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Wednesday 22nd

What's an Inthreadible? I hear you ask....

We are in the process of changing our behaviour system in school. We have dispensed with yellow/blue/red etc and are working towards a new system. We often talk about the golden thread, so for now, in Year 4, a poor choice may mean you go onto the question mark (which is a sign you need to consider your behaviour - you will be given the chance to move back up), and a good choice/fantastic work/amazing focus etc will make you an 'Inthreadible'- Incredible choices keeping to the golden thread. This means 2 house points, plenty of praise and hopefully a message home. 

I hope that makes sense. Thank you for your patience whilst we finalise the new system.

Tuesday 21st September

Huge apologies. I've just realised I didn't set a maths shed assignment this week. I've now done it- it is a quiz-style assignment revising rounding to the nearest 10, which we covered in class a couple of weeks ago. 

Also, 'this week's' spelling test will be held next Monday due to our forest trip and on Monday, we will also carry out our first times tables test of the year- on the 3x table, as we've been looking at this in class. There's a game in the fluency section of maths shed to help with this. 

Monday 20th September

This is our fourth week together- time has flown so quickly! This week, we will be continuing our learning in English using the BFG. This week, we will write diary entries in role as Sophie and edit our writing using editing stations and purple polishing pens. In maths, we will be continuing our work on place value, looking at comparing and ordering 4 digit numbers, rounding to the nearest thousand and counting in steps of 25. In science we will look at how to change the pitch of various musical instruments, looking at the science behind these ideas. We will also continue our learning about the Egyptians and cram in some computing.


On Friday, we have our first visit to the forest. Yay! Please let Mrs Hardisty know how your child is travelling to and from the forest in good time and have a hunt for the right footwear/coat etc. 


It's going to be a great week!

Miss Carter

Spellings this week had a mistake in the final column- here is the correct sheet. I will send home on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we mummified a tomato!

Here are the instructions

Monday 13th September

Another week begins! This week, I'm sending home spellings to learn. These will come home on a Monday and be tested on a Friday. The words  are the same as their spelling shed assignments. I have also set an assignment on maths shed. Both of this week's assignments are revision of things from Year 3.

This week, we will be starting our work on the BFG in English. In maths, we'll be continuing looking at rounding and place value. We will be doing something rather weird and disgusting in our Topic lesson and continuing with our learning about sound in science. We will have our first computing lesson looking at 'Don't fall for fake' as part of our E Safety curriculum. Today is PE day, so we're about to go and try lacrosse. 


Fun times! Have a great week.

Miss Carter

Yr 3 and 4 Meet the Teacher

A helpful document with reminders about Spelling Shed

Useful documents for the start of term

Day 1- a visit to Tutankamun's tomb! With a few modern adjustments...

Welcome back everybody!

I am so looking forward to seeing you all in the morning, ready for an exciting year in Emerald class. Please remember pencil cases (containing pencils, rubber, colouring pencils, a glue stick, whiteboard pen and perhaps a ruler and a rubber), water bottles and packed lunches if that's your chosen option. This week, we will do some 'getting to know you' activities, some English and maths and make a start on our new topic-



See you all in the morning/this morning (depending on when you read this). 

Miss Carter (and Patch- the bear- who has found his school uniform!)

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