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Opal Class

Welcome back, 

We have had a great first day back today. The children all settled into classroom life easily and quickly. We have had fun working in pairs, independently and creatively. We read our whole school book ' What we'll build' by Oliver Jeffers and thought about all the useful things we have around us. We began comparing the lengths of different objects and finished our day creating our own African patterned material, which we can use as clothing for our teddies or dolls at home. All in all a fab day! Well done!

Hello Opal, 



These are all the words I used when looking at your projects. You have worked so hard! They are presented beautifully and creatively, they are full of facts and I learnt a lot from you. I am so proud of what you achieved and you should be too. 

Here are some sneaky pics of your presentations, when you return to school we will display them for all to see so please keep them for when you come back to school. Thank you Opal class and your grown ups for working so hard!


From Ms Cooke x

Hello Opal Class,

Wow- you are all doing so well! I am excited for this week, because this week I am setting you your first mini project. It is also 'Children's mental health week' this week, so as discussed in our morning zoom I have put some mindfulness activities for you to do if you want in replacement of our afternoon topic work. Keep up all your amazing learning and remember; do what you can, do what works for you as a family and finally remember we are in this together!  Ms Cooke x

Some of our fantastic learning this week, based around the theatre production 'Huddle' for English, food chains for Science, Shackleton for History and comparing numbers and number sentences in Maths- MY LITTLE BUSY BEES

Photos of some of the fantastic learning this week

Bug Club details

Good evening. 


Below you will find the information regarding Bug Club. I hope you find it useful. 


Please ensure the children are taking their time to read the books on Bug Club and not rushing through, particularly those who may be on longer reads - by taking their time this will ensure that they fully understand the book itself. 


Please make sure your child is exposed to a text every day- whether it be a bed time story, a story they read on bug club or a book from home. Hearing vocabulary and reading daily will expand their own vocab bank hugely and support all areas of their English development. 


We look forward to see how the children are getting on with their reading. 



Bug Club

Hello my lovely Opal Class, 


Thank you so much for another great week of home learning. I am so proud of you and I am amazed by how well you are coping with these strange times. I am so grateful by the support and commitment of all the grown ups at home, who are also juggling their own jobs etc too. 

We will get through this time together. 


I love receiving your submissions and the pictures and your videos are so lovely because I get to see your smiley faces too. 


Below are some snippets of fantastic home learning that you have been producing this week. (if you can't see yours, it isn't because it isn't fantastic it is just I receive about 115 submissions a day. 


Have a lovely weekend and keep safe.


Ms Cooke x

Home learning snippets WB 11th Jan 2021


I just wanted to say thank you for leaping into home learning with passion and enthusiasm and I have enjoyed looking at your submissions. Hopefully if technology has worked; you will have a comment from me for each submission. 

I thought I would pop a few useful link on here, to help with sound pronounciation and other links you mind find useful for when you as parents are trying to get on with your work. 

Take care, keep safe. 

Ms Cooke x

phase 2-5 sound mat to help with spelling

Antarctica classroom pics as mentioned on our zoom

Good Morning,

I was looking forward to seeing you all today but unfortunately due to government guidelines our return to school is looking very different.

Learning for today:

English: think about what you did over the Christmas break; what did you do? Did Santa visit you? We are going to be writing a recount of our Christmas breaks over the next few days. We will be using the term firstly, next, then, after, finally to help our reader know the order in which things happen. I have attached 3 structured writing formats, you can print and use or write straight on to paper. The first has a few sentence starters, the second is blank for you to have a go and the third has more sentence starters to encourage more sentences.

Please only write the first half of your recount today and do the corresponding pictures in the boxes, we will continue tomorrow.


Maths: we will be counting forwards and backwards to 20. I have attached the white rose powerpoint and the activity sheets for you to print and complete or you can just write your answers on paper.


Phonics: we are focusing on phase 5 this term. I have attached a missing sound activity for today.


Have a lovely day,

Ms Cooke

Welcome back to the Spring term Opal Class, 

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break albeit different. I had a lovely quiet Christmas with my children and spent a lot of time playing with Barbies and building various lego constructions. (and treading on it - ouch!)

I am looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow. Below you can find our 'topic web' for this term; this outlines the learning we will be covering over the next few weeks. 

Keep safe and give space. 

Ms Cooke x

Spring 1 Topic Web

We have been learning the alternative 'ai' sounds this week and really enjoy this game. The children asked me to put it on here so they can play it at home.

Our exciting learning this week- I hope you liked our superhero capes

We did our pre dress rehearsal this morning- the children all look amazing! Thank you parents/carers for providing such fantastic outfits!

Happy First day of Advent! We came in this morning and our classroom had been decorated and there was a mysterious bubble and activities for us.... it was Buddy the Opal class elf. We followed his instructions and popped his bubble.

We have had lots of fun during 'Art week' learning about Paul Klee and his hot and cold colour theory. We also enjoyed 'friendship' day lots, it really got us in the Christmas spirt!

Imaginations and creative thinking have made our Victorian games and activities lots of fun. Peg dolls, spinning tops, hopscotch, chalk boards, lantern making, board games and a big box!

Florence Day... Our morning so far! It has been smelly, dirty, gruesome and sooooo much fun!!!

Hello Opal Class, 

We have had a fantastic first week back at school after the half term break, all the children came back eager and ready to learn. It is a privilege to still get to come to school each day and teach your children when the rest of the country and is at a stand still. 


Autumn 2 is a busy term, we are focusing on real life superheroes; beginning with Florence Nightingale. We have already begun looking into her incredible life and the children are in awe of her achievements. I am also looking forward to our Florence day on Thursday this week! I can't wait to see the Victorian outfits the children have chosen. 


I have uploaded the nativity songs for you to listen to and help your children learn over the next few weeks. The script has been sent out to each child also. I would ask that you practice your child's lines and their stage presence as much as possible- even if only a few words. Performing live on zoom can be a very surreal and scary experience for the children and I want them to feel as comfortable as possible. 

The nativity is always a lot of fun and we cannot wait to share it with you! 


Ms Cooke x


1. A Very Special Baby.mp3

song 1

2. Hurry Up.mp3

song 2

3. Shining.mp3

song 3

4. Rejoice.mp3

song 4

Florence Nightingale Day -12th November 2020

We really enjoyed our 'zoom' Harvest Festival this morning. We loved Andy and Ellie's song and hope everyone enjoyed our poem too. We have been learning about Harvest this week and have been thinking about how fortunate we are to have food every day!

We have been very busy in Opal class; comparing objects and numbers using greater than, less than and equal to. We have learnt about the symbols which represent these phrases and have been using them to compare numbers and objects practically and through answering our questions. The children have learnt " We always eat the largest number and point at the smallest number"- this is just like a 'numbergator' who is hungry. As always the children have been doing some amazing writing and all the children have written their own 'Traction Man' book. (pictures to follow) I am very proud and so are they! 


I am looking forward to having the opportunity to talk to all the grown ups this week (albeit a short 7mins) and wish you all a very healthy and happy half term break!

Our learning this week

This week we have been exploring the properties of materials, investigating materials in preparation for cape making, using tweezers to sort tiny beads by colour, sorting household materials by their properties, creating heroes and villains for our superhero land and our villain train track, using junk modelling to create superhero transport and lots more.

Thank you for joining us for our zoom coffee morning. The powerpoint is attached below for your perusal.

We have been learning in lots of ways...

Hello Opal Class, 

Wow! You have completed one whole week in Year 1 and you are already absolutely amazing at it! You have taken to the new routines like ducks to water! I am already so proud of you all! 


Hello Parents/Carers, 

We have been looking at a story called 'Once upon and ordinary school day' and we have been inspired by the teacher Mister Gee and his imagination ideas. In class we looked at an image and listened to music and then did a shared write of a short story about it. The children were unsure about letting their imaginations run wild and were really restricting themselves (they thought I was crazy when I suggested the tiger was roller skating) Please help me awaken their imagination... 


Look at the image with your child and get them to tell you (verbally) or draw what they think would be happening. For example: the octopus is dancing and singing to Lady Gaga, whilst the turtle is blowing bubble gum bubbles. 


Another alternative would be to play some music to your child and ask them to draw what it makes them think of. 


If you would like to email me their ideas you can. This isn't home work it is just for fun and to let the children see imagination is key! 


Thank you, 

Ms Cooke x

Imagination time...

Phase 3 flash cards for phonics (we are focusing on these) and ideas for reading at home :-)

Opal Class welcome letter and Topic web: these highlight important information and topics this term

Our first day in Opal Class (2nd September) We have had a 'super' day!