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Dormansland Millenium Map

We are extremely fortunate to have secured a visit from the Lingfield and Dormansland Millenium Map to our school for a short time. A group of volunteers from the local communities of Lingfield and Dormansland worked together to create a textile map of the area, with the Millenium line clearly marked, along with a range of special places of local interest. The embroidery work is beautiful and the attention to detail is really quite stunning.

This map usually moves between several local churches but, thanks to the persuasive powers of Mrs Miller, we are delighted that it has made a detour into our school library for a couple of weeks.

The children will all have an opportunity to study the map (and its accompanying book) in greater detail during the course of their learning. However, if you would like to pop in and take a look at it yourself while it is here, please feel free to do so. It really is a quite magnificent work!