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Children's Responsibility

At Dormansland, we offer our children a range of opportunities to help them develop their sense of social and moral responsibility. By challenging them to think carefully before applying for these roles in our school, we give them ownership of the school itself, where they continue to thrive and make choices about their learning environment.

We all learn together at Dormansland and the following responsibilities illustrate just some of the ways in which our children excel as members of the wider school community:

Junior Leadership Team

Behaviour Ambassadors

Young Sports Leaders

Lunchtime Manners Team

Digital Leaders

House Captains and Vice House Captains

Library Monitors

’Buddies’ who visit our local Old People’s Home

Trained Office Assistants

Some of these responsibilities are decided by the children holding an election across the whole school, some are by application and others are decided by staff where children have excelled, shown particular aptitude, require a personalised curriculum incentive or illustrated specific qualities that we wish to nurture. 

We feel that this comprehensive system of responsibilities makes our school truly special and unique.