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1/7/2016 Next week we will be writing the text for our moving habitats page and doing a little more work on playscripts. In maths we will look, once again at sorting numbers in Venn and Carroll diagrams. Our Science will be crossing over with maths as we will be using and creating our own branching databases (also known as sorting trees). We will use them to sort numbers and name living things. There is also a chance for some of you to experience a dance taster session on Friday afternoon. Once again, well done for the super thank you letters you wrote to the volunteers at the Lingfield wildlife Area and the parents who helped us on the trip.

Homework 1/7/2016 - Choose one of the sheets and work out the perimeter of the shapes. If you can, try working out the area as well.

26.6.2016 An exciting week lays ahead. On Wednesday the children will be at Chequer Mead Theatre all day, culminating in their evening performance of The Keymaster. In Literacy the children will be completing their information leaflets and writing a letter of thanks to the volunteers at the Lingfield Wildlife Area. In maths we will be revisiting perimeter and area, whilst in Science we will continue our topic on habitats. If the weather gods look down on us favourably we may even manage to hold Sports Day on Friday but do remember that the juniors will be competing in the morning to allow Year 3 to attend their swimming lesson in the afternoon.

We had a lot of fun in Emerald Class last week. The children began creating an information leaflet about a European country and brushed up on their multiplying skills. We learnt a lot about the Science of Sound and took part in a morning of Den Building.


Tim Peake has landed safely back on Earth and we are hoping that he reveals soon which of our rocket seeds spent time in micro gravity on board the International Space Station.


Next Week in English the children will be finishing their leaflets and in Maths we will be revisiting division, with more of us attempting short division (the bus stop method). The weather currently looks set fair for our visit, on Wednesday, to the Lingfield Wildlife Area although the forecast for Thursday's Sports Day doesn't look quite as promising!

Science Homework - 17th June

Emerald Class Den Building

Firstly - many apologies that the children did not bring home the letter about their visit to the Lingfield Wildlife Area which will take place on Wed 22nd June. It has been such a busy week culminating in a fantastic street party and art exhibition that I'm afraid it completely slipped my mind. It is printed and ready and will be sent home with the children on Monday. Art week has been amazing. The children produced excellent work linked to the pottery of Emma Bridgewater. They will be bringing this home on Monday. Due to a power surge on Wed night that disrupted the School computer system I am currently unable to link photographs of their work or activities to this page but hope to do so early next week when the computer system is completely back to normal.


Next week in maths we will be briefly revisiting the Grid Method of multiplication and then be moving on to the more formal short multiplication method. Towards the end of the week we will be focusing on the science topic of Sound. Friday morning is going to be devoted to den building - I can't wait - I have a few ideas already but know that the children's imagination will run riot and they are bound to come up with some fantastic ideas. 

Spelling Homework 20.5.2016

Next week in maths we will finish looking at percentages then revisit addition to make sure we can all use columnar addition with carrying. We will also be trying to improve our times tables recall and will be trying the 'Beat the Clock' challenge every day. In science we will see how gases change to liquids then solids and naming the processes.

Working out the percentage of the rocket seeds that have survived

Week beginning Tuesday 2nd May. This week in maths we will be converting between proper and improper fractions, linking fractions with decimals and having a quick look at percentages. The children have already encountered percentages having worked out the percentage of seeds that have germinated in our School Rocket Science Investigation. One of the packets of seeds has spent 6 months in micro gravity on the International Space Station whilst the other remained on Earth. We are wondering if there will be any difference in how well they grow. In literacy the children will continue to use the book "When Jessie came across the Sea" by Amy Hurst as a writing stimulus. They will finally hear what happens at the end of the book and continue the story with their own ideas as well as illustrate their endings. The focus will be using emotive and descriptive language to engage the reader.

Spelling and maths homework 29.4.16. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend

Yet more excitement mingled with mud!

Emerging from some extremely muddy tunnels!

Preparing for our nightwalk!

14.4.16: First night at Hindleap. Everyone was asleep by 10.30 last night, following a really exciting first day. No-one stirred this morning until 6.15! Here's to another great day of adventures. (Photos to follow very soon ....)
8.4.2016 Hello everybody. I hope you have all been having a super Easter holiday and are starting to look forward to next term. On Monday and Tuesday next week you will be looking at compass directions and rotational turns. In literacy there will be chance to finish your report about the Vikings. Then on Wednesday HINDLEAP here we come. I hope you are as excited as we are.

STEM Week - Robotics and Tim Peake's view of the Earth from space.

Next week is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week. We will be performing some Space Poetry. Finding out about Viking engineers and using line graphs to compare continuous information. We will be learning about robotics from a second visit by our space ambassador and will learning about zero emissions motor sport. We also hope to have a visit from a couple of parents to find out about the jobs they do linked to STEM subjects.

18.3.2016 Homework. Please draw and label your violin, play the grammar game, learn your spellings and have a go on some of the time games.

14.3.2016 This week in reading we will be looking at some of the different forms of poetry in readiness for performing a range of poems next week.  In maths we will be telling the time, converting between the 12 hour and 24 hour clock and learning to read calendars and timetables.

3D shapes made from nets


Monday 7th March

After a very successful time, last week, consolidating our knowledge of different ways to divide we are moving on in maths to solid shapes. We will make some from drinking straws and nets, learn their names and properties and try to use the correct mathematical vocabulary when we describe them. In Reading Workshop we will finish our Viking glossary and discover more about Fair Trade.  In art our attempts at copying the style of the Anglo Saxon Lindisfarne Gospels are starting to pay off and we hope to complete illustrating our opening sentences of our favourite books. In PE we will be improving our rugby skills and in IT we are learning how to use a fun coding program called Sratch.

Monday 29th February

This week we will be continuing our literacy work based on the book 'The Last Viking' by Terry Deary. Our character descriptions are already progressing well. It is World Book Day on Thursday so it would be a lovely idea if we all brought in our favourite book to share. In maths we will be moving on from multiplication to division and making sure we can all use the 'Chunking Back' method before moving on to Short Division (sometimes known as the 'Bus Stop Method). We will be continuing work on Anglo Saxon illuminated lettering and in science we will be comparing solids, liquids and gases.

Homework - 26.2.16 Follow the instructions to make a Times Tables twister. Choose a times tables that you need to learn. Make sure you bring it in by Wednesday so that you can have a go with each others. Learn your spellings in readiness for testing on Wednesday. Rewrite the text inserting the correct punctuation

Monday 22nd February

Welcome back to a new and exciting half term. We will be continuing our zoom through British history with a brief visit from the Vikings, with our art echoing the art of the time. In Science we will find out about solids, liquids and gases and the change between the 3 states in the water cycle.

This week in literacy we will be using 'The Last Viking' by Terry Deary to develop our own character studies. In maths we will be focusing on the 7 times tables and  moving on from the 'Grid Method' of multiplication to the more formal 'Short Multiplication' method.

Emerald Class engrossed in creating puzzle boards during Science Week

Homework 12.2.2016 You have another week to learn your 'sion' spellings (still linked from last week's homework). Don't forget to try your Electrical Quiz. If you have lost your copy you will need to collect a new one from school next week.

Next Week is Science Week - We will be finding out all about circuits, conductors and insulators, switches and household plugs and using this knowledge to create a puzzle board and a pressure pad burglar alarm. We hope that you are able to come and join in with the fun.

Homework 5. 2. 2016 Learn your spellings for next week and design an electrical safety poster that warns people about the dangers associated with the misuse of electrical equipment

We have had a lot of absence from class this week due to a nasty bug which has been affecting many of the class. I hope those of you that have been feeling unwell are soon better and that everyone will be back in school on Monday, fit, well and ready to learn. We will be leaving Beowulf behind and basing our literacy on an exciting new book. In maths we will be revisiting addition and subtraction ensuring that we can use the columnar method with carrying or exchanging if needed. In the run up to Science Week we will be checking that we know how to use electricity safely. If we can fit it in then we will try to recreate some Roman mosaics. If we have remained on 'Green' all half term then we will be joining in the 'tower building challenge' in the hall.

Home Learning. Learn your spellings in readiness for testing on Wednesday. In addition use at least 10 of them in sentences that demonstrate that you understand their meaning. To practice your maths skills about position and direction try some of the games that are linked from the attached document.

Homework 22.1.2016. Learn your spellings ready for being tested on Wednesday. Choose and complete one of the maths sheets about the capacity of different containers

Year 4 have been retelling part of the story of Beowulf, in which he defeats the monster, Grendel. Their stories were packed with spine chilling description and they have been experimenting with their sentence structures. Truly gripping stuff. We should be completing the book, on which their writing has been based, next week. In maths next week we will be finding directions using 8 points of the compass and finding points on a grid using co-ordinates. We will be printing with the Celtic printing blocks the children made and hopefully creating a group image by combining different patterns. In science we will continue preparing for Science Week looking at aspects of electrical safety.

Spring Term Topic Grid

18.1.2016 This week we will continue studying the saga about the Anglo-Saxon hero Beowulf and be introduced to the monster Grendel. In maths we will be finding out about mass and capacity. We will investigate solids, liquids and gases which should help us to understand the water cycle. We will also try printing Celtic patterns with our home made, knot work.

Homework 15.1.2016. Learn your spellings ready for testing on Wednesday. Complete the image of Beowulf's departure that you began at school and have a go at some maths 'Homerwork', putting the decimal numbers in order.


Welcome back to a new near and a new term.

There are lots of exciting things to look forward to this term including Science Week and a week of activities linked to Tim Peake's mission on the International Space Station. 

This week in maths the children will be introduced to decimals and their link to place value (hundreds, tens, ones, tenths and hundredths).

In Literacy we have just finished a short unit on Instruction Writing and are about to embark on a journey through the Anglo-Saxon and Viking era. We will be using the exciting Anglo-Saxon story about the hero Beowulf and the monster Grendal to develop our literacy skills.

In art this week we will be copying some Celtic style art by using string to plait and print with.

In science we will be finding out about solids, liquids and gases and how water can change between these states in the water cycle.

Some of the pencil cases designed and made by Emerald Class

Homework 8.1.2016 Spellings - Select between 10 and 15 to learn ready for testing on Wednesday. Maths - Choose 3 or 4 times tables to practice on the 'straight' and 'muddled' grid. You can check to see if they are correct on the Times Tables Grid in your Reading Diary.

Homework set 4th December 2015 - Choose a set of spellings and don't forget to learn your words for the Carol Service

Making corn dollies to celebrate harvest

Investigating digestion

Maths Homework - 27th November.


Try the calculations on your sheet. Remember to use the methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division we have tried this year.

If you lose your sheet you can pick up a replacement one in school on Monday.


Well done for all your hard work on fractions last week. 


Maths Homework 13.11.2015. Number Families. Choose one level.

Maths half term homework

Maths Homework 16.10.15

Below is a Literacy worksheet pack that begins with simple challenges then gradually gets harder. You are welcome to do one or more of them.

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