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Physical Education (P.E)


PE provides pupils with the opportunity to learn how to be successful participants in physical activity. It allows pupils to understand what physical activity looks and feels like and how with practice they can improve their skills sets to reach high quality outcomes. Year 3 and 4 pupils will begin to experience a range of gymnastics, dance and games activities. They will be able to demonstrate basic movements and begin to link skills together to work towards an intended outcome. They will start to understand the requirements of working within different group dynamics. By the time pupils reach years 5 and 6 they will have a deep and varied PE experience. They will be able to call upon an extensive range of skills and link these together to perform more complex movements and tasks. They will have the confidence to work well within a variety of group dynamics and apply tactical and strategical thinking in a range of contexts under pressure. Pupils will be able evaluate their own performance and that of others.