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Winter Wonderland Magic

A huge, heartfelt thanks and congratulations go to our incredible PTA yet again, for their inspirational Winter Wonderland Festival last weekend. I know just how much work goes into making events on this scale a success and this one was no exception. The commitment, creative energy and enthusiasm of the team, led by Rachael Tufo and Sue Smeaton this year, were second to none and it was fantastic to see so many of our families and members of the local community brave the arctic conditions and join us on Saturday afternoon.


More formal thank yous will be sent out in due course, but I did want to add my own appreciation for the day's events and the funds these will have raised.


I have no doubt that the children will have told you by now that they won this year's Winter Wonderland Tree Challenge for the second year in a row, with a staggering 559 gifts brought in for sale at our Festival. This was against the challenging (or so I thought ....) target of 500 gifts, and was a huge increase on the 453 that they achieved this time last year.


So, no ridiculous Christmas Tree costumes for me this year, I thought. Oh no, I won't be caught out twice, I decided. But yet again, the PTA had other plans. This year's challenge: for the staff to 'Do the Strictly' in assembly.   


Well, suffice it to say, we were brilliant. Sadly, and rather mysteriously, there were no batteries available for a single one of our school cameras (really not sure what happened there ....) but the children will verify that we were fab-u-lous.


And those children who scored us a 'Ten from Len'? You are now, of course, officially my favourites. You know who you are.


Mrs Stokes 🤗