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Ruby Class

Monday 17th July

We are having a teddy bears picnic on Wednesday afternoon, please send your child in with a teddy bear on Wednesday morning.

Tilgate Park

Quote from a child as we got off of the coach "I've had the best day ever!". We couldn't ask for any more, the children were so well behaved, they listened, asked sensible questions, were polite and a total joy to take to Tilgate!


Please note that we would now like flowers brought in on Thursday morning so as we can make our arrangements on Thursday. We will then be walking them down to the church on Friday morning at 9am, if there are any parents who are able to stay and help us walk down please let a member of staff know.

we are beginning this week by reading the story of Superworm, we talked about his amazing adventures an how kind he was to people. We also read the story about 'A bucket full of happiness' and talked about how we can make sure people have a full bucket-by being kind, helping our friends, saying kind things and thinking of others.

We carried on our learning about 3D shapes and used feely bags to see if our friends could guess the shape.


This week we are thinking about the story of 'The very hungry caterpillar', we are making story maps and using water colour paints to design glass jars. We are also learning about 3D shapes and making them in different ways. We have been recording our learning using our cameras, can you guess which photographs were taken by children?

Our class assembly is 9.15 this friday morning, hope to see you all there!

A reminder of our inset day tomorrow- enjoy your long weekend!

Wow, what a scorcher of a week so far! Thank you to everybody for sending in water bottles we have been topping them up throughout the day and talking about the importance of staying out of the sun and drinking lots of fluid. This week we have been reading the story of the bad-tempered ladybird and talking about how he could have been a kinder person. In maths we have been looking at o'clock and half-past. We also created our own rock pool outside and went paddling.


Monday 12th June 2017

Today we started our new topic of 'minibeasts', we started by thinking about what we would like to find out about minibeasts and good words to use at the beginning of a question. 

In phonics we are concentrating on the application of phase three sounds in our writing, please make sure you continue to revise the sounds the children have in their pink phonics books. I hope they are enjoying using the sound mats at home to help support any writing they may do. 

In maths we are looking at weight and capacity this week, it would be great if your child can help with any weighing you may be doing at home this week. 

Pink phonics books are coming home today with new high frequency words in to practice writing and spelling if you feel that you child is ready to. If they can write the word encourage your child to use the word within a sentence in the book. 

Please remember to wear PE kits to school tomorrow, the weather is looking good at the moment, ensure your child has a hat. 

Thank you so much for all of the leaves you sent in today, they will give the children a wide choice when they begin to create their master pieces!

Hopefully each child came home with a letter about sports day and their house team colour. Children will need to come to school in their PE kit on sports day and don't need to bring their uniform to change in to.


To support us at home it would be fantastic if you could continue to revise the digraphs (two letters, one sound) that are in your child's pink phonics book. A phase three sound mat will be in your child's book bag today, along with a list of phase three high frequency words which can be cut up into flash cards. Please keep practicing these words at home with your child, if they can read them they can try writing them as well. 

Monday 5th June

We hope that you have had a fantastic week in the sunshine, let's hope that it continues for art week. Please remember to send in at least 30 leaves for the children to use as part of their art creations.

This week I will be sending out dates if you have replied about helping out for a session during the half term. 

Fun in the forest!

We have arrived back in school after our fantastic morning at Lingfield College. We arrived and walked down to the forest area, sitting around the campfire circle. Mrs Steer spoke to us about how to keep safe in the forest and talked to us about the different activities we could take part in, including den building, cooking in the mud kitchen, tree climbing, making sculptures using clay, painting, mud sliding and having lots of fun!

Friday 19th May

Although it is not currently raining the forecast is still wet. Please ensure children have waterproof coats (trousers if you have them. If not you may want to include a spare pair of bottoms in the bag with their trainers). 

We look forward to meeting you at 9.25 - 9.30am for plenty of fun in the mud!

Thursday 17th May


Unfortunately the weather forecast is not looking good for tomorrow morning, therefore please dress your child in waterproof trousers if they have them.

Please put a spare pair of shoes in a named carrier bag for your child to wear on return to school.



Wednesday 17th May


I  received the following request from Lingfield College yesterday regarding our trip on Friday


'Please may children wear long sleeves, long trousers, waterproof coats in case it rains and wellies. On arrival, there is  signage directing the parents to the drop off area in the front of the Prep School Office. Please do not arrival earlier than 9.25 due to Lingfield College drop-offs.'


We are looking forward to a fantastic morning and will take lots of pictures so you can see what we were up too. Please do not send book bags with the children. If your child is having a school dinner on Friday please would you email Mrs Lowe to let her know as we will not be able to take a dinner register. Packed lunch boxes will be stored and taken back to school with us.

We need your help!!

As part of our art week beginning Monday 5th June we will need lots of pressed leaves and petals. We would be really grateful if you were able to start to collect some leaves and send them in for us to press or press them at home and send them in on Monday 5th June.

Thank you!

Monday 15th May

Welcome back to another busy week in Ruby Class. This week we are beginning our theme of 'Superheroes', we are starting the week by reading the story of 'Max' and investigating which materials would be good for making a superhero cape. In  maths we are concentrating on the language of more and less, you could try asking your child questions such as 'If I put 12 carrots on your plate and then add one more how many will you have?'.


We are also beginning to get excited about our first trip on Friday to Lingfield College. Children must wear a school jumper with  their own  tracksuit bottoms or leggings and trainers.  We will be taking water and cups. If you have any questions regarding the trip please email me so as I can resolve any queries as they arise. 


Tuesday 9th May

Today we have read another Captain Flinn story and written a class story about his adventures. Today's story involved an exploding sausage machine!

We continued to practice counting in two's, today we used 2p coins. If you can find some at home why not count how much money you have, counting in 2's.

In our water tray we built boats out of different materials and tried them on the water to see if they would float or sink. 


Monday 8th May 2017


This week we are moving on to read the stories of Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs. Today we discovered how Flinn first met the dinosaurs when he was on a school trip to a museum. We wrote a whole class story about Flinn's adventure then some of us had a go at writing our own stories. We talked about how stories quite often begin with 'Once upon a time....', have a go writing your own story at home, we would love to read them in school. 

In maths we have started the week by counting in 2's, this was a little tricky but we whispered the first number then said the second number aloud. You could try counting in 2's as you go up the stairs or when you are counting objects at home. 

Our maypole dancing rehearsals are going well, we are working on skipping together and all going around the maypole the same way!

Finally well done to those children who have had a go at this weeks home learning in their new pink books, it was quite tricky to ensure all of the letters were correctly formed, but we would just like you to all 'have a go'. 

As always please email in or catch one of us on the door in the afternoon if you have any queries.


Monday 1st May 2017

We hope that you have had a super bank holiday weekend, this week we are reading the story of 'How to grow a dinosaur', planting dinosaur seeds and making up our own dinosaur names. We will be revising our knowledge of shape, particularly the properties of circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons- how many sides, how many corners and things that are special about each shape. 


Look out for new phonics books coming home this week, for the next half term home learning will focus on recognition and writing of some of the key words and tricky words we have looked at in school. We have also included a letter formation sheet in your child's book bag.

Tom and the island of dinosaurs

Today we started our week by reading 'Tom and the island of dinosaurs', the dinosaurs left us a letter explaining that they have traveled to the island to help Katie and Tom. We have been writing about how Tom and Katie could help the dinosaurs, making 'Paleontologist' bags and creating volcanoes. In maths we have been learning about what it means to double a number.


Reading books will be changed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week.

We have discovered some bones, but which animal do they belong to?

Please ensure all children have a coat at school even when the sun is shining, the wind is very cold when it blows across our deck area and the main playground.

Tuesday 18th April 2017


Welcome back to the Summer term, we hope that you had a lovely Easter and were able to enjoy the fabulous weather,  lets hope it continues! With the warmer weather please ensure your child has a water bottle and hat in school every day and remember to put on sun screen in the mornings if possible. 

We are beginning this term thinking about Dinosaurs, I believe that over the Easter holidays there have been some discoveries  in our outdoor sandpit.....watch this space for more updates.




Change to Ruby Class morning routine

As we enter the final term we are already beginning the early stages of transition to year 1. The first part of the journey is the change to our morning routine. From Thursday 20th April children will say goodbye to Parents/Carers at the blue gate on the red tarmac and make their way on their own round to the main playground from 8.40 and line up at the start of the day alongside the rest of the school.

This will allow the children to grow more independent and socialise with the other children in the morning before entering school. 

The end of day routine will stay the same as it has been so far this year.


Monday 27th March

This week we are thinking about Easter and the celebrations that may take place. We have started the week by making Easter cards and rabbits. Today we read a story about the Easter Bunny and been writing our own stories about him. In maths we have been adding, focusing on the importance of how we arrive at the answer not just the answer its self. We have also been reading our key words and revising all of our sounds that we have learnt so far. Later in the week we are going to learn about the Easter story ending the week with our Easter service and Easter egg hunt on Friday. Finally don't forget the Easter hat parade on Friday!

Have an eggtastic Easter holiday and enjoy all of your Easter eggs!

Monday 20th March

This week we are beginning by thinking about our wonderful Mum's and everything they do for us. Later in the week we will be beginning to learn about Easter, on Wednesday we will be tasting hot cross buns and thinking about the meaning of the cross on top. 

In maths we are learning about money, beginning to recognise the value of different coins and how many 1p coins are the same value as 5p and 10p.

This morning Ruby class had a session with 'Perform', a theatre company who took the children on a journey to 'fairy tale wood', the children were all totally engaged and had a fantastic time. We have also been planting more seeds today so keep an eye on our pots to see them begin to grow. In maths we have continued looking at how to make 10 by singing some funky songs! We made some great sheep for our spring display. 

Monday 13th March 

This week we are beginning to think about spring. We have been on a spring walk this morning around the school grounds and spotted daffodils, buds, squirrels and lots more.  We have been planting different types of seeds and are now waiting in anticipation for them to grow! If you have any unwanted packets of seeds or anything to do with spring please send it in.

We have been looking at different ways to make 10 by using our dolls houses and moving ten people people between them. 

In phonics this week we are revising all of the phase 3 sounds we have learnt so far and how we can use them in our writing. 

Welcome to Australia! This morning we traveled off to Australia, we started by finding it on a globe and the Mila told us about her journey to get there. We looked at the landscape and the different types of animals that can be found in Australia. Our role play area has transformed into a travel agents and the children have been busy booking holidays today. We were also lucky enough to have a relative of Tommy's come into school this morning who has come all the way from Australia, she told us about where she lives and all about life in Oz!

We have finished our learning on the Rainbow Fish today by designing and making him a mode of transport in groups. We had to remember the important skills of listening to each other and valuing the ideas of others.  In maths we continued with subtraction today, reminding ourselves of the importance of pointing carefully to each object when we are counting.

Next week we are travelling off to Australia!

This morning we were thinking about what animals live under the sea and in rock pools. Some of us wrote letters to the Rainbow Fish and he wrote back to us. We have made watercolour backgrounds ready to stick our own Rainbow Fish onto. Today we continued to think about taking away, we used fish with numbers and gems to help us work out the answers.

Welcome back!

We hope that you all had a fantastic half-term. This week we are thinking about the story of The Rainbow Fish and why nobody wanted to be his friend. Today we have made our own rainbow fish and investigated the fish in our sea. In maths we started to learn about subtraction or taking away or minus- yes, we also learnt that there are lots of words which all mean the same thing!


Today has been all about our sense of touch, have you ever walked through tomatoes, rice, wool, bubble wrap or jelly? How do you think it would feel? Well, that's exactly what we've been doing today!


Today we have been talking about our sense of smell. We made smelly flower pictures, magic smelly potions, had to guess the contents of Mrs Heale's smelly pots and identify the smells in the playdough. We also had a lot of fun bathing and cleaning our babies with baby wipes and talc.

We have had a fantastic start to Science Week, we made gingerbread today and it was delicious!

We have had a fantastic week reading Oliver's vegetables and learning about the importance of healthy eating. We sketched vegetables and then used them to recreate the work of Arcimboldo. 

Resources for Science Week

In addition to cardboard tubes, boxes, bubble wrap, sand paper and other textured paper we would also appreciate any food magazines for the children to cut up.


We would also like to borrow some feely books if you have any we could use on Wednesday 8th February.

Thank yousmiley

Monday 30th January


This week we are looking at the story of Oliver's vegetables. We will be sketching vegetables, using them to make pieces of art and vegetable soup, please let a member of the team know if your child is allergic to any vegetable.


To enable us to make our pictures we would like each child to bring in a vegetable-the more unusual the better! Please bring them in on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please can you check child's fleece and red hat as a child has lost both items. Many thanks

Monday 23rd January 2017

This week we are reading the story of Handa's Hen, ask your child tonight what happens in the story. We have drawn some story maps today to help us remember what happens.


Two of the children in our class used our class camera today to take some child's eye view pictures of what they saw happening in the classroom, can you guess who the pictures are of?


Look out for a letter coming home this week with details of our Science Week.

Friday 13th January 2017

For the next  two weeks we are going to be looking at stories about Handa, we will be reading Handa's surprise and Handa's hen. We have started to build Handa's hut in the classroom and will continue  during the week. The children will also be investigating the fruits that Handa carried in her basket, sketching, printing and making fruit salad. To enable us to do this we ask that each child brings in a piece of fruit on Tuesday 17th January. 


Welcome back -Spring Term 2017

It was lovely to see the children beaming as they entered school today, all with so much to share with us about their Christmas holiday. This week ,and moving into next, we are spending time settling back in to school routines and talking about the importance of friendship and co-operating with our friends. This will involve reading the stories of 'Sharing a shell'  and 'The wind in the willows' then the children will be watching a performance of 'Wind in the willows' on Tuesday afternoon.

We are looking forward a packed Spring Term.


The Reception Team

Christmas Festivities

The children were amazing in their final performance of our nativity, it was lovely to see all of the children singing, dancing and really enjoying themselves.  We are looking forward to our final activities to celebrate the end of term which include our key stage party tomorrow afternoon and the carol service on Friday morning. 

We hope that you have a fantastic Christmas and a well deserved rest.

Our box modelling materials are looking a little depleted please send in any empty boxes, plastic lids, small plastic containers- infact anything that the children can use to create and build with. Thank you

Friday 18th November 2016

We are nearly at the end of a busy week, planting beans in cotton wool, making beanstalks, measuring using standard and non-standard measure, talking about the word capacity and what it means, making castles and inventing magic potions for Jim from Jim and the beanstalk. Thank you to all who attended our 'Phonics' workshop today, hopefully you now have an insight into how we begin to teach reading at school and the importance of making it fun. 

Next week we are  moving onto The elves and shoemaker, if you have any old shoe boxes would you please send them in on Monday. 

Have a great weekend

Friday 11th November 2016

We have had a very busy week in ruby class reading the story of The little red hen makes a pizza. We compared this to the story of The little red hen. On Wednesday we made delicious pizzas and ate them in school, we all put different toppings on top of them. 

Don't forget our workshop on phonics and early reading next Thursday 17th November 9am in the school hall.

Welcome back!

We hope that you all had a great half-term, it certainly sounds like all of the children had a busy time. We started this week learning about Diwali, acting out the story, making diva lamps and rangoli patterns. Today we read the story of the Little Red Hen and used actions to retell the story. We drew a story map to help us when we were retelling the story. In trays we experimented with flour and water to see if we could make a dough. this prove very tricky to get the correct consistency. Later in the week we will be making bread. 

Phonics books 

These books are for the children to consolidate the sounds at home, there is no expectation of the children to write in these books. The books will be collected in on a Wednesday and sent home on a Friday.

Friday 14th October 2016

This week we have been on a walk around the field looking for signs of autumn. When we got back we read Leaf man and then used the objects we had collected to make pictures inspired by those we had seen in the book. 

In maths we were beginning to add 1, we began to learn maths karate, using our fingers to represent numbers and our arms to make the addition sign.  We had to ensure that we were counting accurately and pointing carefully at the objects we were counting.

Mixing paint to make autumn colours!

Monday 17th October 2016

In the week of 17th October we will be talking about harvest and hope to be able to sketch some interesting fruit and vegetables, all donations will be gratefully received! Please send them in on Monday 17th October.

Thank you


 Monday 10th October

We will be painting pictures of special people to us on Thursday, please send in a photograph of somebody your child feels is special to them.

Friday 7th October 2016

The end of another busy week. We looked at the story of The Lion and the Mouse and talked about the importance of helping our friends. One of display boards now has a wonderful Lion and Mouse who are surrounded by lots of friends.  Lots of time was spent outside enjoying the last of the autumn sunshine, although it was a little chilly first thing in the morning.  We have made puppets, thank you cards for the mouse and stick puppets of the Lion and the Mouse. With the help of the children our role play corner has been turned into 'Ruby Theatre', the children have been making tickets and putting on performances with their puppets. 

In maths this week we talked about the importance of 'slow, careful counting' when we were counting a group of objects, as well as 'one point, one count' and showed the children that it was often easier to count a group of objects if you lined them up first. Hopefully they may have an opportunity to reinforce these skills at home- helping to lay the table or counting socks out of a wash basket. We also looked at different shapes, talking about the number of edges and corners each shape has. 

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday 5th October 2016

This week we are focusing on organising our belongings at the end of the day. All of the children's names start on the door, as each group are called they are expected to collect their water bottles and put these into their book bags, collect lunchboxes, check the cloakroom for any jumpers or coats and put them on, then finally sit with the rest of their group ready to go home. 


If the children manage to do this 'totally independently' their name is moved onto the rocket, we are aiming for all children to move onto the rocket by the end of this week.


We will also be acknowledging children who come in independently in the mornings and from next week we will be moving the children's names onto the rocket in the morning to celebrate this achievement.

Monday 3rd October 2016

Please ensure all children have a coat in school everyday, our deck area is in the shade and although the sun is shining some of our children are a little chilly.  


We have shared some super home learning today including

-counting and recognising numbers when playing a board game

-Building a lego model and going to a Christening

-Learning to use a pencil sharpener

-Swimming 8 metres unaided


Thank you to all who have recorded their child's reading in the yellow reading diaries over the weekend, it's great to hear what the children thought about the story and if they enjoyed it. 

Friday 30th September 2016

The children have all had another busy week. It was great to see so many of you at the coffee morning on Monday, hopefully I was able to give you an insight into life in Ruby Class and answer any questions or worries you had, please do email in if you have any further queries. 

This week we have been singing counting songs, looking for items that rhyme and trying to continue a rhyming string of words- lots to try at home. 

We have started to learn our songs for harvest and have been talking about why we celebrate it.

Have a great weekend.


Friday 23rd September 2016

We have had a fantastic week at school getting to know lots of new friends and exploring our school. All of our children are now familiar with our daily routines and many are confidently entering the classroom on their own and organising their belonging-Well done!!


Don't forget the coffee morning Monday 26th September, 9.15 at the Royal Oak, hope to see lots of you there.

We made it! What a fantastic first week we have had, it has been a privilege getting to know all of your children. They have settled in,  started to make new friends, grown in confidence and are beginning to learn our routines. Most importantly they appear to be really happy. Thank you for being patient with us at collection time, to ensure the children's safety we will not let your child go until we have gained an acknowledgement or eye contact from you.


Next week the children will be staying for lunch and  collected at 1.15. 


Have a restful weekend and enjoying talking to your child about what they have been up to this week.

Reception coffee morning  

Monday 26th September  9:15am

The Royal Oak, Dormansland 

Come along and enjoy a cup of coffee and biscuit whilst we talk through the year ahead.


Welcome to the beginning of your seven year journey with us at Dormansland Primary School. 


Keep a look out for some pictures of your new classroom, we have had a move around over the summer holidays.


There will be lots of names to become familiar with over the coming weeks,  the key people you will come into contact with are


Mrs Lowe- School Office                                   Mrs Blyde- School Business Manager


Mrs Faye Davies- Class Teacher                       Mrs Hewitt- HLTA                                  Mrs  Heale- Reception Classroom Assistant


Mrs Spridell- Reception Classroom Assistant    


Julie Lochhead- Home/School Liaison Partner    After School Club


A few reminders-

Please ensure that your child has a named coat and named water bottle (containing only water)in school every day.

Your child will be provided with a fruit/bread stick snack everyday

Long hair must be tied back

Our school day begins at 8.50- children may enter school between 8.40-8.50am

Our school day finishes at 3.15, we will not dismiss your child to someone we do not know or you have not given us permission to do so.


Some other things you may want to know.....

-Parent consultations will take place in the second half of the Autumn Term

-Children will be bringing home 'real books' to share with you in the evenings and weekends. We will endeavor to change these on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

-If there are  any concerns regarding your child at lunchtimes our team of Mid Day Supervisors will inform us and we will let you know

-Parent helpers- we value the support of parent volunteers, please speak to me if you are keen on volunteering in school and I can give you more information


Home Visits

-We will stay approximately 20 minutes

-We will use this time to talk through any concerns or answer questions but most importantly get to know you and your child better

-We will collect any paperwork that has not been received 


Direct email to the Ruby Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Mrs Davies, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is two working days.