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New Outdoor Learning Cabin

It will come as no surprise to you all that our eagerly anticipated outdoor learning cabin has arrived this weekend. The children were thrilled with it on Monday morning, when they arrived in school and we were in danger, at one point, of having the entire school community crammed in there as everyone wanted to take a look inside!


We are so grateful to the PTA for funding this amazing resource for our school. Particular thanks must go to Rachael Tufo for all her incredible work with Tandridge planning department, her endless grant application forms and her tireless commitment to having this building installed for the start of the new term.


Of course, this would not have happened without David Coward, who designed the cabin and installed it last weekend, along with his team of labourers and Chris Gibbs, Tony Day and Trevor Smeaton. Thanks also to Trevor for filming the event for our online video prospectus (more on this soon) and to Sue Smeaton for ensuring that there was plenty of sustenance to be had throughout the day in the form of bacon sarnies and mugs of tea.


We are happy for the children to go in and out of the building but I would ask parents to please supervise any toddlers in there and not to let any children climb on this building. The trim trail provides plenty of climbing apparatus.


Proper seating will be installed in due course and we are very excited about a project we will be working on with the children in school to design and create a pathway to the cabin from the playground that reflects every child currently at Dormansland. This will be their chance to leave a lasting legacy at our school for other children to see and enjoy for years to come.


Mrs Stokes smiley


PS. Keep an extra special eye out for wolves. This is a house built of sticks, after all ....