documents for the Spring Term

Hi everyone! Firstly, thank you all so much for the lovely cards and generous gifts that you gave to the Year 4 team at the end of term. We all felt very spoilt and special- your kindness was very much appreciated.


I hope you all had lots of fun times over the holidays. It's 2022 (!!!!!) and we're back! This term's topic is one we've not done before in Year 3 and 4- Under the Sea. Currently the class are bursting into song every time I say the topic title. Today we started the topic with a creative music/English lesson, using a fabulous book as inspiration for a storm, listening to a musical interpretation of a storm, before creating our own using first body percussion and then using instruments. It was loud but did a good job of hooking us into the topic. The topic web and homework grid for the topic will be available by the end of the week.


In maths, we will be working on multiplication and division- mentally this week and next, then written. Today, we carried out a 'finding all possibilities' investigation, with a focus on resilience and growth mindset. We looked again at the learning pit and how we can help ourselves to climb up (and therefore learn). This is something we will continually be revisiting. 


PE will start on Monday, as will reading groups, but I'd be pleased to see any completed reading diaries this week.

Welcome back, 

Miss Carter

a little musical gift we've prepared for you

Still image for this video

Monday 6th December

Nearly there! In school this week, our time will be dominated by 2 things: singing and sewing (with Eng, Maths, Science, recorders, PSHE thrown in!). We are making steady progress with sewing- Friday afternoon was amazing as we helped each other, learnt to do backstitch and there was real calm in the room- lovely! Egyptian collars we will make! The singing is in preparation for our KS2 singing- in whatever form it may be! 

In other news, the new-style after lunch reading time is going well- we've also tried using picture books , as well as magazines and comics. Lots of fun- now they complain when reading time ends- mostly because they have to put their shoes on!

Have a great week, Miss C


PS Tables tests and spelling tests are as normal this week. We are studying the 9x and divide by 9 tables- I will ensure the class know which one tomorrow.

Mrs Pollard has created another online game this week on TTRS. Please join in so that we can win!

Monday 29th November

It's going to be December this week!!! I have allowed myself the first in-house screening of 'Elf' this weekend, in honour of advent Sunday- I hope you all enjoy the start of the festive season. I'm aware there are quite a few Emerald birthdays first however.smiley


This week, we have the start of Christmas at Dormansland, with the Infant Nativity taking place. We are watching a dress rehearsal by zoom on Wednesday I believe. We will also be working hard on our songs for the KS2 Carol Service at the church. 


In English, we'll be planning and writing our newspaper articles based on the short movie 'Black Hole'. In maths, we'll be finishing off our work on length and perimeter and beginning a unit that's in 2 parts (2nd part in January) based on multiplication and division. This week, we'll look at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. 


We will also continue with our recorder lessons (I'm determined to get us all playing Jingle Bells before the big day!) and slightly belatedly, our new science topic of electricity. 


In other news, I will be introducing the children to 'Zones of Regulation' this week. The ideas behind this are becoming akey part of our behaviour strategies in school. 

This concept teaches a variety of social-emotional skills to children, starting with early emotional skills and advancing on to self-regulation and navigating social situations..

Here are some skills taught during The Zones of Regulation:

  • Identifying your emotions by categorizing feelings into four zones (more on this below)
  • Self-regulation: Achieving the preferred state of alertness (zone) for a situation. This is all about regulating your body and emotional regulation.
  • Identifying triggers: Learning what makes you “tick” and why
  • Coping strategies: Various techniques and strategies that help achieve emotional regulation and manage strong emotions
  • Size of the problem: Introduces the idea that the size of your reaction should match the size of your problem, how to identify the size of your problem, and strategies for problem-solving.
  • Expected behavior vs unexpected behavior: This also covers perspective taking and how your behavior affects the thoughts and feelings of the people around you

I'm quite excited by this new whole-school initiative and the potential it holds


Have a great week,

Miss C


PS. 'A  Boy Called Christmas' is LITERALLY the best Christmas book I've ever read. I've often read it to year 3/4 classes and (maybe I've been a bit asleep) I've just discovered it's out at the cinema! 

Here are the spellings for Monday- I've had a few requests for repeat word lists so II thought this would be easier.

Monday 22nd November

I hope you've all had a good weekend and managed to enjoy the sunshine today. This week is a short one thanks to the INSET day on Friday so there's a lot to cram in. We are continuing with our learning about newspaper reports in English, using the short film 'Black Hole' that was introduced last week. We love the film and have made all sorts of predictions re the sequel as well as  choosing some headlines for our future newspaper reports. In maths, we will be looking at calculating the perimeter of various shapes using a range of units. We will continue our DT work by designing our Egyptian collars and continuing our learning about different stitches in sewing. 

It's also positive culture week so we'll be building on the themes that are introduced in assembly at various points during the week. 


I've just organised my odd socks for tomorrow- look forward to seeing everyone's crazy feet- apparently we may be asked to wave our feet in assembly!?!?


Have a great week, 

Miss C

PS Spellings will be tested next Monday 29th in lieu of Friday and times tables will be next Friday 3rd December (how on Earth did December come along that quickly!?)

Monday 15th November

Welcome to 'The Arts' week- art, music, drama and creativity combined. We will still be doing some maths and English lessons, but linking where possible to the theme of Contrast. This started from the idea of monochrome in art, but we will also think about contrasts in music and photography. Friday is friendship day, which means paint/glitter/glue/mess. Please remember to bring in painting aprons.

I gave spellings out today and I will also be asking the children to learn their 4x or divide by 4 tables. This week's maths shed assignment relates to this. We will also be continuing with our recorder lessons this week. 

Have a great week! 

Miss C

Ashdown Forest 12 Nov - a wet start but we survived thanks to collective positivity!

Monday 8th November

A great week last week, despite the multiple changes and possibility of feeling unsettled. The class adapted brilliantly and we had a great week. Probably our proudest moment was showing that we could play 3 pretty presentable notes on the recorder. They are being both disciplined and determined in these lessons and I'm having a great time! 


This week, we will continue on our sewing quest, alongside designed our Egyptian neckwear (wesekh collar apparently!) and we will continue learning about the internet and research as part of our digital literacy learning. We will also look at maintaining positive relationships (PSHE), our topic learning will look at the geography of Egypt and the importance of the River Nile, reading workshop will have a poetry focus. In maths, we begin a topic looking at length and perimeter. In English, we will continue our learning about varying sentence structure to help us to write our Egyptian Cinderella stories from a range of perspectives.

Have a great week everyone,

Miss C

Tuesday 2nd November

Just a couple of things whilst I think about them: firstly, we were delayed on our return from swimming today which meant that the end of the day was rather hurried. If anyone has misplaced spellings, they are below this message. There's also a spelling shed assignment on the words. Secondly, I will tell the children this tomorrow, but our times tables focus is back to the 3s- those who were 'masters' last time need to learn the divide by 3 table. All will be revealed but our maths shed assignment reflects this. 


Monday 1st November

 I wonder what time this year's Emeralds all got up yesterday after the clock change? My cat demanded her tea at 4:00! Anyway, I hope you've had a good half term and have managed to get outdoors, dodging the showers. I have enjoyed the autumn leaves and am looking forward to seeing what the class make of the usually plentiful supply of leaves on the playground.


This term, we continue with our 'Walk Like an Egyptian' topic'. In English, we will initially be working on a text called 'The Egyptian Cinderella' and in maths we will be concluding our unit of work on addition and subtraction, starting with an investigation followed by some work on efficient subtraction, using estimation and checking answers. We will be concluding our science topic by looking at the idea of volume and sound waves, as well as distance from the sound source.  Our study of the Egyptians will take a DT focus- sewing! We're going to make Egyptian neck decorations similar to a wesekh collar but made out of felt. We'll soon be learning stitching techniques such as a running stitch. 

Have a great week,

Miss Carter

Monday 4th October

I genuinely had to check the computer to see what the date is! The term is flying by. 


This week, we'll be moving on to information texts (Non-fiction) in English, working towards writing leaflets about the Giants in the BFG. We will be using 'The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl' as inspiration. (I've noticed that this has just been re-released, but that the 2016 version is much cheaper, if you were thinking of getting one.) In maths, we will be moving on to addition, looking firstly at mental addition before moving on to written methods. This week, our times tables focus is the 6x table. I am looking at roughly a table a week with the children. They are then tested on a Friday and if they complete a Gruesome Grid in under 90 seconds, they become a 'master', and in under 3 mins, they become a 'professional'. There will be plenty of opportunity later in the year to revisit tables at their own pace. 


I keep reminding the children to bring their reading diaries in every day, but especially on the day I check their diaries. This day  depends on which reading group they are in. Memphis= Monday Thebes= Tuesday Luxor= Wednesday   Giza=Thursday  Alexandria= Friday. It would be great to see more reading diaries being handed in.


Lots more this week, including more Egyptians learning, some more music, lacrosse small games on Monday and science learning about the ear.


Have a great week! 

Miss Carter

Monday 27th September

Can I start by saying what a fantastic day we had at the forest on Friday? Honestly, it was a great deal of fun and the children worked hard, worked together and made fantastic choices. Lots of acts of kindness, including to members of the public. Photos below.


This week, we will conclude our unit on place value in maths by learning about negative numbers and Roman Numerals, as well as counting in steps of 25. In English, we will learn about making our speech accurate and interesting, before writing a story based on the idea of the BFG coming to Dormansland. I mean- what could possibly go wrong??? We will continue learning about spotting things that are fake/scams/not quite right online in our computing lessons and take a look at a song with a rhythmic ostinato accompaniment in music. In our topic lesson we'll look at Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife and in science about how the ear works. Today we did a fab lesson on lacrosse for PE- the children are learning to throw from net to net and we turned this into some small-sided games.  


Spellings were given out today (for Friday)  and we will also be testing the 4x table on Friday (we were supposed to do the 3x today but I had printing issues to we will do this tomorrow.)


Have a great week, 

Miss C


Wednesday 22nd

What's an Inthreadible? I hear you ask....

We are in the process of changing our behaviour system in school. We have dispensed with yellow/blue/red etc and are working towards a new system. We often talk about the golden thread, so for now, in Year 4, a poor choice may mean you go onto the question mark (which is a sign you need to consider your behaviour - you will be given the chance to move back up), and a good choice/fantastic work/amazing focus etc will make you an 'Inthreadible'- Incredible choices keeping to the golden thread. This means 2 house points, plenty of praise and hopefully a message home. 

I hope that makes sense. Thank you for your patience whilst we finalise the new system.

Tuesday 21st September

Huge apologies. I've just realised I didn't set a maths shed assignment this week. I've now done it- it is a quiz-style assignment revising rounding to the nearest 10, which we covered in class a couple of weeks ago. 

Also, 'this week's' spelling test will be held next Monday due to our forest trip and on Monday, we will also carry out our first times tables test of the year- on the 3x table, as we've been looking at this in class. There's a game in the fluency section of maths shed to help with this. 

Monday 20th September

This is our fourth week together- time has flown so quickly! This week, we will be continuing our learning in English using the BFG. This week, we will write diary entries in role as Sophie and edit our writing using editing stations and purple polishing pens. In maths, we will be continuing our work on place value, looking at comparing and ordering 4 digit numbers, rounding to the nearest thousand and counting in steps of 25. In science we will look at how to change the pitch of various musical instruments, looking at the science behind these ideas. We will also continue our learning about the Egyptians and cram in some computing.


On Friday, we have our first visit to the forest. Yay! Please let Mrs Hardisty know how your child is travelling to and from the forest in good time and have a hunt for the right footwear/coat etc. 


It's going to be a great week!

Miss Carter

Spellings this week had a mistake in the final column- here is the correct sheet. I will send home on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we mummified a tomato!

Here are the instructions

Monday 13th September

Another week begins! This week, I'm sending home spellings to learn. These will come home on a Monday and be tested on a Friday. The words  are the same as their spelling shed assignments. I have also set an assignment on maths shed. Both of this week's assignments are revision of things from Year 3.

This week, we will be starting our work on the BFG in English. In maths, we'll be continuing looking at rounding and place value. We will be doing something rather weird and disgusting in our Topic lesson and continuing with our learning about sound in science. We will have our first computing lesson looking at 'Don't fall for fake' as part of our E Safety curriculum. Today is PE day, so we're about to go and try lacrosse. 


Fun times! Have a great week.

Miss Carter

Yr 3 and 4 Meet the Teacher

A helpful document with reminders about Spelling Shed

Useful documents for the start of term

Day 1- a visit to Tutankamun's tomb! With a few modern adjustments...

Welcome back everybody!

I am so looking forward to seeing you all in the morning, ready for an exciting year in Emerald class. Please remember pencil cases (containing pencils, rubber, colouring pencils, a glue stick, whiteboard pen and perhaps a ruler and a rubber), water bottles and packed lunches if that's your chosen option. This week, we will do some 'getting to know you' activities, some English and maths and make a start on our new topic-



See you all in the morning/this morning (depending on when you read this). 

Miss Carter (and Patch- the bear- who has found his school uniform!)

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