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A Visit to Lingfield College Orchestra

Dear Parents and Carers,


Emerald Class were fortunate enough this lunchtime to visit the Junior orchestra at Lingfield College as they were putting the finishing touches to a performance for their parents in a special concert next week. We were shown all of the different instruments that make up the orchestra and how they make their sounds. In particular, our children were fascinated by how the violins fit into the whole orchestral sound, as they are working so hard on polishing their own violin playing this term. 


The orchestra then played two pieces for us, which were very enjoyable. I think I will be humming Bare Necessities in my head for the rest of the day!


Our children were complimented by staff at the college on their manners and politeness which were exemplary.


We wish our friends at Lingfield College every success with their concert next Tuesday and look forward to being invited back again for another visit later in the year. Many thanks to Mrs Mills and Mr Morris for making us feel so welcome today.


We will be in touch with you again soon about coming in for an end of term concert to see just how fantastic your own violin-playing superstars are!


Mrs Stokes laugh and Miss Carter smiley