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The Governing Body, consisting of a team of volunteers, works hard to act as a 'critical friend' for the senior management of the school. It is our role to hold the school to account in its efforts to continue to improve and strategically develop the school. We ensure that the education of our pupils remains its core focus. 


The core functions of governance are:
1. Ensuring that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined.
2. Ensuring that the head teacher performs their responsibilities for the educational performance of the school.
3. Ensuring the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources.
In line with this, Ofsted have expanded the criteria used by inspectors, which now include:
How well Governors;

  • Contribute to the school’s self-evaluation and understand its strengths and weaknesses, as well as ensuring they reflect on their own impact on school improvement.


  • Support and strengthen school leadership, including their own development, by attending relevant training and development opportunities.


  • Provide challenge and hold the school to account for improving the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and pupils’ behaviour and safety.

In practical terms this means we, as Governors, must ensure we understand the vision of the school and ask questions and comment at meetings so that our role in leadership can be evidenced within governing body minutes.  We also attend training courses and use the skills learnt in practical ways to benefit the school. 

Governor details and meeting attendance 2020-2021






   Meeting attendance


Meeting attendance 2020-2021





Start date

Term of office end

Appointed by

      FGB meetings: 7

FGB meetings:8

(5 for IEB from February 2021)

 Chris WilliamsonAppointed27/01/21 LAn/a3/3
 Alan GardnerAppointed27/01/21 LAn/a3/3
 Linda JasperAppointed27/01/21 LAn/a3/3
 Catriona SandersonClerk01/09/07  7/76/6
 Past Governors  Date Left   
 Julia LoweStaffApril 201307/12/20Staff7/73/3
 Angela Winsor:  ChairCo-optedFeb 201318/01/21Governors7/73/3
 Lucy Whitehead:   Vice-ChairParentMarch 201718/01/21Parents7/73/3
 Tony DayCo-optedMay 201622/01/21Governors7/73/3
 Anna FranklinParentNov 201822/01/21Parents6/73/3
 Sarah GeorgeCo-optedJuly 201922/01/21Governors5/73/3
 James MichieParentNov 201822/01/21Parents7/73/3

 Matt Smith


March 2017




 Darren SteadCo-optedJune 201818/01/21Governors6/73/3


Dormansland Primary School

Governing Body

Register of Interests as declared Academic Year 2020-2021


 Name of Organisation

 Nature of Business

 Nature of Interest

Date Declared

 Chris Williamson   Chair of IEB  Oakbank Governance Services   LLP  Consultancy  Partner  02/02/21
 The Howard Partnership Trust  Education:  Academy Trust  Member & Trustee
 LIFT Partnership Trust  Education:  Academy Trust  Trustee
 Linden Bridge School  Education  Governor
 Meadhurst School
 Kenyngton Manor School
 Alan Gardner
 BOWLES Rocks Trust  Experiential Training  Director/Trustee  02/02/21
 St Teresa's School, Effingham  Education  Consultant
 Goldsworth Trust  Education:  Academy Trust  Director
 Thorpe Lea Primary School,   Egham  Education  Governor
 Linda Jasper  Gosden House Special School,   Guildford  Education  Co-opted Governor  03/02/21