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Welcome to Dormansland Primary School PTA

We look forward to working together as you become part of the great community here at Dormansland Primary School.

What is the PTA and who is a member? 

Our Parent and Teacher Association fundraises on behalf of the school to help enrich the lives and education of the children at our school. It gives parents an opportunity to contribute in some way to their child’s school, to meet other parents, and believe it or not - to have fun! Every parent/carer with a child at Dormansland automatically becomes a member of our PTA, often referred to as ‘the cherry on top’ of the school. 

PTA meetings happen throughout the school year.  All are welcome and we always enjoy hearing fresh ideas, and offers of help are gratefully received. Please look out for our newsletters for up to date information and stay in touch through our social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook.

PTA Objectives:

  • To raise funds, which provide important revenue for school equipment, learning opportunities and treats
  • To promote our own community through social events and family participation

Our fundraising efforts for the unforeseeable future won't be as normal, as we are restricted by Government COVID guidelines. Currently there will be no Christmas fair, cake sales, discos, and movie nights etc, but we do hope to run some low-key sponsored events, corporate promotions and grant applications to keep our income turning over. We can’t wait until we can offer our usual fun packed scheduled of events for all our families and friends.

What does the PTA fund?

Here are some examples of what the PTA has financed in the last few years through fundraising:

  • Outdoor classroom
  • Interactive whiteboards for classrooms
  • School Garden
  • A playboat in the playground
  • Sandpit for Early Years
  • Netball goal posts
  • A subsidy towards all school trips
  • The funding of Forest School
  • Christmas party
  • Christmas gift for all children
  • Scooter parking
  • Wellie Rack
  • Cameras and IT equipment
  • Funding of science and art weeks
  • PE equipment storage
  • Classroom funds
  • Library funding

How can you help?

We work on the principle that 'many hands make light work'. If you can offer any help at all throughout the year, whether your strengths are in organising, crafting, building, lifting or writing grant applications.  Also, some employers have a charity budget through which employees can obtain donations to their child’s school, usually on the basis of 'match-funding'. This is a fantastic and easy way to raise money.


If you have any questions you can always leave a message for the PTA chairs at the school office, e-mail them on or come and find us at drop off or pick up.

Facebook: Dormansland Primary School PTA – this is a closed group, please search for the group and request to join

Instagram: @dormanslandPTA

Please note that our social media platforms will not tolerate hate speech or bullying, no promotions or spam - please be kind and courteous.