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Opal Class

The busy term ends on a high!


Opal class have been finishing their year one packed with practicing their number bonds and place value in maths as well as exploring measuring. They went football crazy with Miss Bell supporting their teams  alongside the maths learning! We have also been looking at rhyming words in English and writing sentences using the days of the week.  There has been time to look at the inventor of the television, John Logie Baird, and play some indoor games that were available when there was no television to watch!  Not only that there was Ashdown forest part 2, inflatable fun and this week their very own award ceremony - including dancing of course!

It only remains for the Opal class teaching team of Miss Bell, Miss Daygia, Mrs Edmead, Mrs. Vedor and Mrs. Wadey to wish you all a wonderful Summer holiday and hope the children come back refreshed ready to start an exciting Year 2, super hero style!

Chiddingstone Castle June 2018

Castle Fun and Class Assembly

Opal class have had a busy few weeks preparing for and having a fantastic visit to Chiddingstone castle which I'm sure they have told you all about!  They have also written independent accounts of their visit and some lovely thank you letters to Fiona, our guide there.  The children took advantage of all that was on offer, spotting many unusual artefacts on the tour and having some hands on history lessons!  In the class assembly they were very keen to show you some of their favourite parts of the visit along with other learning they have enjoyed this term. I hope you enjoyed the Assembly if you were able to attend. The children loved seeing all their special audience there and I'm sure you were very proud of their performance as we all were in school. 

Town and country

This week the children have been comparing town and country life through the story of 'The Town mouse and the Country mouse' and have used the artists Constable and Lowry to inspire their art work.  We have been exploring money in our maths lessons and working on our general team working skills.  On Friday in P.E. the children went 'travelling ' for their dance session and everyone enjoyed having a go at Spanish dancing. 

Just a reminder that next Thursday is our visit to Chiddingstone Castle and the children have already investigated and labelled some Victorian artefacts and are ready to learn more!


Exercising bodies and brains!

This week has flown by with the children working very hard to show how hard they have been practicing for Sports Day and testing their phonic and mathematical skills.  They have been busy exploring multiplication, counting in 2, 5 and 10 and division, sharing in 2, 5 and 10 and practicing using all the sounds they have learnt in their reading.  We have even found time to draw and sing about castles!  In the next few weeks we will be looking at houses and homes in the past and what it was like to live there up to and including Victorian times ready for our visit to Chiddingstone Castle.  If your children also mentioned some special visitors..........  The Phonic Superheroes came to Opal class and we took a few pictures!

Ashdown Forest Visit

Welcome back!

After an amazing Music week where we listened to music, interpreted music with poetry, played percussion instruments and illustrated a story with music the children rounded all this off with a visit to Ashdown Forest.  They thoroughly explored the forest making art and animal habitats which you can see from the photos on this page.

We are now writing some 'Splendid Sentences' inspired by the photographs and memories of what the children saw there as well as  testing our maths skills with some multiplication and division problems.

Dates for your diaries are 28th June for our class day trip - letters will come out this week and 10th July for our  morning class assembly.

Remember P.E. kits need to be in school for Wednesdays and Thursdays - not long until Sports Day now!

Music Week

Still image for this video
Listen to some of the music we have been making using body percussion! Can you guess what it is?

Knights at the Castle......

This week we have started looking at medieval castles and who lives in them.  The children have been writing about parts of a castle and what a day in the life of a knight looks like.  We have even been writing in another language with a quill pen medieval style!

In our maths lessons we are looking at money again so do get the children to practise looking at the value of coins when they are out shopping with you, along with any 3D shapes they might spot around the home and out and about.

We are looking forward to our Music Week next week along with our first visit to Ashdown Forest on the Friday.

French day 3rd May

Castle fun and royalty!

We have been learning about the first castles built in this country these past few weeks with a visit from William the Conqueror himself to answer questions and give us some information!  The children are now busy making themselves 'royal' by painting their own portraits and are practising their maypole dancing ready for the School May Fair next Saturday.  Please do send back your slips as soon as you can to let us know if you are able to attend the fair and that your children will  then be available for the Maypole dancing.

We all enjoyed an amazing French Day last week with lots of singing as we learnt colours and numbers in French and ate cheese and bread in our lovely blue, white and red outfits! 

Hopefully you have all enjoyed the long HOT week end and the children are ready to return for a short but busy week!

WELCOME back after Easter to our new topic this term - Let's build a home!

We will be looking at all kinds of homes all over the world and throughout history.  We are starting with our own homes, looking at what they are like and why they are important to us.  We will also be exploring castles and their history and what it was like to live in one.  In our maths lessons we are focusing on place value and using 100 squares before we move onto practising using money.

P.E. lessons will continue to be Wednesdays and Thursdays and we will be practising multi-skills, working in teams and dancing. On Thursday do ask the children which country's style of dancing they tried! 


The last week......

The children have finished their amazing forest animal books, full of information and drawings just in time as we finish our topic of the Enchanted Forest.  We have had a busy week preparing for the Easter service and making cards and biscuits as well as showing what we have learnt in maths and English this term.  The children will be ready for a well deserved Easter break.  Have a super Easter holiday and watch this space for details of next terms topic. 

What else are we finding in the enchanted forest?

The children have been writing fantastic acrostic poems about the forest, including what they have learnt about real forests as well as the traditional tales set in the forest.  This is the poem they wrote as a class before they wrote their own.

F ish in the lake

O range leaves

R obin Hood hiding

E nchanted and evergreen

S ecret house

T rees everywhere!


We have now started looking at The Gruffalo story and writing about the characters and acting out the story with puppets the children have made.  We will then  be finding out about the real forest animals in the U.K. including mice, foxes and owls.  If you would like to start looking for information at home with the children please do and send in any facts they have found out, or drawings for home learning.

World Book Day - Amazing character costumes!

The Legend of Robin Hood


We have been exploring the legend of Robin Hood, writing about the characters, making hats and becoming the baddies the Sherriff and King John as we wrote our WANTED posters. We have also started learning a medieval dance We will continue with this legend as we build a camp for Robin and his merry men and women and explore other favourite characters on World book Day on Thursday 1st March.

In maths we have been practising counting on when we are adding numbers and using number lines and next week we will be looking at subtraction.

Just a reminder that P.E. will now be on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Who have we been visiting?


We have been busy visiting the three little pigs and working out what shapes we need to build the houses and how much they will cost!

If you are shopping see if your children can use the correct coins to pay for a small item in pennies.

This week we have finished our fantastic twisted Three little pigs stories. Ask your children what they have changed.  Are their characters different?  What happens at the end of their story?



Welcome to THE ENCHANTED FOREST for the Spring term.

The children will be reading, acting out and talking about traditional tales set in a forest.  We have started with HANSEL AND GRETEL and we have made a gingerbread house, puppets and have composed an Enchanted Forest Symphony.


We are also looking at measuring and time this half term and have measured many objects in the classroom including the children themselves!


P.E. will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays so if P.E. kits can be in on those days that would be very helpful.  The children will come home in their kits on these days.

The children have made poppies in all sorts of different ways and had a think about Remembrance Day this morning

We let our feet do the walking in maths today! What a great way of counting in twos!

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