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It's Snow Time!

Dear Parents,


We made it out onto the school field just in time before the majority of the snow had melted. I don't think the children would have forgiven me if I hadn't let them play out today! We have kept them wrapped up and warm, and have changed them into their PE joggers or spare tights/socks if we could see they were a bit damp when they came back in. Hopefully, all the right clothing will come home this weekend, even if it is a little bit soggy around the edges.


We are closing at 3.15 today, and there will be no yarnbombing or Amigos as some of our staff have quite a distance to travel and I am anxious for them to be on their way before dark. Many thanks to all parents for your understanding and support with this today.


Below are just a few photos of our snow fun this afternoon. Have a wonderful weekend and please keep an eye on the front page of the website on Monday if the weather forecast is looking problematic again.


Sarah Stokes