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Thank you so much for such an amazing year! It has been an absolute pleasure teaching Opal Class this year.


Thank you so much for all your kind wishes, cards and gifts. 


 Enjoy your summer holidays!

WE 14.7.17

A busy week again! We loved going to Tescos this week. We learnt a lot about supermarkets and really enjoyed tasting lots of food. We were especially interested in the fish counter! What can you remember from our trip? 

We wrote our own stories based on the book 'That Pesky Rat' after acting out in groups. We used minibeasts and creatures we saw at Wakehurst.


Thank you for the amazing Flat Stanley letters we have been receiving from lots of different countries. It has been amazing looking at different houses from  around the world! 


Have a lovely weekend!  


Week ending 7.7.17

We have enjoyed learning about trees this week. We know what deciduous and evergreen trees are! Can you remember what the difference is?




We went on a walk around school and found a variety of different trees and plants. We visited the garden and found lots of leaves. Can you remember any of the names of the trees or plants?


We have been learning about time and can tell the time using the clock to the hour and half past the hour.


We know that as the seasons change this changes the plants and flowers change. We have watched this video about the story The Tiny Seed. We have discussed the seasons and what happened over time. 


We have been using a variety of language to describe time - before, after, first, next, yesterday, today, tomorrow, morning, afternoon, evening

Can you use these words to describe time?


We are currently planning and going to write a story based on That Pesky Rat. We have changed the story and used mini beasts that we found at Wakehurst! 

Trip to Tescos!

Please remember to bring your Tesco slips back to school! smiley

We are all looking forward to this trip! If you need a letter please look below for another copy. 


Please could we ask for more parent helpers for this trip to Tescos. Let us know by email or pop into school. 


Thank you!smiley


WE 22.6.17

What a sunny week! We have been busy writing stories using a story plan. We read the story 'Home' and changed the characters and setting. 


In maths, we have been practising multiplying in 2s 5s and 10s and solving problems involving division. 


We have continued to look at old and new objects around the house. Have a look at this website BBC history. 


Enjoy your INSET day!

WE 16.6.17

We have had a fun week making up our own stories! We know that stories are made up of different characters, a problem  and in a specific setting. We have been looking at planning our own story and acting out the stories. We have read the story 'Home' by Alex T. Smith, this is a fun story about four friends who try to find their own houses. 



In maths, we have been learning about adding and subtracting in a context. If we know the important information in a word problem, by highlighting the words,  we can work out what we need to do.   Have a go at the problems below.


We have been learning all about Alexander Graham Bell and know that he invented the telephone. Have a look at the video about Alexander Graham Bell



Flat Stanley Letter


Thank you for bringing in your Flat Stanley envelopes. If your child has not brought there stamped addressed envelopes into school yet, please can you do this as soon as possible? If you need another envelope let me know. 

Thank you! 

Flat Stanely Addressed Envelope

WE 9th June 2017 Art Week!

We loved art week! We learnt about lots of different artists - Andy Goldsworthy, Barbara Hepworth, and L.S. Lowry. What can you remember about each artist?


  • We drew observational drawings of natural objects we found outside, we learnt how to look closely at objects and draw what we saw. 
  • We made nature inspired masks from foam and added feathers and pompoms! We could talk about our inspirations. 
  • We designed our own family of stones, inspired by Barbara Hepworth and made our own creations using playdough too!
  • We created our own clay house sculptures. 
  • As a team we drew our own Lowry inspired pictures. 


What was your favourite part of the week?







WE 19.5.17

This has been an action packed week! We have been practising our maypole dancing, we have been on a village walk, working hard with our assembly preparations and made lots of houses!


Thank you to the helpers that came with us on our village walk, it was great to get the opportunity to explore some of the houses that are in Dormansland. Please have a look at the pictures from our walk. 


We have been working hard with our assembly this week and are looking forward to showing our parents on Friday 26th May. 


We have been busy bees planning, designing and making our very own houses. We had lots of different shaped boxes and materials and we had a very creative day on Friday! Have a look at some of the photos from our creative day! 


In maths, we have been learning to use number bonds to 10 and 20 to add and subtract. If we know 2+18 = 20, we know that 20-18=2 or ? + 2 = 20. 


We have also learnt to add and subtract 10 on a 100 square. Can you remember what to do? To add 10, hop to the row below to find the number, 14 + 10= 24, or if you need to subtract 10, hop to the row above the number, 14 - 10 = 4. Have a go on this 100 square  -  splat game.  


We have continued to look at houses in the past, what do you remember about a castle?



Help needed!

If you are available to help on Wednesday 17th May on our walk around Dormansland, please let us know!

Home learning

Have a look at our home learning grid! smiley

Week Ending 12.5.17

We started off the week by reading the story of 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig'. We discussed the different materials the wolves used to make their houses. We wrote sentences using conjunctions - because, so, but, and.  Watch the video of The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig!

We have been finding out about different houses in the world, we read a book called 'Let's Build a House'. 

   Can you remember the different names?  


We have also gone into the past. In history, we have learnt about how houses looked. We noticed that houses were made from different materials. We made a timeline of houses from the past. (see the ppt below)


We took part in a science experiment. We looked at different materials and tested them to see which were the best to make a house. We discussed our observations. Can you remember what we found out?



Can you remember which materials are man-made or natural?


In maths, we have learnt about place value using a 100 square. We know how to find one more and one less on a 100 square and have solved problems involving one more and one less. Have a look at the problems below. 


Walk around Dormansland - please help!

As part of our topic on 'homes', we would like to walk around Dormansland to look at the different houses we can see. 


Parents, if you are free to help on Wednesday 17th May at 9am to walk around Dormansland we would be very grateful! Please let us know in class or the school office. 

Thank you! 

WE 5th May 2017

We have had a busy week as we continue our learning.


In order to build a home, you need to find the best materials. We have been looking at the properties of different materials and using words such as hard, soft, stretchy and rigid.  Take a look at different materials around your home, how could you describe it? Can you remember how the different materials are made?


We have looked closely at different houses and drawn and labelled our pictures, we can name the parts of the house. We have drawn some great pictures using a ruler!


In maths, we have learnt how to write the numbers using words and matching them to the numeral. Can you practise these at home? We have also learnt about using the hungry crocodile who likes to eat the bigger number! Practise using these signs at home < >

for example 5>2 or 10<100


WE 28.4.17

This week we have been learning all about different types of houses. Can you remember the different types?



Which is a terraced house? Which is a  bungalow? Which is a semi-detached? Which is a detached?


We had a letter from Flat Stanley, we are going to help him find a house to live in, in Dormansland. 



In maths, we have been learning to use the 100 square to help us count forwards and backwards. We have been using the game 'splat' to help us. 


We have enjoyed this one too - caterpillar ordering


We have been working on a variety of activities!



Let's build a home!

We have started talking about our new topic this term - 'Let's build a home!' We will be looking into different types of houses and homes and discovering different countries and periods in history. We will be talking about our homes and using our imagination to create new homes!


So far, we have been learning about our own experiences. We have been talking about why our homes are special and what we have in our homes. We have painted our houses and described what they look like!


Please can you start saving boxes and junk modelling for us to design and make our own homes!


Our topic web for this term...

Welcome back! 


We hope you had a lovely Easter break! We look forward to the term ahead. We have lots of exciting things planned! 



Happy Easter Holidays

We hope you are enjoying the holidays so far. Have lots fun and well earned rest! It has been an action packed term.


See you next term for lots more fun! smiley

Week Ending 24.3.17

We have had a fun packed week. We were lucky on Monday to watch a theater production called 'Let's Pretend'. We pretended to act out different stories. We have worked really hard to write them too! Can you have a go at writing a story? Remember to use some description words too.


In maths, we have learnt all about halving, we can recognise 1/2 as  a fraction. We can halve objects and shapes. When halving, you need to make sure that each half is the same.   


We enjoyed writing about our Mums. We have written some poems using 'similes'.

My mum is as sweet as a cookie. 

My mum is a beautiful as a butterfly. 


We hope you liked your special flowers and poems! Happy Mother's Day!

Can you write about these pictures? Remember to use some adjectives. What story may happen?

Week Ending 17th March 2017


We have been hard at work with our division.  We have been learning to divide by grouping objects.  If we draw around groups of objects we can find the answer. 


We continued to write acrostic poems about the Gruffalo and for our own names too. We have written some great ideas! 


In science, we have been learning about naming the parts of the human body. We have started to look at comparing the human body to an animal body. 


We learnt about Acrimboldo and his work. We have enjoyed making fruit faces too!


Just a note...

The children have been very excited to bring in money for red noses. If your child would like to bring in some money to pay for a red nose, please can they bring it in with a clearly named envelope or purse. 

Thank you smiley

Week Ending 10.3.17

Another exciting week of different adventures!


We have been learning to write acrostic poems this week! We thought about our amazing trip to the Ashdown Forest and discussed what we saw, heard, touched, tasted (lunch!) and smelt using our senses. We  identified some description words and used them in our poem. Can you write a poem using the word FOREST down the side? 








In maths, we have learned about dividing. We know how to share out objects by dividing them equally.  We have been drawing circles and sharing the dots out to find the answer. Even numbers are numbers which you can divide equally and odd numbers you cannot divide equally.

We know how to add the suffix 'ing' onto verbs. We have been learning that some words you need to take the 'e' off the word before you add the 'ing', for example make, becomes making when you add the 'ing'.


Ashdown Forest

​​​​​​We may need some more help during our trip to Ashdown Forest this Wednesday. If you are able to help, please let the office know. Thank you! smiley

Week Ending 4.3.17

Our Gruffalo theme continued this week! We have been writing all about the different characters and enjoyed thinking about different adjectives to describe them.  


We have also written about our amazing 'World Book Day', we were different characters! We had fun describing them too. 


We also have learnt about suffixes. We know if you add an 'ed' to a word it means it has happened in the past. We will remember this by adding 'Uncle Ed' as he likes to remember things that have happened in the past. Can you add 'ed' to play, jump, walk, help? What would would you write?


We have been learning to multiply numbers too. We have been drawing arrays of multiplying  2s, 5s and 10s and learning to answer multiplication sentences. We used objects and drawings to help us.  Can you remember how to draw the arrays? Can you remember the pattern?


This week we are going to learn how to divide numbers in the 2 5 and 10 times tables. 


World Book Day

WE  24.2.17

We have been learning about the story of the 'Gruffalo'.  


We know the Gruffalo is written in rhyme, we have been learning to recognise  rhyming words and sentences. What words do you know that rhyme?


In English, we have been looking at making words into plurals. We know that by listening to the word as a plural, we can either add 's' or 'es' to make it mean more than one.  


We have also been learning to write questions,  using a question mark at the end. We have been thinking about different questions we could ask about the Gruffalo and the different characters. 


In Maths, we have been learning about measuring, we have been learning to measure by comparing three or more objects.  We know we need to make sure they are measured from the same place.  We have been also measuring objects using non-standard objects such as cubes, then we used rulers to measure objects to measure with centimeters. 


We have began to learn about multiplication. To begin with, we have been looking at counting in 2s using repeated addition. We have started to write the multiplication number sentences. Next week we will have a look at counting in 10s and 5s.




Week Ending 10.2.17 Science Week!

We had an amazing week! 

On Monday we began the week by making houses for the 'Three Little Pigs'. We looked at different materials and investigated which would be the best to make a house. We had sugar cubes, jelly, lego, sticks,  and junk modelling boxes.  Which did you think was the best?


On Tuesday we were very lucky to have a 'planetarium' visit us. We looked at the stars and the planets in the solar system. We made fizzy planets and collected stars from the gel! We loved making air rockets using a small and large straw. We also made rocket mice to launch from a milk bottle. We learnt all about how air can make objects move. 


On Wednesday we began to make our special motors. First we made the machine and then created our woodland animal to go on top! They were a challenge but we were proud of the result! We also planted some cress seeds and discussed see how plants grow. What is happening to your cress now? 


One Thursday we made some 'Gruffalo bread rolls'. We made the bread in the morning, designed the rolls on paper and then created the design in the afternoon. We had all sorts of rolls, Gruffalo feet, owls, snakes and hedgehogs!


Friday we finished off our creations in the morning and enjoyed sharing  our work in an exhibition Friday afternoon. What a busy week!


Thank you to all the parents who came into school to help us, we could not have done it without you!


Enjoy the half term break!smiley 

If you fancy making the 'Gruffalo Bread' here is the recipe...

Weekly words for the week beginning 6.2.17


As you are aware this week has been science week. We have had an amazing week of discovery and exploration. Therefore, the weekly words have not been checked this week. We will, however, check these current words the week after half term. I wish you a lovely restful half term holiday. smiley

Week ending 3.2.17

This week has been fun creating our own stories. We retold the story of The Three Little Pigs and then changed the story to make it our own. What story could you make? We had some great ideas - The Three Little Birds and the Big Bad Cat!  We have enjoyed becoming authors and making up new tales!


In maths, we have been learning to fill in missing number problems. We have been working on finding the missing numbers by finding the inverse of the number sentence. For example, if 5+ ? =7 what is the missing number? You could swop it around and find 7-5=2, therefore 5+2=7. See if you can make your own up. 


Next week is 'Science Week'. If you have any spare empty and clean milk bottles, please can you bring them in? Thank you! 


Week Ending 27.1.17

This week we have been learning about the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'.  We have enjoyed acting out the story and performing it in front of the class. 


We have learnt all about place value, we know that two digit numbers are made from 'tens' and 'ones' and we have been working hard to make numbers using different resources. Use this website to have a go at making numbers using the 'tens' and 'ones'.


Have a go at this maths game 'one more one less'.


On Friday, we celebrated Chinese New Year. We made Chinese lanterns, dragons and painted Chinese numbers.  We really enjoyed reading the story about the animals in the race. 


In geography, we have been locating the countries of the United Kingdom. We know where England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are located. 






WE 20.1.17

This week...

We have been counting money this week. We know the different coins and have been using 1p, 2p, 5p coins to make different amounts to 'pay' for the fruit we used in our smoothies! We also have learnt about 'tens' and 'ones' in numbers. 


We have also enjoyed our trip to Ashdown Forest. Although it was cold, we had a lovely day! We made some 'houses' from sticks and twigs and trees. 


We have decorated our classroom door and created our very own gingerbread house. 


Using 1p, 2p and 5p coins. How many ways can you make the amounts?

Week ending 13.1.17

This week...



After reading the story What's in the Witch's Kitchen?' the witch asked us to make a 'healthy potion' because her house is made of sweets.  We decided what food was healthy and decided on a fruit smoothie potion.  We then thought that the witch would need some instructions to know how to make the new potion. 


We are learning to use 'bossy' language first, next, then, after that, finally to write a set of instructions.  After looking at some real instructions, we found that instructions need a list of equipment needed, steps or a method to follow and a picture too. 


To help us with making our fruit smoothie we need to know about capacity. We have explored a variety of materials to identify empty, full, nearly empty, nearly full, half empty and half full. 


We really enjoyed making our smoothie and tasting it too! 


What would your 'witch's house look like? What sort of sweets would it have on it?


Weekly words


Please can you bring in your word wallets or books in next  week, we continue to change our spellings every week.  





Home learning for this term...

This term we will be learning...

The Enchanted Forest

Happy New Year! We hope that you had a lovely Christmas and are ready to come back to start the new term!


This term our topic is 'The Enchanted Forest' we will be looking at a variety of traditional tales, learning about woodland animals and creating our own stories. We are going to be delving into the magic of the forest!


Have a look at this website for a variety of traditional tales


Weekly words

You have new words to learn this week, please continue to learn them over the Christmas holidays and we will give you new words in the New Year. Have fun playing games and remembering the words you have learnt so far this term. 

Have fun! 



Obb and Bob Picnic on Pluto

We have enjoyed playing this game and deciding which word is real and which is an alien (made up) word. Have fun! 

Week Ending 9.12.16


We have worked hard this week with our Nativity. Everyone has been a superstar and it has been great fun performing our songs and dances!  


We have written a letter to Santa and enjoyed talking about what we would like to ask him! We have also made cards ready for Christmas and enjoyed creating our own decorations! 



Week ending 2.12.16

This week we have been working hard at practising our Christmas Nativity. We are so excited to perform our show next week and we cannot wait to wear our costumes on stage!


We have been learning about the Christmas story and identifying the main characters. Which characters can you remember?


We will continue with checking our words next week, so have a weekend off this week to practise the songs for the nativity! Words will be put in bags next week to be checked the following week. 


Can you remember the trigraphs we have learnt this week? ear air igh  Can you think of any words that have those sounds in?



Week ending 25.11.16

This week we have been learning how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been chanting the numbers to help us remember them. We know it is quicker to count in multiples when counting a large number of objects, especially if they are already in twos, for example, pairs of socks or counting the number of wheels on a bike. You can count in fives when counting, fingers on hands or sides on pentagons. Have a go at this game  - counting in 2s.


We have also started to learn about 'Winnie the Pooh'. We have read the story of 'Finding Winnie' which tells us the history of Winnie the Pooh and how A.A. Milne had the idea to write about Winnie and friends. Winnie was based upon a real bear!


We learnt all about Piet Mondrian, who was Dutch artist who painted 'abstract art'. Can you remember what abstract means? Piet Mondrian was a teacher who intially loved to paint landscapes. However, he became interested in abstract art using lines and primary colours. What are the primary colours?


We made colour wheels, by painting primary colours and then mixed two colours together to make secondary colours. What secondary colours did we make?


Have a look at the story of Piet Mondrian below and maybe you could paint your own colour wheel at home?


In science, we have also learnt how to identify different materials and sort objects into groups. Can you find objects around your home?


Week ending 18.11.16

We have enjoyed an action packed week! We have become real authors, we have written our very own Paddington Bear story based upon our story plans. Paddington has been on some amazing adventures!


Our trip to the Ashdown Forest was a brilliant,  the children came back so excited and it was lovely to hear all about their adventures!


We have continued to talk about how to add money together and created 'Paddington Station' in our classroom. 


We have more exciting adventures next week...


Opal Class' visit to the Ashdown Forest

Week ending 11.11.16

This week we have started to learn about money, we have been recognising different coins and adding simple amounts together using 1p and 2p coins. 

Have a look at some coins? What coins do you see?

How much would 1p + 2p =? 


We have also been learning to plan a story. We have planned our own Paddington story and thought about what could happen. What could be  the 'problem' in the story? How could it be 'solved'? What happens at the end of the story?

Use the Paddington story map to have plan your own story.   


In science, we have been learning to make observations. We put skittles into milk and water and watched what happened. Can you remember what happened?



Weekly Words

Our weekly words will go out on Monday, apologies for the delay in returning the word wallet. If you can remember your words from last week, see if you can write a sentence using them!


We have had great fun learning to play the recorders this week! Remember to practise at home!

This week we have learnt how to hold the recorder, make sure your left hand is at the top and your right hand is supporting the recorder at the bottom.  Can you remember how to play the note 'B'? 

Have a look at this interactive number line to help you with your adding and subtraction, (at the beginning of the remember to write in what number you would like the number line to go up to). 


We are going to be learning how to play the recorder on Wednesday this week! If you have ordered a recorder then you will receive this on Wednesday. If you still need to purchase one, please let the office know. If you are bringing in your own recorder, please bring it in on Wednesday.

Thank you smiley 

Making our 'Days of the Week' paper chains

Week ending 4th November 2016

This week we have been learning all about Bonfire Night. We know who Guy Fawkes is and what he did in the year 1605. Can you remember what happened? What is the date of Bonfire Night? We have written all about the history of Bonfire Night and remembered to use our finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. We have also discussed rules to help us stay safe at our fireworks celebrations and made posters to help us remember these rules. 


We have also learned how to spell the days of the week. We know that every word has 'day' at the end. We made 'days of the week' paper chains to help us remember the spellings. 


Have a look at the powerpoint files below. 



Days of the Week Paper Chain

Week Ending 21st October

Wow, we have had a fantastic first half term! We have been learning lots of facts about 'bears' and enjoyed writing an information poster and book all about about the different types of bears.


This week we were really lucky to go to the church and sing for our harvest festival. We have loved learning all about 'harvest' and writing about our celebrations. We have also been working hard to form our letters correctly, using a cursive script, using the 'lead in lines' and as we say in school "start on the line and you'll be fine!"  In maths, we have been learning about adding and subtracting and using number bonds to 10 to solve lots of number problems. In science, we have been learning how animals are grouped by fish, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. I wonder how many animals you can remember?


We have been busy!


I hope you are enjoying your half term break and are ready for another action packed half term!




Week Ending 14th October 2016

We have had a fun week learning about fiction and non-fiction books, and then we have written our own information posters. We have been working hard to write sentences remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops at the end. This week we have learned to write the letter 'a' using the cursive script, have a look on this website to see how it is done! In maths we are learning to remember the number bonds to 10. We are all looking forward to our Harvest concert on Tuesday and have loved singing our songs!


Harvest Festival

Thank you to the parents who have offered to help us walk down the church on Tuesday morning for our Harvest Festival Celebration. If there are any more willing volunteers to help us walk down we will be very grateful, please let us know! The details are on the 'Letters to Parents' section, week 6. Thank you! smiley 

Number bonds to 10

This week we have been learning to recall number bonds to 10. Here is the game we have played to help us remember the two numbers that make 10 it is called 'Save the Whale'. 

Weekly Words

It is great to hear you have been enjoying learning your weekly words in Opal Class!

Some of you have been reading the high frequency words and some  have been learning to spell them. If you would like some ideas of new games to play to help you learn these words don't forget to email me at the bottom of the page! Have fun!

Here is a copy of the 'weekly words' letters!

Week Ending 7th October 2016

This week we have been learning some facts about different types of bears. We have been talking about brown bears, black bears, panda bears, polar bears, grizzly bears and sloth bears. We have started to write our very own 'bear' fact books. Can you remember any facts at home? 

In maths, we have been learning to add two numbers together by 'counting on' from the bigger number, using a number line and a variety of different resources to help us. 


Weekly Words

Well done for learning your weekly words this week! We apologise the words have not gone home today. They will go home on Monday when you will have a full week to learn the new ones. If you can remember the words from last week, see if you can find them in your reading books. Have a lovely weekend!

We're Going On A Bear Hunt!

Week Ending 30th September 2016


We had an action packed week! We have been learning how to write our own story of 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' following our bear hunt last week... and we still haven't found the bear that visited our classroom!  In maths, we have been learning about tens and units and what 'teen' numbers are made of. We have also learnt about 'weighing' which lead us to making cakes for the MacMillan coffee morning on Friday. Our coffee morning was a great success, thank you for bringing in those delicious cakes!



Please find a copy of the recorder letter, 


Week Ending 23th September 2016

We have had a busy week!


This week we found bear prints in our classroom so we went on bear hunt to see if we could find the bear! We learnt about 'adjectives' to describe places and objects and used adjectives in a sentence. We talked about the different types of bears, including brown bears and polar bears. We know how to count out slowly and carefully when you have a large group of objects and we ordered numbers to 20.


We will continue to look for the bear this week!




Useful information

PE - we have PE on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. 

Show and tell - we are currently going through our 'show and tell' bags your child completed over the summer. Show and tell will continue after we have seen every child's bag. Show and tell will be topic related objects. 


 It has been lovely to hear about your summer holiday adventures! Thank you for bringing them in!




Look at what has been going on in our classroom this week...


Week Ending 16th September 2016

We have had a fantastic full week back at school!


This week we have been learning all about our emotions through the film 'Inside Out'. We have been talking about our emotions and feelings and had lots of fun taking part in lots of activities including creating our own Inside Out character and making our very own 'islands'. This week we have used this website link to make a unique character from the film!


In maths, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We were inspired by the artist Kandinsky who used shapes in his work, then we made our own Kandinsky inspired pictures.


I hope you are looking forward to next week where we will begin to learn about bears! 



Welcome back after the summer holidays!

We have an exciting start to the new term.  Our topic is called ‘Why do bears like honey?’ and we will be learning about different types of bears including bears from our favourite books! In maths we will be learning about numbers, place value, adding and subtracting! We have an action packed term ahead! 

Direct email to the Opal Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Miss May, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is two working days.