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Passports to Learning

On Monday, every child in Years 1 to 6 was issued with their first ever Dormansland Passport to Learning.


The children had spent time in class on Friday, compiling their ID papers and creating their passport 'photo' ready for the big day.


When the Passport Office opened at 11am on Monday, the children had to queue, firstly to have their papers checked by the passport office team and to have their details transferred into their passports.


They then had to meet with the Chief Passport Officer (surprise), who checked their identity against their photos, and spent time talking to them about their learning for the forthcoming year. Only when she was satisfied, could their ID papers be stamped with an official 'Application Approved' stamp and their passports handed over.


It was an absolute honour and a privilege to be able to talk to every single child in the school about their learning for this year. I hope that the passports enable them to focus on what really matters when they are endeavouring to be effective learners and for them to gain a real sense of achievement and satisfaction through being challenged by their learning this year.


Mrs Stokes smiley