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Sporting Superheroes


We were so proud of our sports day superstars today! What a fantastic way to showcase not only their sports skills but also their sportsmanship qualities, resilience and endurance. The sun was kind to us yet again, and we loved welcoming so many friends and family who joined us for the day.


As well as the children, of whom I was extremely proud today, I would like to thank the PTA for organising refreshments and lunch, and the staff team for their enthusiasm and support for the children, led so capably by Mr Cook. I am also grateful to Mr Smeaton, Grace Smeaton and Mrs Firmin for their continued commitment to recording and photographing our school events for us.


Keep an eye on our website over the next few days, when we will upload some photos of this wonderful community event.


Oh, and I hope the children sleep well tonight!


Mrs Stokes frown