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What a May Fair!

Well, thank goodness the weather was so good to us! We couldn't believe how glorious the sunshine was for our PTA May Fair on Saturday.


The children sparkled just as much as the sunshine, and their performances were wonderful. We had such a varied programme of events on the stage and, as you can see from the photos now rotating round on our home page, it really was a fantastically attended afternoon.


I know that many of you who came along have already thanked the PTA fair committee for all their hard work, but I would like to add my own personal thanks. Thank you all so much for your amazing enthusiasm, creativity and passion for giving the children and their families the best possible Saturday afternoon you could deliver. Without you, Dormansland would not be the school that it is.


Thanks, also, to Trevor Smeaton and Kelly Firmin for their gorgeous photos, Sue Smeaton for running the cake competition, the School Council for organising the talent competition, Lyndsey Leighton and the Year 4 team for rehearsing the children with their violins, Chris Eaton and Cinderella for the miles they walked around the school field on Saturday, Anna Thompson for her wonderful work with the choir, the Lingfield branch of Howard Cundey for their contribution to the funds and for manning the wet sponge stall on the day, the local groups who agreed to perform for us, all the staff for rehearsing their classes with dancing, Rhea Hobby for her enchanting story-telling skills, Olive Appavoo for her beauty salon, the guys who ran the go-karts, Year 5 for running the games stalls, all the parents who helped organise, make, set up, run stalls and clear away, even the children who took such delight in throwing wet sponges at my face. And, of course, to all those families who came along and supported this event.


I know that Claire will want to add her own thanks to this list, so watch out for more information in this half term's newsletter, due out later this week. There will also be further news on how much money you raised and how this is going to be spent in due course.


There are a number of additional photos now available on the PTA gallery, under the 'PTA events' tab in the 'Community' drop down menu. Further photos of the cake competition entries will appear soon.


Finally, the children will find out who won various events at the Fair during our celebration assembly this Thursday.


Thank you all again for your continued Herculean support for our school.


Sarah Stokes frown


PS. Can I please stop having to wear my Miss Trunchbull costume now?