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Health and Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing area of our curriculum includes the subjects of Physical Education (P.E) and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. This curriculum area aims to ensure that our children develop the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes which they need for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future.

Physical Education


Children have an interest and enthusiasm towards a range of sports, inside and out of school. They acquire a repertoire of skills and apply them confidently through practice and competitive performance. Their knowledge of sport and exercise help them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Through evaluating their own and others' performance, children challenge themselves to become more competent in sport.


Dormansland provides a well-balanced programme of games, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and dance as well as an increasing number of competitive opportunities – both within school and inter-school. Children learn to develop control and co-ordination through P.E. lessons. The development and progression of skills is planned. They learn to cooperate with others in small-sided competitive games which develop strategies and team work. We aim to introduce children to a wide variety of sports, allowing them to know the rules and develop the skills so they have an understanding and enjoyment of each sport. The opportunity to develop swimming is currently provided in Year 3 , with 'catch up' lessons in Years 4 and 5. There are a variety of extra-curricular sports activities which take place after school for all ages and the school takes part in the local schools’ competitions including cross-country running, gymnastics and athletics.

PSHE (Personal/Health/Social/Economic)


Children are confident, well balanced, rounded and resilient. They understand the importance of maintaining their mental and physical wellbeing. They have the right skills and attitudes to meet challenges in their learning and personal lives and enhance their life choices. They know and understand core British values enabling them to contribute to their local and wider community.


There are many aspects of children’s learning which are not exclusive to a particular subject area.

Personal development, Promoting British Values, Health and Safety, caring for others and developing self-esteem are part of many of our school core subject areas. At Dormansland, our PHSE curriculum is incorporated into topic work and includes a range of visits and interactive experiences with external bodies and agencies.

We also undertake the PSHE association programme of PHSE and Citizenship sessions with the children where various aspects of growing up and living together are covered, including relationships and sex education. Circle Time helps develop children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills. It enables them to appreciate the importance of respecting each other’s feelings and develops class support for those who may have difficulties with their feelings and emotions.

Mindfulness activities are used to provide children with a vital tool for life, regulating their emotions, building emotional resilience whilst enhancing their ability to focus and concentrate, both of which will help to optimise learning. The teaching of PSHE is also designed to reflect the needs of our pupils, allowing staff the flexibility to address any issues as and when they may arise, for example issues in the news, the loss of family member etc.