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The Sounds of Dormansland. Reflections on a Friday afternoon.

I have spent most of this past week walking up and down the building, from one end to the other, checking in on classrooms, smiling at people in corridors and making sure that all is as it should be.


Let me tell you what I have just seen and heard on my most recent walk this afternoon:


- laughter, as a child played a game with an adult

- silence, as a class listened with rapt expressions to their teacher telling a story

- giggles from under a parachute in the playground, where an entire class had disappeared

- more laughter, as a class held a talent contest and some children were doing a crazy dance to music

- the harmonious strains of a viola, as a teacher demonstrated how music works to her class

- lively and animated discussion during circle time about behaviour goals and expectations

- silence, as a class watched an extract from a DVD in preparation for an exciting new project they are starting next week


It's good to be back at Dormansland!


With best wishes to you all for a wonderful weekend,


Sarah Stokes