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Governing Body and Register of Interests

Register of Interests as declared Academic Year 2023-2024


 Name of Organisation

 Nature of Business

Nature of Interest

Date Declared
 Keith Coleman

 Surrey County Council

 Dormansland Parish Council

 Local Authority

 Parish Council



 Jenny Ashley  None  None  None 13/09/23
 Hayley Clark  Dormansland Primary School  Education  Employee 10/09/23
 Efisio Gigliotti  None  None  None 08/09/23
 Marie Langer  None  None  None 29/01/24
 Jacqueline Parson  None  None  None


 Helen Roe  Lingfield College  Education  Employee 12/09/23
 Alexandra Sweetlove  St Bede's School, Redhill, Surrey  Education  Employee 13/09/23