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Our PTA have done it again!

Just take a look at our brand new playboat!

The children have loved watching its installation this week and are itching to have a play on it when they return after half term.

Not only is it a sturdy vessel, ready to take to the High Seas for some rip-roaring adventures, but it even has the ocean around it! 

The surfacing is fully compliant with all safety standards for playground equipment and is incredibly soft and spongey, should any pirate take a little tumble out at sea. 

We are more than happy for your little ones to have a play on it while waiting for their older siblings to come out of school, but please do remember that they will need supervising while climbing.


Thank you to the incredible generosity of our parents, once again, and to the PTA committee for bringing this project to fruition.


Now, where are my band of pesky pirates? A-harrrr!!