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Blast Off!

We had a fantastic assembly yesterday with Mrs Miller, who helped us to prepare for the live launch of the Soyuz space rocket from Kazakhstan on its way to the International Space Station. On board is the first British astronaut to visit the ISS, Tim Peake, who we have been learning about and who wants us to join him for some exciting science experiments on earth over the next six months, while he is up in space.


During our assembly, we learned how to count down in Russian (Tim Peake says that the hardest part of his training for the last six years has been having to learn to speak Russian), what Tim has packed in his 1.5kg luggage allowance, how the space rocket works and what it's like to live and work on the ISS.


We even launched our own space rocket in our assembly!


Then it was time to settle back and watch the real rocket as it prepared for lift off. We all held our breath as the countdown began (in Russian) and .... it was off!




Five .... four .... three .... two .... one .... lift off!


Russian phonetic spelling:


Pyat .... chetyre .... tri ....dva ....odin .... podnimite!


Later in the afternoon, Mrs Stokes watched the rocket dock with the ISS with the Amigos children in her office after a six and a half hour journey into space.


What an exhilarating day for our budding British scientists!


Mrs Stokes smiley