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Our Vision and Values


Our Vision:

Our vision at Dormansland is to INSPIRE, NURTURE and CHALLENGE every child ready for their future. We seek to develop children holistically so that they are ready to face the wider world at secondary and beyond.

Our Aims: 

We achieve our vision through our aims: 

  • To INSPIRE young minds
  • To NURTURE individual potential 
  • To CHALLENGE our children in their learning, to enable them to become the innovators of tomorrow. 

Our Values:

We seek to achieve these aims by encouraging our children to demonstrate our school values:


Encouraging a love for learning, exploration and asking questions fosters a lifelong passion for knowledge and critical thinking. 


Instilling a culture of respect for oneself, others, and the environment promotes a positive and inclusive learning environment. 


Teaching children the importance of taking ownership of their actions, decisions and their impact on the community fosters a sense of accountability


Teaching children to bounce back from challenges and setbacks, promotes perseverance, and the development of a growth mindset. 


What makes Dormansland children sparkle?

When they engage actively in our school's learning adventure, the children here:

  • are happy, confident learners who aim high and believe in themselves
  • respect the importance of fostering and sustaining positive personal relationships with others
  • know how to keep themselves and others healthy and safe
  • have a strong emotional and academic 'toolkit' at their disposal
  • understand how personal and political decisions affect the future of the environment and know that they have a responsibility to help sustain the planet want to learn and have the capacity to realise their potential