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Dormansland Rocks!

As part of their first Food Hero review meeting, the children suggested that we might consider having live music in the dining hall over lunchtime on a Friday.


We began this today, thanks to Isobel Upton in Year 5 and her karaoke machine! It was rather chaotic today, but now that we know what we are doing, I think future concerts will be even more impressive.


We think this is something else that makes Dormansland the special school it is, and I can't wait for other children to come forward with their offers of musical entertainment on Friday lunchtimes.


So,if your child is a budding musician (and I know we have them!), please chat to them about whether or not they would like to play for us during lunchtime on a Friday in school.


I'm off to brush up on my karaoke skills before next week ....


Mrs Stokes and the Food Hero Team frown