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The study of geography at Dormansland provides the children with the opportunity to have a broader understanding of the world around them, in terms of the physical make up, cultures and how people live around the world. It allows them to be able to discuss and develop their own views and opinions on world issues, such as deforestation and plastic pollution. Through their studies of different countries, the children can better understand different societies and draw comparisons to their own way of life.

In KS1, the children learn basic locational knowledge through their various topics  and are introduced to geographical vocabulary through their school trips to Hever Castle and Brighton. Fieldwork and map skills are  regularly undertaken during their trips to Ashdown Forest.

In KS2, the children learn about their immediate location with a study of Dormansland and further afield, when they study India. In Years 5 and 6, the children look at the world on a bigger scale looking at different cultures and climates around the world, enabling children to better understand how people around the world live and to make comparison with physical geography. The rainforest topic provides the opportunity to incorporate a number of different elements of geography including the Amazon, Brazil, deforestation and a local fieldwork study at a local reservoir and UK rivers.