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This Year's Gonna Be Great!

Welcome back!

We really have had a fantastic start to the new term at Dormansland. The children have settled quickly into their new year groups, and even the staff members who have moved classrooms this year are coping reasonably well!

We have been so impressed by our new Reception children, all of whom have really taken to the classroom this week. We are now looking forward to our final group of children joining them on Monday and to the whole class staying a little longer each day, so that they can eat their lunch with their friends and with the older children.

I love being able to visit the new Reception class and see if they can remember my name when I next pop in. One of the children told Mrs Pollard quite grumpily that he ‘still doesn’t really know who she is,’ as he pointed in my direction on Thursday, so I expect I will have to make some return visits before he is completely satisfied in this regard.

So far this term, I have had the privilege of working with the children in Years 1, 4, 5 and 6. We have talked about our dreams and aspirations for the year ahead and I was delighted to hear so many of them setting their goals really high. I am looking forward to having similar discussions with Years 2 and 3 next week.

Our challenge to ourselves as a school community this year is ‘Be Incredible!’ I know that every child here is incredible and I want them to reach for the stars, take some risks and find their own, unique incredible qualities over the year ahead. We celebrate achievements in and out of school, in and out of the curriculum and in all of our friendships and the children never cease to amaze me.

So come back next Monday, on time and ready to keep striving for those incredible goals that make Dormansland such a special place.

Sarah Stokes smiley