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In case of snow

In case of snow..........It looks like there may be snow this week. Here are a few ideas for children.

Play in the snow and have fun!!! It doesn't often happen, so enjoy it.

Write a poem on the theme of snow.

Paint a picture of a snowy day.

Log in to Espresso and do the maths units focussing on shape and space and  coordinates.

Read a good book, and prepare a book to bring in on Thursday for World Book Day.

Write a snowy story.

Click on the link below to hear Aesop's fables....How many do you know?

Remember the 'arkive ' website we looked at for cuttlefish? Use the 'arkive' link below to find out about deer and harvest mice. Don't stop there, explore the whole site-it's amazingly interesting if you want to find out about animals!