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MacMillan Coffee Morning

Sitting here in my office, the rain lashing against the window as I type this, I can't help feeling ever so slightly smug at how, once again, the sun smiled down on us at Dormansland this morning.


As you can see from the photos below, our fundraising event was incredibly well attended, and we were delighted to welcome so many family and friends to have 'elevenses' with us and the children. A particular welcome to those of you in our new families in Reception who were able to come along - I hope this has given you a flavour of the types of things we love to organise for you and your children. Please don't worry, the separation tears were soon gone, once the classes were back inside and everyone is now busy again, getting on with the rest of the day.


Thank you so much for your generous donations of both cakes and cash today. We still need to count the coins, but we have over £460 in notes so far, and the money is still coming in. The children have learned about the essential work that the MacMillan charity does and they know that every single penny counts, so please do send in a donation, if you have not already done so. 


We do have some cakes left over from our event, which will be on sale after school in the outdoor cabin this afternoon, should anyone feel that they have not had enough cake already today! 


Finally, a huge thank you to Sarah Vedor for organising this event for the school, and her team of ever willing and able helpers, without whom these things would not be such a success. Thank you also to those parents who stayed behind and helped us to clear away. As always, we are extremely grateful.