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Wednesday 11th July

On Friday we will be junk modelling in class but our resources are lacking! If you have anything that you were going to recycle that we could use instead, could you please send it in with your child tomorrow or Friday. It would also be helpful if you could put a carrier bag into their bookbag so that their creations can come home to you safely.

Thank you!

The Reception Team

Football Fever, good luck England!

Please ensure your child brings a full water bottle to the farm tomorrow as well as a drink in their lunchbox

Ladyland Farm

Due to the continued warm weather we have contacted Ladyland Farm regarding footwear. We have been advised that due to the risk of spreading disease children may wear trainers or wellies (not sandals). However children must also bring a spare pair of shoes, in a clearly named bag, to change into once we leave the farm grounds, allowing you the opportunity to wash the farm shoes on return.

Children may also wear long shorts which cover their knees when they sit down, this will mean that they will be able to handle any animals. If their shorts do not cover their knees when they sit, they will be unable to handle the animals.

Please ensure your child has a hat and sun cream applied in the morning.

Friday 29th June


What a busy time we've been having in Reception! After our minibeast topic, we've now moved on to Farms in preperation for our trip next Wednesday. The children have loved learning about what happens on a farm, all of the animals, their young and what a farmer does. They've shared a lot of knowledge with us already!

We've started practising for our class assembly which is also next week. Please keep the date free - Thursday 5th July at 9.15am in the school hall. We loook forward to seeing you then.


Best wishes,

The Reception Team

Monday 4th June

Wow the children have returned to school with a real enthusiasm for learning! We have started a new topic of mini beasts and were out on a mini beast hunt by 9.15 this morning. We found quite a few, then after we had returned to the classroom we all thought about the questions we would like to find out the answers to about mini beasts. Our role play has become a bug research lab and the children have enjoyed becoming scientists and investigating the bugs. 

We have been writing number sentences and using different methods to work out the answers.

Music week

Who knew that we had such a bunch of budding muscians in Ruby Class! The children have been amazing so far this week- writing there own musical scores, their own tunes, identifying parts of the orchestra, listening to and interpreting the music of The Nutcracker and skillfully learning to play instruments.

They also have real rhythm when it comes to dancing- Taylor Swift 'shake it off' produced some amazing moves!


Dear Parents,

On Friday 18th May, we will be holding a Royal Tea Party with Ruby Class. We thought that it would be nice for the children to come dressed in their own clothes for the tea party. Please remember they will still need to be able to play and run around safely, so no open toed shoes. Also clothes easily removed for toileting!

Many thanks,

The Reception Team

The royal wedding!

Celebrations for the upcoming royal wedding are well and truly underway in Ruby class. We looked at some clips from William and Kate's wedding today so that we know what to expect on Saturday. We have worked in pairs to make our own models of the castle and are going to be designing our own carriages, wedding cakes and outfits for the royal family. 

Today we had a proposal in the classroom when a prince went down on one knee to propose to his princess. She said 'yes!

Friday 27th April


What a different first two weeks back we've had! Some amazingly warm and sunny weather, where we've made the most of the outdoors whilst keeping cool. Back to normal with cold and wet weather this week! We've had great fun in both and have immersed ourselves in the land of dinosaurs, even finding some dinosaur bones in our sandpit! The children have been writing dinosaur facts, letters to a friendly paleontologist and also to our class dinosaurs who mysteriously went missing this week. They have been using their phonics knowledge brilliantly to help with their writing. 

We've also been looking at numbers in more detail, counting in tens and writing some addition number sentences to finish off the week.

Have a look at the photos below.

Welcome back!

We hope that you all had a great Easter holiday and are ready for the final term in Reception. 

From Tuesday 17th April the children will come into the playground in the mornings rather than into the classroom. We will be talking to the children about this on Monday and having a go at walking around to the playground and lining up. 


The weather is supposed to be warming up this week so please ensure your child has sun cream applied in the morning as we are unable to apply it at school. Please also send your child with a water bottle.

Monday 26th March

We've had a very busy few weeks in Ruby class, with lots of learning and a range of weather adding to our fun! From snow to Spring, we've made the most of them all. We had a great afternoon on Friday, with the help of the Year 6 House Captains who came along to deliver some Sport Relief fun. They came equipped with lots of ideas and activities to keep Ruby class moving, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was difficult to get some of them in for hometime!

This week, we will continue with our Easter activities. A note should have reached you in bookbags on Friday, asking for the children to bring in a hard boiled egg for an egg rolling activity on Wednesday. We also look forward to seeing many of you at the Easter service at St John's Church at 9.15am on Thursday.

Best wishes,

The Reception Team


We have had a fantastic morning out in the snow. We tried to make snowballs but discovered that the snow is not very sticky today and wasn't holding together to make a ball. Some of us used sticks to write our names and numbers in the snow. 

Most of us had suitable snow wear on, however some of us didn't have suitable snow footwear so had to borrow some. 

Please ensure that your child wears suitable snow foot wear over the next few days.


Welcome back, hope you all had a great half term week.

Please see lots of new pictures below including plenty more from a fabulous Science week culminating in our exhibition.


We have begun this half term with Chinese New Year celebrations. This has involved some food tasting, dragon making, music and dancing. The children have been thoroughly enjoying our Chinese Restaurant in the role play area too!

We are also going to be looking at Fairtrade as part of Fairtrade fortnight which begins on Monday. If you have any food packets with the fairtrade logo on them, pleade send them in with your child for us to look at.


Many thanks.


The Reception Team

Friday 9th - Science Exhibition


Firstly, a big thank you to all of our parent helpers this week, also for anything you’ve sent in to help us. 

All parents, family and friends are welcome to join us tomorrow afternoon for our Science week exhibition from 2.45pm. The children have lots to show you from our Science week activities and you will also be able to have a look around the rest of the school to see what the other classes have all been up to. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow if you can make it!


Fun in Science Week learning about our senses!

Help needed!!

On Wednesday morning we need at least five helpers to enable us to carry out a feely experiment with the children. Please let us know if you are able to help, at the moment we have 1.

Friday 2nd February


We are looking forward to Science week next week and many thanks for all your offers of help, much appreciated. Our theme in Reception is to loook at the five senses. If any of you have any 'feely' books that you wouldn't mind our children looking at next week, please could you send them in with your child. We would also be grateful for any 'Where's Wally' books, or similar look and find type books. Please ensure these are named so that we can make sure they come back to you.


Many thanks,


The Reception Team

Friday 26th January


We've had a fun week in Reception learning about shape and symmetry. We've also entered the land of Africa when reading Handa's surprise and have even taken part in some African drumming. A wonderful fruit salad was made and tasted in class yesterday also which the children loved (mostly!).


Next week, we look forward to our visit to Manic Monsters on Wednesday, thank you for returning the slips for this. A reminder to meet us there for registration before a 10am start. The children will then need to be taken back to school after the session at 11.45am. There is no need to bring book bags on wednesday, just a water bottle.


Have a great weekend.


The Reception Team

Monday 22nd January

Today we are beginning two weeks on Handa's Surprise and Handa's Hen. We drew our own story map to help us retell the story of Handa's Hen and then used our story sack to help act out the story in Handa's house. 


Our maths focus has been shape, most of the children could name the four basic shapes- circle, triangle, rectangle and square,  so we started thinking about the mathematical language we could use to describe the shape. Most of us found this  a lot harder, we were using words such as straight, curved, sides, corners, the same length, long and short. We also worked in groups to try to make different shapes using our bodies. It required us to work together, listen to each other, co-operate and demonstrate great patience with each other!


Thank you for the replies regarding Manic Monsters, the children are currently counting down the days until we visit. 

Can you help to fill our treasure chest?

We started to make a treasure chest today but unfortunately it is a little empty! If anybody has any old jewellery, gems or stones that we could use to fill it please could you send it in. Please do not send in anything precious that you would like returned. 

Monday 8th January 2018

Welcome back to Ruby Class, we hope that you all had a brilliant Christmas. Thank you so much for all of our Christmas gifts, we have enjoyed, eating, smelling, drinking and wearing them!


We are beginning the term with Pirates, so make sure your child has their best pirate greeting ready for tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you all at 8.50 in the morning.

Spring Term

Remember school starts back Monday 8th January 2018. 

We will be starting off with Pirates!

Thursday 14th December


Thank you to everyone who managed to come and see our nativity performance last week. I think you'll all agree that it was a great show and the children were fantastic! Some super dancing and singing, with lots of beaming smiles when they saw friends and family in the audience. There are some lovely photographs on display just outside the office that you can buy, please pop along and have a look if you've not already done so.

This week, we've continued with the Christmas celebrations and have Santa's house open for role play, as well as an elves workshop outside. The children have been busy wrapping presents and taking part in lots of other Christmas themed activities. We have also gone back to the true meaning of Christmas and have listened to the Christmas story. This led us onto some story sequencing and writing to retell the story, some excellent use of phonics in this activity.

More to come next week with the Carol Service at St John's Church on Tuesday morning which you are all invited to, we hope to see lots of you there! 


Best wishes,

The Reception Team

Christmas activities in Ruby Class!

Can you guess which photographs were taken by the children?

Tuesday 5th December 

Thank you for sending in some great outfits for our nativity. We tried them all on this morning for our first run through with costumes, this was quite a challenge for some of our children! Please, please ensure that the children wear clearly named uniform over the next three days as we spent a considerable amount of time trying to reunite children with unnamed uniform at the end of the rehearsal.




Christmas is coming!


We are fast approaching Christmas and many of the festivities begin this week, starting with Friendship morning tomorrow. The children will be immersed in art and craft activities which will help decorate the school ready for Christmas. If possible, it would be great if you could send your child in with an apron or old t-shirt/shirt that they can wear over their uniform for the morning to save getting too mucky!

On Friday, please come along and support the PTA at 'Festive Friday' starting straight after school. Bring along your pennies as there will be many stalls, games and spending opportunities!

We have also all been busy learning the songs for our Christmas performance next week. Please look out in book bags today for your tickets. (If you haven't received any and are expecting too, please go to the office as there were a couple without names on.) Many of the children's costumes have already arrived so thank you, but if you've not yet sent this in, please do so by Friday in a named carrier bag. We look forward to seeing you all next week!


Best wishes,


The Reception Team

Goldilocks and the three bears

Next week we will be reading the story of Goldilocks and making porridge. If your child is unable to eat this please let us know before Monday. 

The elves and the shoemaker

This week we are going to be reading the story of 'The elves and the shoemaker', we will be looking at shoes and designing our own later in the week. We will also be thinking about longer and shorter, comparing our own shoes and objects in the classroom.


Well done to those children who came up the steps on your own last week, lets see if even more can do it this week!


Please can we ask that if you wish to talk to the teacher at the end of the day, it would be appreciated if you would wait until we have dismissed the last child, thank you.

The past week has been spent thinking about firework night and the story of Guy Fawkes. The children produced some superb pictures using paint and glitter, yesterday they used their ever increasing phonic skills to write words to describe the noises that the fireworks make. 

Today we have read the story of 'Jaspers beanstalk', we have ordered beanstalks from shortest to longest and will be planting beans later in the week.


Arrival in the mornings

The children have settled in so well and many are growing in independence every day, this term please encourage your  child to walk up the steps on their own, having to become responsible for their own belongings at an earlier point.

Friday 20th October


We've had a fantastic week celebrating Harvest and Diwali this week. Thank you to all friends and family that came to the Baptist church on Tuesday to watch the children in their first public performance! We then moved on to learning about Diwali which was Thursday 19th October. The children have had a go at Rangoli patterns, Mendhi patterns, making Diva lamps from clay, acting out the story of Rama and Sita and also a bit of Indian dancing!


It was also lovely to meet you all at Parent's evening this week. We have all enjoyed a fabulous first half term and hope that you all have a great half term week before the second half of the term.


Best wishes,


The Reception Team.

Monday 16th October 2017

We have begun this week by thinking about Harvest, today we practiced our songs and poems ready for the Harvest Festival tomorrow. 

We are moving quickly through our letter sounds, look out for pink phonics books which will be coming home. The purpose of these books is to enable you to reinforce the letter sound at home, your child can have a go at writing them if they choose to.


We had two unnamed cardigans/jumpers today, hopefully they have been returned to the correct child, please can you double check that everything is named.

13th October


What a fantastic, busy time we've had this week! The children have been immersed in 'food, fitness and fun' through a variety of activities to include Zumba, Thai chi, bread making, smoothie making, a whole school breakfast, yoga and much more! Thank you to all of our parent helpers and we look forward to seeing you all at parent's  evening next Wednesday and Thursday. Have a great weekend.


Best wishes,

The Reception Team.

Monday 2nd October 2017

We hope that you all had a fantastic weekend, this week Ruby class have started to think about Autumn. This morning we went on an autumn walk around our school grounds and were amazed at the many different coloured leaves we found. We also talked about how some of the animals use autumn as a time to prepare for the winter. 

We then used all of the autumn goodies we had discovered to make a picture.

This week we are thinking about patterns, it was amazing how we could find patterns in different areas of the classroom, we used a variety of objects to make patterns, including ourselves! 

We also started our Jolly Phonics this week, we listened to the sound, thought of objects beginning with the sound and finally used our special sparkly finger pointing pens to help draw the letter.


Advanced warning- 9th October is the start of our Food , Fun and Fitness week. On Tuesday 10th we will be making smoothies and would be grateful if you could sent your child in to school with a banana, a few strawberries, raspberries or any other soft fruit the children may like in a smoothie. Please let us know if your child has any allergies we may not be aware of, or any alternatives you know your child could have.

Jeans for Genes Day - Friday 22nd September


Children can come to school dressed in jeans/denim with their school shirts and jumpers on top still. There is a suggested donation of £1 which will be collected on the gate in the morning.

Pin badges will also be available to buy at a cost of £2.

Reception children will not need to bring in any other money, as we will not be at playtime on the main playground at morning break. 

We look forward to seeing all the jeans tomorrow!


Best wishes,


The Reception Team.

Monday 18th September

Welcome to all our new Reception children and families! It has been great to see and meet you all over the last two weeks. We hope that you have all enjoyed a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all for a new week.


A few pointers from last week. If possible, could you please make sure that all items of clothing are named, somewhere that we can easily see. It would also be great if bookbags could have a name on the outside (rather than inside the flap) as it makes it much easier for us, and the children, to find individual bags quickly. All children should have a bottle with water in class each day. This is in addition to any drink inside a lunchbox if your child is bringing a packed lunch. 


All children should have come home with a book and reading record, please use this as a form of communication with us if needed. We will aim to change books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


To help us to know who is having a packed lunch or hot dinner, we will be asking you to let us know on a Monday what your child is having on each day of the upcoming week (by signing a sheet). If there are then any changes throughout the week, please just let us know when you drop your child off.


We look forward to a great week ahead and as always, please do come and see us with any worries or concerns. We are also contactable on the direct email link below.


Look out for some photographs of the first few days soon.


Best wishes,


The Reception Team

Direct email to the Ruby Class Teachers

If you would like to contact Mrs Davies or Mrs Pollard, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is two working days.