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Opal Class

We have had a lovely day today at Chiddingstone Castle. The children were able to explore the different rooms in the castle and went on a special 'I spy' hunt. We had lunch in the Orangery, followed by a trip to the woods, where we became squirrels and buried some acorns, we made our own woodland characters (hopefully they made their way home) and enjoyed playing in the natural setting. Thank you for a lovely day. 

Chidd Castle

We have had lots of fun today after our disappointment of needing to postpone our trip. We have made helicopters and tested them from different heights at the park. We trialed different ways of coming down the slide, trying to find the fastest way. We have climbed, run, jumped, skipped, hoped, pushed, pulled, swung and slid. (Including Ms Cooke sliding down the hill, haha). We have had a yummy picnic lunch together. This afternoon we have built our own castle turrets in pairs. 

Our fun day 30.6.21

We had a fantastic 'Royal Day' on Wednesday, the children looked brilliant in character, thank you for all the effort that went into their costumes! We spent the day doing 'royal craft' and had a royal banquet. We all had a lovely day!

Royal Day photos


This week is STEM week and the theme is: innovating for the future. 

The children will have a session with Professor Bubbleworks to kick start the week and this will be followed by various different experiments and investigations. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have a class of budding engineers. 

FRIDAY- Today we have been looking at the innovation of communication. We began by exploring communication in the past compared to the present. The children were not impressed by some of the modes of communication in the past and thought they would be very unreliable. 

We then made our own string phones. The children were not sure how they would be phones as they look very different to phones today- but were thrilled when they worked. We have had lots of fun with our phones!

We continued looking at the concept of sound, we know you can hear sound with your ears but we have been able to see sound today- through the vibrations it makes. Ask you child how they were able to see sound today. 

Friday STEM

THURSDAY- Today we have been carrying on with the innovation of transport. The children definitely have found their calling. Today they have thought about, designed, made and then evaluated and improved boats and gliders. We have had lots of fun today. We finished our day being robots and using musical instruments to find the beats. 

Thursday STEM

WEDNESDAY- Today we have been looking at the innovation of transport- focusing on the hovercraft. 

The children looked at the first hovercraft from the 1950s and modern ones today. They then created their own hovercraft, making sure the balloon was full of air because "they use air power". The children also designed their own mode of transport for the future. Ranging from hover shoes to flying cars with robot drivers. I have reminded the children that when they are multi millionaire engineers to remember their Year 1 teacher. 

Wednesday- STEM week

Tuesday- this morning we have been looking at renewable energy, in particular the use of water dams. We then completed a water pressure experiment using bottles, pins and water- it was wet and fun. We also had our session with Professor Bubbleworks today; he showed us how to make static electricity, hot air power and steam power. We compared different flames and had fun watching the static electricity. 

Tuesday STEM week

We have had lots of fun this week since returning from our Easter break! We have been on a 3D shape hunt; inside and outside, we have re told the story of George and the Dragon using puppets and role play; we are now creating a leaflet all about George and the Dragon to post under the door of the other classes in school on St George's day. We have been looking at the parts of a plant, so dissected tulips to help us draw and label the parts before planting our own sunflowers. We have an in class competition- who's sunflower will grow the tallest? 


The children created amazing castles over the Easter break and they wanted to show them off. They are sitting proudly on our home learning display. Thank you grown ups for your help with making these. 


Our week including castles and 3D shapes, planting our own sunflowers and dissecting tulips