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A Huge Thankyou

Thanks to the PTA, we now have some fantastic wellington boot racks in the playground for our infamous 'Welly Wednesdays' in the Autumn. When you come back to school, your child can bring in a pair of named wellies and keep them in school for whenever the field is deemed dry enough for a special playtime. I wonder who will be first to claim their wellies' place on the new rack?


 Reception and Year 1 children have also got a brand new sandpit to play in when they return!


Huge, heartfelt thanks to our amazing PTA team for working tirelessly over the summer to make these plans come to fruition. Thanks, also, to all our families who have raised enough money for us to be able to do these things for the children.


Look out for a few other exciting changes when you come back to school ....


Mrs Stokes smiley