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At Dormansland we aim to provide our children with a bespoke curriculum that enhances the life chances of all our children. We provide a broad, exciting and engaging curriculum that takes into account our different cultures, our local area and our place as a global citizens of the 21st century. Our curriculum ensures our children are happy, confident learners who aim high and believe in themselves, respect the importance of fostering and sustaining positive personal relationships with others, know how to keep themselves and others healthy and safe, have a strong emotional and academic 'toolkit' at their disposal, understand how personal and political decisions affect the future of the environment and know that they have a responsibility to help sustain the planet and want to learn and have the capacity to realise their potential.

We aim for our children to make progress by working through our carefully tailored curriculum in which children learn key knowledge. The curriculum is underpinned by six core threads. These threads have been carefully selected based on the context of the school and what we believe our children must understand in order to become good global citizens and contribute to society. Each unit focuses on a particular thread with children using and consolidating their learning in that unit, and prior learning, to answer the thread questions.

Our curriculum allows for fundamental key skills in maths, reading, writing and spoken language to become embedded, ensuring that knowledge and skills can be applied in a range of contexts and remain in children's long-term memory. With these combined, we aim to enhance the life chances of all our children.

All children are exposed to experiences outside the classroom that enrich their learning but also focus on their well-being. We achieve this through using our local area and a wide range of educational visits and visitors.

The Dormansland team have worked extremely hard to develop language-rich environments so that every child has the best possible chance of achieving their potential. We strive to provide challenge and equality of opportunity for all learners through our creative curriculum. We are firm believers that to achieve this, reading is key; therefore, every learner is exposed to high quality books, which promote a fundamental, lifelong love of reading.

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed with the involvement of staff and children through the use of pupil voice questionnaires, lesson observations, book looks and the monitoring of planning.

We provide children with an unrelenting focus on embedding key skills and frequent opportunities for rehearsal. Dormansland children are offered new and enriching experiences to create lifelong learners who are able to apply knowledge, skills and make meaningful links. Above all, our curriculum encourages all learners to be aspirational now and in the future. We want every learning experience to be meaningful, memorable and magical.


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